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With Spidey returning to theaters this week in The Amazing Spider Man 2, The Spectacular Spider-Man finally being released on Blu-ray, and Ultimate Spider-Man continuing to do well on Disney XD, now seemed like the perfect time to examine all the Spider-Man-themed animated series so far, ranking them from worst to best. If nothing else, it doesn’t make anyone optimistic about the chances of a second season.
When you have confirmed your password, you will be able to log in through Facebook on both sites. That in turn had Glover’s character, Troy, wearing Spider-Man pajamas in Community Season 2 premiere episode. Its a time of huge upheaval and great change in the world around them, in the business in which they work, and in themselves and they sometimes welcome the social progression around them, and sometimes struggle to keep up. Particularly at the beginning of Season 1, the brutality of the patriarchal society makes for some uncomfortable viewing (which is so often the sign of important, powerful television).
Whilst this is all being played out on the big stage, we also get an insight into the drives, motivations, hopes and fears of the characters within themselves. So if you don’t already, I strongly advise that you watch Mad Men online and then check back here every week. I personally prefer to watch them online, rather than waiting a whole week for the next episode or buying the box sets on DVD. There are also a number of non-affiliated websites where you can watch Mad Men online, but you are strongly advised to investigate the legality of this before you decide whether it is worth streaming from these links for free.
I also recommend paying a visit to AMC official Mad Men site for info, interest and discussion. Police drama Dragnet began on radio in 1949, was a long-running television series from 1952 to 1959 and was revived in January 1967 for four more years. Joe Friday and his partner Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan) are determined to do the right thing.
Along with a strict moral code (particularly in ’60s episodes), a distinguishing characteristic of Dragnet was the documentary-style employed in its portrayal of police procedure in Los Angeles. In 2004 there was a revival of the series with Ed O’Neill as Friday which never really took off. To aid Barry in facing new threats to the city following the particle accelerator explosion, from both other meta-humans and outraged citizens, Cisco designed a new suit to allow Barry to act while keeping his identity hidden.
After General Wade Eiling attempted to injure The Flash by throwing acid on him, he was forced to run as fast as he could to wear it off. This suit was presumably erased from time after the young Barry Allen vanished into thin air after his future self saved his mother. After Barry and his friends reformed the team to defeat the "Atom-Smasher" and have Henry Allen released from Iron Heights, Cisco took it upon himself to commend the team for their recent successes. In the newspaper article of April 25, 2024 owned by Eobard Thawne, Barry is shown in the paper to have a costume similar to his parallel past self's suit, but this one has a lighter shade of red, thicker yellow lightning bolt-like lines stretching over the suit, and the same white symbol from his third suit. Identity concealment: Barry uses a red mask to conceal his identity and to keep his friends and family safe from harm. Intense temperature and abrasion resistance: The suit was originally designed as a firefighter turnout, so its primary use is still intact. Aerodynamics: The suit's form-fitting design and articulation allows Barry to maintain control of every step and movement that he takes.
Communications link: Cisco had installed two miniature earpieces shaped like lightning bolts attached to the ears of the suit.
Mini-camera: The suit's chest piece has a miniature camera with live streaming and 1080p built into it. Sensor system: Both versions of Barry's suit have had several health sensors built in to work in real time. Defibrillator: A newer addition to the suit is a magnetic-electrical charge that jumpstarts Barry's heart. Dwarf Star alloy chest armor: After getting some of this material from Felicity, Cisco was able to fit the torso section of the suit with this highly durable material, protecting the wearer from extreme blunt-force trauma to said area.
Performance enhancement: The newest addition to the suit, the tachyon unit, was able to fit inside the lighting bolt emblem to conceal the device from Zoom. Voice alterer: Due to losing his speed to Zoom, the suit also apparently has a voice filter equipped to disguse Barry's voice, since he couldn't do it himself. In the first draft of the pilot script, the suit was made by Hartley Rathaway after he was dating a fireman named Chip. When the red logo was introduced into the TV Series,The Flash in the New 52 Comics was also given a red logo. The AMC dark drama, Breaking Bad will premiere the series’ final season on Sunday, July 15. The idea was born out of a phone call from fellow X-Files scribe Tom Schnauz, who had read an article about a guy cooking meth out of an RV.
