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After two smash hit seasons, Catfish: The TV Show is back for a third series and will premiere this Monday, May 12 at 9pm on MTV. But if you can't wait any longer to get your Catfish fix, then you can watch the first half of the brand new first episode right now for free! Nev and Max return to help 24-year-old Craig meet his online love Zoe in person for the first time. In spite of their intense feelings for one another, she has made excuse after excuse about why she can't meet up with Craig, letting him down on four occasions.
Watch the first half of the new episode now, then tune in to MTV on Monday 12 May at 9pm for the big reveal!
Mhissy NEEDS to be on Bad Girl's Club<3333 I read the whole rose thing like Erica's "Rema why you so fake?" voice. It was almost like telling the end of the movie.When you begin reading it, you dont expect to be told the whole story,before you see it.SMH too!! If you didn’t want to know the entire storline of this episode, then YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE READ THE POST! The 1st season I feel is genuine, season 2 & any subsequent is & will remain suspect!
I can see why her friend did that as a desperate measure to get her mind off of her woes and self destruction. For those of you who have never heard of the show, Catfish is a reality show that profiles people in online relationships. The show’s hosts Nev and Max hear the stories of people who are eager to meet their online partner and investigate to find out if these online identities are false, as is often the case. We follow Nev, Max and Rob to Atlanta to meet Ebony in person and come to find through Ebony’s confession, that she is in fact a cis lesbian. Janet Mock, trans women advocate and founder of the #girlslikeus campaign, expressed similar feelings as she live tweeted along with the episode. Incidentally, another episode of Catfish featured a transgender man who was able to speak on his experience as a trans person, prompting the question as to why the show’s producers thought it would be a good idea to potentially let uninformed, mainstream audiences draw their conclusions on the experiences of transgender women from the creator of a fake online dating profile.

I enjoy Catfish because I think it profiles people who are looking for real connections in a social world that is difficult to navigate.
My brother want to be on show because he is deaf as hearing impaired and wanted show whole world why their are many different ways to scam everybody so his name is Todd Reaves as I am his team brother which you can find me on fb ! I NEED HELP CAUSE I DON’T BELIEVED A THINGS BECAUSE OF MINE DEAFNESS AND HARD HEARING IMPAIRED SO I LOST LOT MONEYS OF THIS PERSON AS MANY MORE FEW SO ASKING FOR YOUR HELPFUL . All original content by QWOC Media Wire is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License. After just a couple of months the pair were exchanging "I love yous" and Craig felt like she filled a big void in his life. That's why the little remorse I had for her was immediately washed away when I realized what a slut she was. How in the hell do you date someone for at least 2 years and you have never met up with them face to face. Get full access to this show and many others.Sign in now with your TV provider (it's included with your TV subscription).
Nev and Max seem to be very surprised at Rob’s “acceptance” of Ebony’s trans identity, continually commenting that he must be “at least bi-curious” to be in a relationship with a trans woman (who they refer to with the wrong pronoun–he vs.
Ebony explains that she posed as a trans woman because she wanted to become friends with a gay man without the risk of a relationship forming.
Additionally, they give the people who are deceptive with their profiles a chance to explain some of their reasons, humanizing them.
I’ve been quite disgusted at the lack if care or concern towards the trans* community. Please respect the work of the volunteer editors and writers of QWOC Media Wire by seeking permission before republishing. Besides, you could have scrolled past the writing and clicked play like I did when I got home.

This shit is like a younger version of to catch a predator without the legal ramifications. Is it reasonable to accept that in the online dating world misunderstandings are bound to happen? Opportunities to increase awareness and information are constantly missed and it’s been bugging the hell out of me. After a few weeks of constant phone calls and web chats they made plans to meet in person, but Felicia stood him up, offering only thin excuses and promises to see Mike in the future.
There are too many apps and sites that you can use to see someone face to face and talk to them such as Skype, Oovoo, Facebook, etc. Now I get she was trying to help her but you let her think she was engaged and let her talk dirty to someone else. Moreover, after Rob finds out that Ebony is a cisgender (i.e not a trans) woman he is visibly disappointed.
We built this platform in order to amplify the voices of LGBTQ women and gender non-conforming racial and ethnic minorities, not to have our work devalued or appropriated as content for other sites. I like to hear good stories with happy endings, this would’ve made me more upset with life.
But I won’t lie at first before it registered at Gladys front door, I would have beat her down. We are left wondering what it all means, and like I said…the show left me confused and angry.
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