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XBMC is a free, open source software media player and digital media entertainment center available for Windows, Linux, and OS X. With internet connectivity getting faster, a lot of people are turning to the web for their TV and movie entertainment.
Most of us listen to music and watch movies in digital format on computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
Many of us are always looking for ways to convert audio and video formats to other formats so we can listen and watch on multiple types of devices. When music was only available in record or CD format, the fancy cover art was a big part of the music. Boxee is a physical device that finds TV shows and movies available on the internet and plays them on your TV.
Windows Media Center is a full service entertainment center available in Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate, and Enterprise.
VLC is a free, open source, cross-platform multimedia player that plays most media formats, as well as audio CDs, DVDs, and even video compact discs (VCDs).
There are many other tools out there that help you play, customize, and organize your media collection.
Mobile devices are becoming more and more common as tools for listening to music and for watching movies and TV shows both locally on the device and streaming from the internet or a computer on your home network.
Last, but certainly not least, here are some articles that help you understand more about audio and video formats and files.
We hope all this information improves your enjoyment of the world of digital entertainment both online and off. Lori Kaufman is a writer who likes to write geeky how-to articles to help make people's lives easier through the use of technology. Good article, but none the less, you should have featured Freemake Video Converter in here. Plex clients are available for the second generation Apple TV (with support for the 3rd gen to be added soon).
You can also use the myPlex service to painlessly stream your media library from anywhere with an internet connection (largely dependent on a decent upload speed), and you can also share your media library with friends.
I would love to be able to find a music player that works a lot like Windows Live Photo Gallery. DID YOU KNOW?Despite being abandoned by 1400 AD, the aqueducts constructed by the Guayabo people in Costa Rica are still functioning; in 2009 the site was declared an International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark by the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Disclaimer: Most of the pages on the internet include affiliate links, including some on this site. Shortly after the news of Amazon's new video streaming service, Netflix announces their new show streaming deal with CBS.
With a Netflix streaming plan, you will now be able to watch classic shows such as Cheers, Star Trek, and Twin Peaks, as well as newer shows such as Flashpoint and Medium.
We provide you with an overview of these nine great shows, and let you know where you can stream them now! This dark political drama stars Kevin Spacey as a cold-hearted, cynical congressman that’s out for revenge after being back-stabbed by the President of the United States. It’s a big adjustment to go from being a rising PR executive to a convicted felon in prison, as Piper Chapman, and the shows viewers, find out. This modern day western and detective drama follows the travails of Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire. This comedic family drama follows the exploits of a very wealthy California family as they try to keep their family business going after the father of the family and CEO of the firm is arrested by the SEC for fraud. Some might argue that this show should not have made our list, since it’s available from the BBC in some parts of the world. This comedy – drama is perhaps one of the most original on our list, as the plot is really unlike anything that is or has ever been on television before.
This coming-of-age, teen drama follows the story of two Latino cousins, Jessie and Maya, as they navigate high school and try to deal with falling for the school’s football star, Jacob. Co-produced with the BBC, this dark comedy follows the ups and downs of two ordinary guys, coworkers, who are drawn into a complex web if lies, deceit, conspiracy and murder after they answer a stranger’s ringing cell phone at the scene of an accident.
As you can see from our list, Netflix is perhaps the most well known of the streaming giants when it comes to producing original shows, as well as picking up canceled network TV shows and breathing new life into them.
Lyn Brooks is a diverse freelance writer with over a decade of experience in the electronics industry.
Digital Landing is the trusted destination for simplifying and empowering your connected life. Maybe you’re now the owner of a brand new 4K ultra HD TV or maybe you’re thinking of buying one any day now but want to know what’s actually available to watch in native 4K resolution and at what price, if any. For now, the total amount of stuff is a bit limited, true, but trust us when we say it’s growing and if you get your hands on a particularly future-proof, well connected ultra HD TV set, you won’t be disappointed as the year goes one.
4K TVs are hurtling towards HDTV-level prices at incredible speed and content production in ultra HD is accelerating as well.
Thus, for the most part, what you’re going to get the most bang for your buck from will still either be streaming online content from sources like Netflix and others we mention below or from media set-top box content sources that are either specific to certain TV models or generically compatible with nearly any 4K TV. Furthermore, if you can’t find a large variety of decent 4K movies and other programming to satisfy your needs, your new 4K TV will at least offer you an internal HD upscaling engine for turning HD content into something more impressive. Samsung’s UBD-K8500 4K UHD Blu-ray player offers what is arguably one of the most versatile sources of 4K home entertainment video in its best possible quality to-date. Sony's BDP-S6500 can upscale Blu-ray and DVD video to 4K and almost 4K quality respectively. Finally, and this is crucial for most streaming sources of ultra HD content, you will need an internet connection with a robust speed of at least 20 to 25 Mbps.