That strait-laced Gilligan could tell the story through a character as naive about methamphetamine as he was made the creative process that much easier.
Vince Gilligan fought for Bryan Cranston to be casted as Walter White but the higher-ups could not get passed his sitcom persona in Malcom in the Middle.
Wowed by Cranston’s 1998 guest appearance on X-Files, Gilligan was dead set on hiring the Malcolm in the Middle actor for a role initially conceived for a 40-year-old.
But the suits had trouble envisioning Fox’s suburban dad as their star and threw out film-star names including John Cusack and Matthew Broderick (both passed).
Bryan Cranston wanted a change of pace from the comedy sitcom he was doing and didn’t need to make a creative decision based on financial reasons. I wanted a place to share my love of TV shows, movies, sports, books, and all things entertainment. While the past season or so of Supernatural was pretty good, one of my gripes was all that angst between the beautiful brothers. So far, it looks like we are gonna have a pretty good balance of monster episodes and what’s-up-with-heaven episodes, which is fine with me. Erika - I LOVED when Cas "air-quoted" about his "people skills" being "rusty" and how hardcore he was! To date, there have been no fewer than eight animated series to star the wall-crawling hero.

Keep in mind, we're focusing on the shows specifically starring Spider-Man, not ones he's guest starred in like Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes or Spider-Woman. Jackson, so to have the actor portray Nick Fury in the Marvel Cinematic Universe was awesome news. He was the inspiration for comic writer Brian Michael Bendis’ Miles Morales, a new Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe.
As well as being an entertaining and enjoyable show, at times it also provides an unflinching look at the errors of generations past, and the sacrifices and struggles of those fighting for change. Mad Men has so far has spanned over a number of years, taking in most of the 1960s. The sexism is writ large all over Mad Men, and it can take a while to get used to it, being so slyly satirised in the way that is it.
Like any of us, the characters are trying to find happiness and a little meaning in their lives. It is definitely the most stylish show on TV, makes me think I seriously need to invest in a few more sharp suits and drink a few more fancy cocktails. I’m going to be doing weekly Mad Men reviews of each episode, discussing themes, surprises, motifs and all the best moments. It is so much easier to watch Mad Men online, so much quicker and on-demand media providers (such as Netflix) often offer much better value for money. For Jack Webb, the show’s creator and star, good often took the form of straight-laced squares in gray suits, while evil generally appeared as a flamboyantly attired hippie. Labs, originally to replace the turnouts firefighters use but are now used by Barry Allen for his vigilante activities as The Flash. Labs, had the suit readied for Barry Allen so that he could test his new-found speed powers for the first time. It was a red skintight bodysuit replace the turnouts the firefighters usually wear when in action. However, by the time he had, it had almost entirely burnt through the suit and was unusable.
He did so by upgrading Barry's suit, mimicking the design of the future suit's emblem from the digital future article of Barry that Gideon showed them when they first met her. When future Flash followed the Reverse-Flash into the past of March 18, 2000, Barry seemed to be wearing a similar suit to his previous ones, but this suit's symbol was a gold lightning bolt with a white background same as his third suit and the newspaper, and the suit was also seemed to be a brighter shade of red but this could have just been from the Reverse Flash's Lightening flashing.
By pressing on it, Barry's team can see through and gain a better idea of his surroundings or situation.
However, enough force, such as from a meta-human with superstrength, can potentially destroy the armor even if the strike itself is blocked, leaving the wearer vulnerable again to any further blows until the armor itself is repaired. Because of this, while wearing the suit, it will allow a speedster's vitals to remain at peak performances, including keeping their calorie burning rate at a normal level, and thereby able to continue moving at top speeds for much longer derations unhindered from effects such as dizziness a fatigue. It is unknown what happened to it after Barry got his powers back, it is presumed it was either removed or kept in the suit in case Barry loses his powers again. Naked!Dean, Naked!Sam, the boys in suits, disgustingly gross deaths, shiny black cars, hilarity and Castiel.
I watch this show for the camaraderie between Sam and Dean (and yes, for the pretty), so watching all those episodes where they were so far from each other was tough.
