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Crunchyroll is arguably the best online anime streaming service available, and the move to PlayStation 3 is an excellent one. Anime fans will be glad to know that some of the more popular series such as Naruto Shippuden and Fairy Tail are available, but for anyone looking for something new to watch, there is plenty to choose from.
In terms of usability and accessibility, the app is set-up in a similar manner to the Netflix app.
Whether you prefer buying and renting new releases, watching live NHL, or you just want to watch the latest TV shows, the PlayStation 3 is easily the most accessible and versatile home console.
The app is much like you would expect, offering subscribers access to the entire online catalog of anime titles, as well as a large selection of live-action television drama. Users are able to build and maintain a queue, and browse through anime filtered by genre or popularity.
While I have no problems with the set-up and features of the app, I encountered several stability and playback issues.

Though services like Hulu Plus and Netflix have a decent selection of anime, fans of the animation have been seemingly left in the cold. Of course, the free version of the app is very limited, and anime that is available to non-subscribers features ads in a similar manner to Hulu.
The service also has some anime news programs that air live, each of which is very entertaining and gives you in-depth previews of upcoming series, new toys, and behind-the-scenes information.
Everything is displayed with easy-to-read text and simple menus, making the experience very fluid and easy to use.
When watching episodes, there is a tendency for the episode’s video to freeze while the audio continues, ultimately stopping altogether so the two can catch up. It’s nice to finally have a reliable source of anime that can be played directly on the TV, so fans of anime should definitely look into signing up. The best part is that unlike Netflix, all of the anime is in the original Japanese audio with uncensored English subtitles.

One feature that I find particularly helpful is the manner in which episodes are displayed on your queue. Unfortunately, it happens frequently enough to become a bit of a nuisance, though this should be fixed in a future update. Scrolling through the queue will show you all of the series you have added, but it also displays the episode that you are currently on, rather than having to search through the list of episodes. Other times, after clicking on an episode to watch, the app crashes altogether, returning me to the XMB and in one case causing my system to actually shut off. Again, this will hopefully be fixed with an update, but until then expect some frustration..

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