The Nvidia Shield 4K Android TV Box offer access to all sorts of programming, mobile apps and gaming options to view on your 4k TV. Price: Amazon’s 4K service comes as part of its Prime subscription, which costs about $99 per year. What they offer: Ultraflix is a new arrival on the 4K streaming block and they have nowhere near the publicity of Netflix or Amazon.
Some Further Detail: Styling itself as the “Netflix of the 4K TV generation”, Ultraflix is a definite up-and-comer ultra HD streaming service that’s worth watching. Productions kept available to subscribers of Ultraflix include a large selection of movies, concert videos, documentaries, more than 40 former IMAX theatrical titles and a pile of other special event videos. On top of these developments, the streaming service is constantly expanding the availability of its 4K content app in different ultra HD TV models and brands. In another even more interesting twist that takes Ultraflix beyond what we’ve seen with a unmber of other 4K content streaming services, the app is also available with some limitations to PC users who have ultra HD screens. In addition to these below, Ultraflix also offers or will soon offer a whole pile of other movies through their Paramount Studios deal. An assorted selection of other programming in sports, automotive, nature, travel, short films, trailers and Cablelabs 4K demo categories. What they offer: YouTube is the absolute pioneer of 4K video streaming, although Netflix got a lot more attention for its own efforts. In terms of what they offer, the collection is extremely varied and mostly consists of amateur 4K clips submitted by users of all kinds, though we have found and compiled a list of the best 4k videos we could find on YouTube.
Price: Totally free, as long as you have a good enough internet connection (see introduction above) to handle the 4K streams.

Price: Vudu’s 4K content service works on an individual rental and purchase basis instead of through monthly subscriptions.
What they offer: BT Sport is a new 4K UHD live streaming service that, as its name suggests, offers up live sportscast in ultra HD. Price: The BT Sport 4K streaming package requires a contract with the company’s BT Unlimited top-tier internet connectivity package, which includes “Entertainment Ultra HD” and costs about the equivalent of $20 per month. Price: Oddly, Sony opted for a rather clumsy purchase model for this service, instead of allowing a single simple monthly subscription or individual movie rentals. This is pretty much it, the very best 4K HDR TV of 2016 so far and it would be hard to find a challenger to the title.
After some stunning SUHD 4K HDR TVs in 2015, Samsung has one-upped its own older models with the 2016 SUHD lineup, and among these, the KS9000 is just about as good as it gets in terms of specs and beautiful design. Meet what we consider to be one of the best 4K TV lines of 2016 and the best if pricing is considered. Samsung’s KS8000 could be considered the “Budget” model of the 2016 SUHD 4K HDR TV line but this doesn’t mean it’s a weak TV. 4K UHD Blu-ray discs have finally arrived for 2016 and the selection of movies in this new hard media format is growing impressively. Paramount will also be releasing a large selection of movie titles and will likely transplant many of their 2016 theatrical releases to 4K Blu-ray disc as soon as they’re ready for the small screen. Universal Studios is also participating in 4K UHD Blu-ray disc releases, with plans on a larger selection of titles for the second or third quarters of 2016.
Of course, as 4K UHD Blu-ray discs take off in 2016, we’ll surely see more studios participating in the release frenzy with their own particular titles. We also use them to listen to music, watch movies and TV shows, and to transfer media to and from mobile devices. You’ll also find links to articles about specific media tools, such as Audacity, XBMC, Windows Media Player, VLC, and iTunes. It plays almost all the popular audio and video formats, and allows you to stream your multimedia from anywhere in your house or from the internet using practically any protocol available. There are many sites offering services that stream movies and TV shows to your computer, tablet, netbook, or mobile device.