When this show is at it's best, it swerves from silly, right over to drama (torturing children quandaries) quite deftly.
Sometimes he slings solo, and other times he teams up with fellow heroes to battle evil and scarf down Aunt May's wheatcakes. After that initial launch, however, Beware the Batman was pulled from the DC Nation block last October after only 11 episodes of the 26-episode season, with no explanation given by Cartoon Network as to why it was pulled or if the rest of the show would air at all.
USA Today has reported that the actor will voice the character in Disney XD’s Ultimate Spider-Man. The characters are intricately drawn, often flawed, morally ambiguous, very believable people, and week in, week out we see them fight for their dreams, collide with each others egos, and try to stake a claim in the highly competitive world of advertising in New York during the most transitional decade in modern history: the 60s. As someone in 1969 might look back on 1961 and marvel at how much things have changed, so can a viewer in Season 6 look back on Season 1 and marvel likewise.
Matthew Weiner respects his viewer and doesn’t try to tell them what to think or to force feed them little spoonfuls of morality. This existential level to the show adds a real depth, especially in the main character Don Draper, who seems permanently numb to finding any lasting peace or happiness in his life, seemingly destined to be trapped in relationships in which he doesn’t feel what he is pretending to feel. Joe Friday was a constant throughout all the Dragnet incarnations, as was the famous Dragnet theme song composed by Walter Schumann. The no-frills art direction, deadpan acting (actors were encouraged to read their lines off cue cards rather than memorize them) and austere camera work perfectly reflected Webb’s stark view of the conflict between good and evil in contemporary society. It was used at the Ferris Air Testing Facility outside of Central City, and it got destroyed while Barry was wearing it. Cisco later re-purposed it and added an upgraded version of the new earpiece he previously installed in the prototype suit, he latter added a red logo with a gold lightening bolt onto the chest.
While a simple alteration, it was very noticeable and appreciated redesign to the suit, with the recoloring of the emblem's background from crimson to white.[3] When Hunter Zolomon kidnapped Wally West, Barry gave up his powers in exchange for Wally's safe return. Labs while in the field.[1] The link can be routed to other people's phone and display it as if it was from his cell phone. It was presumably destroyed after Barry was absorbed into the speed force and his suit was destroyed. I am guessing that Sera was feeling the same way, because she didn’t take long to get that slap happy vibe back between our lovely Winchesters. I am glad to see the repercussions of Castiel helping to end the Apocalypse, and I am always up for a civil war among the angels. I adore that side of Cas, but he is a warrior, he needs to have that strength and resolve to set him apart from the humans.
And one of the things I've really enjoyed about the show is how it mixes really serious stuff with pure hilarity. Some of these shows have been better than others, but all have tried to put their unique spin on this iconic hero. We have Don, the main focus of the show, a gifted advertising guru, Pete, the cocky young upstart, struggling to prove himself and be taken as seriously as Don, Peggy, the brave and quirky young woman striving to make her place in a man’s world, just a few of the many characters. The tension between the inner truth and the outer mask is paralleled in their weekly advertising campaigns.

There was also a lacklustre big screen comedy outing with Dan Ackroyd as Friday and Tom Hanks as his partner Pep Streebeck. Due to his inexperience with his powers at the time, Barry lost focus while running at his top speed and crashed into a series of water jmk. The suit became an incredibly helpful tool for Barry and when he decided to permanently be a protector of Central City as The Flash, using it on a regular basis.
During an attempt to recreate the effects of the particle accelerator explosion in the hopes of restoring his powers, Barry's physical form was absorbed into the Speed Force, destroying his suit in the process. Yes, there is some trepidation on the part of Dean, which is totally fair considering his experience in the pit, but the scenes in the motel room and at the morgue were peppy and those two seemed to be having more fun together than they had had in ages. There is also an incredible supporting cast, best of which is almost certainly Roger Sterling, one of two partners of the firm in which Mad Men is set. It is a fully envisioned universe to delve deep into and see it grow, move and change, as well as all the characters who reside within it.  It is a brilliant use of the resources available to the modern TV drama maker. Don, Pete, Peggy and all the rest are living in a time of movement, and they themselves are never happy to keep still.
