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Mikhail Markhasev, a Ukrainian immigrant with possible mob ties, shot and killed Ennis Cosby, 27, on Jan. Markhasev, who is serving life in prison, wrote his evasive response after receiving a letter from Radar that directly asked him if he was hired to knock off Ennis. Two days after Ennis was found dead, Jackson was arrested for trying to extort $40 million from Cosby in exchange for her silence about her claims she was his out-of-wedlock child.
Meanwhile, Cosby stands accused of raping and drugging dozens of women over several decades.

The 78-year-old has declared his innocence but still faces possible sex crime charges in California and Pennsylvania. Private eye Dan Hanks, who investigated the killing, said Markhasev probably didn’t want to say too much in the letter because prison guards routinely read them. He also told Radar that he knew Markhasev prior to the murder because the then 18-year-old worked at a garden supply store the private eye shopped at.
Markhasev was captured two months after the murder when The National ENQUIRER posted a $100,000 reward and one of his friends ratted him out.

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