However, a lot of us still buy physical CDs and DVDs that we want to convert to formats we can use on portable devices. You probably have many music and video files in many locations on your computer, from the various programs you’ve used over the years to rip your CDs and DVDs. The following articles help you convert many popular audio and video formats to other formats and even how to convert live TV recordings so you can play them on an iOS device. Now that we listen to music in electronic format, you may not think about the cover art much. The following articles show you how to use Audacity to edit multiple files, remove vocals from music tracks, and add the ability to save files in MP3 format. The following articles show you how to get started with Boxee, manage your movies in Boxee, watch Netflix instant movies in Boxee, integrate Boxee with Windows 7 Media Center, and even how to use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a remote for Boxee. It allows you to copy CDs, listen to music and radio, burn CDs and DVDs, play DVDs and videos, view and edit photos, and create photo slide shows. It plays most codecs without the need for codec packs and also allows you to convert and stream media. The following articles help you to make the most of iTunes to manage your library and to enjoy your media collection. The following article describe how to use other tools besides the ones previously mentioned. The following articles help you make the most out of using your mobile devices as media players and organizers. It is a great tool, which sums up many of the functions in some tool above, and even has a Chrome extension. What I would like to be able to do is to put multiple tags on a song, beyond the Genre label that WMP allows, and then be able to select one or a combination of tags and have that group play. MM is the only tool is use for music and MP3Gain keeps all my music rocking at the same level. The first two seasons are available on Netflix now, with a third season scheduled to be released this February.
The show follows the travails of Chapman after she is sent to prison when a former relationship with a drug runner from her distant past comes to light. In the show, the sheriff struggles to come to terms with his wife’s death while solving various crimes in a rural Wyoming county.
The show features some significant departures from the novels, but if the show is half as good as the books, you can expect the show to become a household word.
We provide relevant and reliable information for consumers shopping for digital home services, like TV, Internet, Phone and Home Security. Whichever is the case, we’ve got you covered with the selection below of what’s here now and what’s just around the corner.
Even what we’re about to list can offer you plenty of hours of top quality 4K entertainment.
New UHD content started off more slowly than the television technology that supports it but now the creation of new shows, movies and other programming in 4K resolution is moving along much faster, particularly in 2016.
While you shouldn’t expect dramatic results from this upscaling process for a lot of 480p content, the viewing experience for 720p HD and Full HD shows and movies will definitely be improved, often spectacularly. With an internal content upscaling engine, access to a wide range of streaming media apps and full support for high dynamic range and a whole assortment of other disc media formats, the UBD-K8500 is not only mind-blowingly impressive at delivering 4K UHD HDR movies from Blu-ray but also a great high tech all-in-one player of nearly any hard media content format you can throw at it. Of the 2013 TVs released, only a few like the Samsung F9000 or S9 can be made compatible with modern 4K viewing standards thanks to Samsung’s OneConnect Evolution kit ($397.99 on Amazon), which modernizes their connectivity. Don’t worry too much though, almost all late 2014, 2015 and 2016 4K TVs from any major brand come with all of these specs built right into them and ready to go. The 4K streams from Amazon Prime, Netflix and others won’t work at all unless your ISP can give you a consistent connectivity of at least 20Mbps. The Amazon Fire TV Box has a powerful 64-bit CPU and GPU combination in place to handle all the 4K graphics and interactive platform features.
They’ve been offering their still somewhat limited but rapidly growing selection of movies and shows in 4K since April of 2014 and things are only looking brighter down the road now that the company has committed itself to film every new original series or movie it makes in native ultra HD.
Nevertheless, the company is determined to be the king of 4K and they are working very hard to ramp up their selection of 4K titles to unbeatable levels. Furthermore, according to recent news we’ve heard, Nanotech has also made a deal with Paramount for new movies in 4K ultra HD and adding at least some 28 new titles from the Hollywood giant.
The most recent 4K TV brand to accept Utraflix was none other than Sony and its newer model Bravia televisions, but other TV makers which include or accept Ultraflix include Samsung, Hisense, Vizio and other TVs, with more models to be compatible in the near future.
For this, you’ll have to take a look at the following PDF link because we’re talking about too many 4K UHD movies to list here on this page.
This service, which we all know well, has been offering streaming 4K clips on their website since all the way back in 2010, well before just about anybody had any idea of ultra HD or much less owned one of the still basically nonexistent (at that time) TVs. Here is another great 4K-specific channel here which features excellent selections of more professional documentary style videos and here is an interesting 4k video channel by Panasonic.
However, for those of you whose home entertainment systems fit these availability categories, the Vudu service offers up some neat new content selections in the form of at least a dozen major movie titles in 4K UHD such as San Andrea, Man of Steel, both recent Sherlock Holmes movies, Magic Mike XXL, The Lego Movie and a few others. This service was launched in summer of 2015 and is still growing with new live sports events broadcast in 4K on roughly a weekly basis, along with commentary and other special features in the resolution. There is also a one-time installation fee for the company’s 1TB Ultra HD YouView+ box, which costs about ?44 or almost $60. LG’s G6 HDR 4K TV takes the superb OLED display technologies of Ultra HD models from 2014 and 2015 to whole new levels with still further innovations in how it delivers home entertainment in both 4K and other resolutions. Sporting a flat display, some of the best HDR technology of this year and a whole pile of other superb smart TV and visual specs for 2016, this is a definite candidate for best LCD 4K television of 2016.