Later, this suit was destroyed accidentally by Bette Sans Souci when Barry attempted to apprehend her.
Labs can Barry, keep track of where he is, see how much power he's generating, and determine how fast he's running. I also enjoy being introduced to new angels, and look forward to seeing who else is on their way.
Spider-Man Unlimited was an attempt to shake up the formula and deliver a drastically different take on Spidey. Roger is a drinker and a womaniser, seemingly happy to play the villain and the outcast (John Slattery is excellent in the role) who has a perhaps sexual, perhaps soulmate connection with Joan, the attractive, self-assured redhead who runs the secretaries (and so much more) in the offices of Sterling – Cooper. A sense of dissatisfaction and discontent runs through the characters of Mad Men, with many living from project to project, or hoping that the next career change, relationship shift of promotion will bring that sense of satisfaction and peace we are all so clearly yearning for.
She touched the suit to stop him and Barry had barely enough time to get out of it before it exploded, leaving him half-naked. This was partly based on necessity, as a new deal between Sony and Marvel prevented Fox and Saban Entertainment from using many of the traditional Spider-Man elements. Unlimited served as a vague sequel to the much more popular 1994 series (another element not in its favor), with Spidey being transported to Counter-Earth to aid John Jameson and a group of resistance fighters (including heroic versions of Green Goblin and Vulture) against the High Evolutionary and his genetically modified Bestials.
Unfortunately, while Spider-Man Unlimited earns points for originality, its execution left a lot to be desired. I am kinda demon-ed out, and the warring angels give us a whole new host of tricks and treats.
Despite a soap operatic storyline that required fans to view each episode in chronological order, there was a surprising lack of character development. And in the end, the show was so different from the traditional Spider-Man mythos that it barely felt like a Spider-Man cartoon at all. Despite Fox only commissioning one 13-episode season, it wasn't until 2001 that the final episodes actually aired. And to add insult to injury, the show ended with an unresolved cliffhanger, just as its predecessor did.
Aside from that iconic tune, the show is best remembered today for its lovably clunky animation and as fodder for many an Internet meme. Though the production values were higher than those of The Marvel Super Heroes (wherein the episodes basically consisted of crudely animated comic book panels), Spider-Man still featured rudimentary animation and often reused stock footage.
After Grantray-Lawrence went bankrupt, the show was passed onto Krantz Films, with legendary animator Ralph Bakshi taking control.
As you might expect based on Bakshi's resume, the latter two seasons took on a distinctly darker and more psychedelic tone. Unfortunately, the budget was slashed even further, necessitating the removal of Spidey's villains. The budget was so slim that at one point, Bakshi even reused elements from another of his animated projects, Rocket Robin Hood.
Any hardcore Spider-Man fans owe it to themselves to check out a few episodes, if only for curiosity's sake. Blame that on the fact that it aired around the same time as the more popular Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends. But Spider-Man's advantage over its sister series was that it offered a much more traditional and holistic take on the Spider-Man franchise. The series was inspired heavily by John Romita Sr.'s art style and the general look, feel, and character lineup of the 1970's-era Amazing Spider-Man comic. If crude by modern standards, the animation and storytelling were certainly a huge step up from the 1967 Spider-Man.
In particular, many episodes did a good job of capturing the troubled, unlucky quality of Peter Parker's life. The series is also notable for being the first Spider-Man project to attempt long-form storytelling, with a conflict between Spidey and Doctor Doom playing out over multiple episodes.
Suddenly, the eternally unlucky Spidey was joined by two other superhero partners - Iceman and Firestar. The latter character is easily the show's most lasting contribution to the Marvel Universe. While occasionally they would team up to battle traditional Spider-Man rogues like Chameleon or Electro, more often the heroes would cross over with other Marvel mainstays like the Avengers and X-Men. While campy at times, the show managed to counter that quality with some solid dramatic material at times, taking great pains to explore the origins of Peter Parker, Bobby Drake, Anjelica Jones, and other characters at different points. Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends also boasted some pretty impressive vocal talent, including soon-to-be Transformers mainstays Dan Gilvezan and Frank Welker as Spider-Man and Iceman, respectively.
The show even featured narration by Stan Lee, though that material tends to be omitted in syndication nowadays.

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