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As a photographer, I’ve long been an advocate of a dual screen set-up for a more efficient workflow. The LG panel was the first to come out, and with no sign of Dell’s version or any other brand on the horizon, I decided to bite the bullet and imported one from Germany.
The biggest selling factors for the 34UM95 for me were the resolution and hardware LUT to store colour calibration data into the monitor directly so I had accurate colours from all input sources. Speaking from the calibration side of things, LG provides True Color Finder with the 34UM95 which talks to the monitor, takes full control over the OSD functions during calibration and saves them to the monitor. At the time of this writing Dell still has no news on its version, which is rumoured to use the same LG panel, although AOC has released information on their new 3440×1440 34” monster (the U3477Pqu), which is similarly specced minus a few features like Thunderbolt 2 connections and the hardware calibration additions.
The folks at National Geographic just did a solid favor for all the adventurous outdoor photographers out there.
Want to see how a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer responds to a request for free images in exchange for "credit" from a major news corporation? We've shown you Getty's Olympic stockpiles and Canon's massive gear room, it's only right you get a peek inside Nikon's operation as well.
Given my interest in lifelong learning and skill-development, I often ask people which new skills they’re looking to learn. For those of you who, like me, are looking to kick their photography skills up a notch, I’m curating a list of the best free online courses and resources I’ve found. Fujifilm ambassador (and author of this rather controversial article) Samuel Zeller is lending a helping hand to all the Fuji users out there. Hands up, cheeks bulging, food properly presented to the camera, if we didn't know better we'd say this squirrel had been perfecting her photobomb skills ahead of the big moment.
The Inuits in the region call them "American Flowers," but in reality they're old, rusted, leaking fuel containers; ten thousand of them scattered across the otherwise-pristine Greenland landscape on what used to be an Air Force base during World War II.
This morning we woke up to an interesting bit of data from Canon Professional Services in our inbox. There's big news that's making waves in the world of photography education: the well-known photo school Brooks Institute has announced that it will be closing, ending a 70-year run. Some photographers find editing simply dull, but what if you could turn it into entertainment? Mabuasehube in the Kalahari Desert region of Botswana, known as the place of big lions was to be the destination of our biennial “Legends” trip and my 1st real bush trip with my Fuji X-series kit. The challenge would be reach - as all photography is from the vehicle and unlike private game lodges and East African parks, vehicles may not leave the track. Like many other photographers, I’m always on the lookout for gear and techniques that will stimulate my interest in photography and lead to new ways of shooting. Simen Johan is a Scandinavian fine art photographer and sculptor, who has been creating ground-breaking conceptual works for over two decades. Recently I got a message from a person who said that they liked my pictures, but unfortunately they don’t have a "photographic eye." This inspired me to write the following article about basic aesthetics and their relationship to photography.
In a creative and refreshing new campaign, British designer and retailer Wren Kitchens teamed up with 5 popular parent bloggers to show the world the mess behind those perfect Instagram food photos.
Every time the Olympics roll around, there are more photographers and less spots from which to shoot the games.

