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Winning a Mobile Award offers a distinct competitive differentiation between products and services to a maturing domestic market. Australians need never be out of touch, with the free Seven News app bringing them all the latest from Australia’s number one news. The ABC iPhone app does all that, providing up to the minute information that you can read, listen to and watch while stories unfold - or a little after that, via catch up services. The ABC iPad app does all that, providing up to the minute information that you can read, listen to and watch while stories unfold - or a little after that, via catch up services.
In the first few weeks over 150,000 were downloaded, catapulting both Apps to the no.1 and 2 positions in the App stores news category. According to The Hill, emails released Friday show that the DNC and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman for the party, looked for ways to discredit Bernie Sanders in order to deliver the nomination to former Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton. Bernie Sanders’ campaign and many of the Vermont senator’s supporters have been adamant that Democratic Party officials have tipped the scales in favor of Clinton. New emails released by WikiLeaks show how the DNC and Wasserman Schultz undermined Bernie Sander’s chances during his presidential campaign.

In another May email, Brad Marshall, CFO for the Democratic National Committee, wrote about how to put media focus on Sander’s religion. Other emails referencing Bernie Sanders from Wasserman Schultz reveal her frustration with media reports about Sanders’ battles with the Democratic National Committee and his campaign’s claims of bias.
Wasserman Schultz even emailed NBC News anchor Chuck Todd, telling him “this must stop,” and setting up a meeting to discuss Mika Brzezinski, co-host of the popular “Morning Joe” show on MSNBC, who called for Wasserman Schultz to step down. It provides recognition of excellence for employees, investors, customers and partners from the Australia Mobile Industry.
It has GPS targeting to provide localised news updates according to a user's state, and allows people to share their stories via Facebook, twitter and email. You need to see it to believe and be able to share that information with others, engaging in a wider conversation to validate and process what’s happening around you. It encourages users to engage in conversation with others, sharing what they’ve learnt via social networks and email. The Apps bring together the best elements of newspaper with the interactive, personal, connected and high resolution of the iPad to take the readers news experience to another level.

The task was to deliver the nation’s news and video in real time and multi-channel, within clean and attractive interfaces.
Marshall doesn’t name names, but refers to a someone of “Jewish heritage” whom he thinks is an atheist. The Mobile Awards also offer a unique platform for businesses to reach out to a highly specialised audience through the Awards communication streams. Quality and technical leadership were assured for this national broadcaster through bespoke development of new form for the iPad and leverage of Mnet’s 10 years of experience in mobile web, including best of breed device detection and site optimisation. The email then talks about how to get the man of “Jewish heritage” to acknowledge that he’s an atheist in public in order to put off voters in two Bible-Belt states, Kentucky and West Virginia, shortly before their respective primaries.

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