A 17-year-old boy in Russia has died after falling 9 stories from a rooftop while engaging in extremely dangerous "rooftopping photography." The goal of the stunt was another eye-catching photo for his Instagram account. Connect the device with HDMI output (Tablet, Laptop, Mobile, Blue Ray, Video Game, etc.) to a TV, Monitor or Projector with a VGA input.
Suitable for All HDMI input device (like PC, DVD, PS3, Xbox360, etc ) and VGA output device (like monitor, projectors, etc). Met deze HDMI naar VGA adapter sluit je eenvoudig een VGA kabel aan op de HDMI uitgang van bijvoorbeeld een PC, laptop of blu-ray speler. Een HDMI to VGA adapter waarmee je zonder verlies van beeldkwaliteit (1080 Full HD) een scherm kan aansluiten op de HDMI ingang van je computer. De HDMI naar VGA omvormer is geschikt voor apparaten met een HDMI uitgang, die je wilt aansluiten op een monitor, televisie of beamer.
Contact us with a description of the clipart you are searching for and we'll help you find it.
After all, what is better than having the ability to spread out all your applications palettes across multiple screens?
Well it’s thanks to LG releasing their new ultra wide monitor, the 34UM95, which supports a resolution of 3440×1440. I have now sold my dual screens, which reclaimed desk space, one free power socket and less heat generated around the workstation. This is a very nice combination to have for both legibility of text and on-screen real-estate. I found the software worked very well, and a calibration run took around 7 minutes with the i1 Display Pro. If you’re like me and love to edit on as much screen real-estate as possible, then this may be just the ticket. Not everyone wants to spend over ?800 on a monitor and some will argue that a 4K monitor offers a higher resolution at a cheaper price point. He specializes in wedding and portraiture, and has photographed from the -32 degree temperatures of the Arctic Circle to the beautiful architecture of Belgium and the heat of Pakistan and beyond. They put every US Geological Survey (USGS) topographical map from across the United States on one easy-to-navigate site and made them easy to print out at home. Louis Post-Dispatch who won the Pulitzer Prize with his paper this year for his coverage of protests in Ferguson, Missouri. These photos by Photo News photographer Vincent Kalut show, yet again, the amount of gear these companies have to haul to massive sporting events like this. So whether you’re a budding photojournalist looking toward a career behind the lens, or just a hobbyist looking to take better shots on your next trip, I’m hoping you’ll find something useful here!
In a bid to help fellow photographers get the most out of their photos, he's giving away a whole collection of custom Lightroom presets for free!
A week after sharing some crazy photos of their Rio stockpile with us, Canon is sharing the top 10 pieces of gear they're loaning out to sports photographers at the Olympics.
Mike Larremore is a portrait photographer from California who broadcasts his photo-editing on Twitch’s Creative Channel with the subjects of his photos sometimes sitting in the audience. His recent exhibition, Until the Kingdom Comes, presents exotic animals in new and unusual perspectives.

Ik heb de adapter gewoon direct in de HDMI aansluiting van mijn moederboord gestoken en de adapter werd gelijk herkend!
De HDMI to VGA adapter werkt perfect op de normale HDMI poort, en is klein en handig mee te nemen. When set as a desktop background, these make you feel as if your PC screen has cracked up from the middle. For photo editing, however, the 2560×1080 resolution wasn’t too usable because of the low vertical resolution, and so a dual monitor setup still made more sense.
Additionally, having Lightroom and Photoshop side-by-side allows for sharing edits between both applications without losing out on some colour shift often found with dual screen configuration, even when both screens are the same model. AOC’s model will no doubt be cheaper and I should imagine the ultra-affordable Chinese third party scene will kick off soon with this aspect ratio just as it did with the 27” 1440P monitors.
Multiple Photoshop and Lightroom windows open at the same time without much sacrifice on the screen workspace, less power consumption, less heat generation and a sleeker looking workstation are just a few of the benefits to be had. On the one hand, they’d be right… but those monitors don’t offer the size and in turn the PPI to make use of that resolution.
The only real answer is that if you don't already know, I can't explain it, you just have to do it yourself.
Last Friday, Carson was contacted by what appears to be a CBS account on Twitter that regularly Tweets requests for image usage. But sometimes it is the opposite—going “old school” by getting an older camera and not using any software.
Hieronder vind je een overzicht van de meest gebruikte toepassingen voor deze adapter kabel. Goedkoper ben ik niet tegen gekomen, terwijl het product zelf erg degelijk en zeker niet goedkoop oogt. Daarna was het slechts nog een kwestie van de monitor en windows aanklikken en alles werkte verder perfect. Here are some cool broken screen wallpapers that you can use to give your friends and co-workers a little shock. For 4K to match a 34” 1440P ultra-wide monitor it would need to be larger than 34”, and that simply doesn’t exist… yet.
With thoughts like these, I decided to embark on a new photography project, and travel down Memory Lane with the camera that sparked my passion for photography—a 1965 Kodak Instamatic 104. Als je een Raspberry Pi hebt en je wilt deze op een lcd monitor aansluiten, dan is deze kabel ook een aanrader. Ik gebruik hem zelf als ik naar klanten ga, zodat ik altijd zeker weet dan mijn presentatie werkt.
Set any of these wallpapers onto your desktop and relish the look of horror on their faces!
Better still, set one of these cracked screen wallpapers stealthily onto their PC screen and watch the fun!

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