Vizio has invested in quality and it shows in their 2016 Vizio P-Series line of 50, 55, 65 and 75 inch TVs. Samsung has streamlined this year’s SUHD TVs to have much more similarity in terms of specs and the across the board quality boost shows in the display of the KS8000, which offers high dynamic range and color specs that surpass those of all other 2015 SUHD TVs except the 2015 JS9500 flagship 4K TV. Not only does 4K Blu-ray offer 4K ultra HD resolution,it also delivers high dynamic range in compatible TVs and displays. The following articles provide some options for finding available streaming TV shows, music, and movies. The following articles show you how to rip CDs and DVDs so you can listen to your music collection and watch movies on any of your devices. The filenames are probably not consistent and the organization of the folders are different because every media ripping program is different.
The current version in Windows 7 (12) can stream music and video to other computers running Windows 7 or to compatible devices in your home. The following articles show you how to use the different features of VLC, including how to take snapshots of movie scenes and how to convert video files to MP3. There are even articles that provide you with alternatives to iTunes in case you would rather use something else, but need compatibility with iOS devices. Macs were made for people that didn’t want to invest in themselves the necessary time to really learn how to use computers.
I have thousands of music files on my computer and MediaMonkey handles all the tasks I can throw at. Even Google's YouTube, once a "Broadcast Yourself" grassroots type of video service, is now venturing out for premium content including talks with the NBA for major sports broadcasts.
The first two seasons can be streamed now, with the third season expected to be released in the summer of 2015. Longmire is aided in his quests by a large group of eccentric and lovable characters, including his best friend, Henry Standing Bear, and his daughter, Cady. In the show, Pfefferman is a retired political science professor that has recently come out to his children and wife that he is transgender as he has always secretly felt more like a woman than a man. What did you think of our list of the best streaming TV shows that you can’t watch on Cable TV?
The latest and best sources of content are still coming from streaming media sources on the internet but a growing body of broadcast 4K content and now 4K ultra HD Blu-ray disc movies are making their appearance every month.
Furthermore, the addtional display technologies like high dynamic range, enahanced color and superior contrast found in the latest 4K TVs don’t exist in HD models. When used to play 4K HDR Blu-rays on a 4K HDR TV, the content you’ll get with the UBD-K8500 is like nothing you’ve ever seen before in its sharpness and realism. With this system Sony offers you access to their extensive library or over 300 online apps you can connect to easily via WiFi. It features Nvidia's unique Shield Hub platform for streamed gaming options, you can also download games from the Google Play Store. The 4K capable apps that you can search for via their interface is one of the best on the market. Furthermore, Netflix is aso now working on offering an expanding selection of HDR 4K TV content for its streaming service. All of these movies will be remastered to 4K UHD for availability to Ultraflix subscribers. Furthermore, Vudu’s service offers up HDR encoding to its content (the Dolby Vision version) and also supports Dolby Atmos surround sound if your TV is compatible.
Also, because BT Sport has to offer 4K content for subscribers in between live broadcasts, the service is hooked into Netflix as well, thus, if you’re a U.K resident and want BT, no need for an additional Netflix subscription.
These differences aside, all three models are essentially the same and offer full Ultra HD Premium certification, superb high dynamic range, exquisite peak brightness and some deep rich black levels. Factory is also going to be putting out their 4K UHD IMAX documentary titles in the summer of 2016.
The following articles show you ways of organizing and cleaning up your media so you can easily find it.
The following articles show you how to easily obtain cover art for your electronic music files and how to display the cover art on your desktop computer as you listen to your music. The following articles help you make the most of Windows Media Player to enjoy your media collection. He uses several strategies to throw the authorities off his trail, including faking his death and traveling all over the world is various disguises.This show originally ran on the Fox network before it was canceled in 2006 and then picked up for new episodes in 2011 by Netflix. The show opens with Detective Henry Bosch on trial for shooting a suspect in the very brutal, grisly murder of a young boy. The show follows the family as they deal with this revelation and explores many timely social issues regarding gender identity and what it means to be a family. Another great feature is the ability to connect this device to the Sony PlayStation Now network so you can stream PS3 games without needing an extra console. 4K Blu-ray is expanding quickly and we can look forward to dozens and perhaps well over 100 new release and remastered older movie titles by the end of 2016.
This media box also supports access to all of the Prime Instant Video delivery and Netflix online.
It has many, many apps and a cross-section platform for easy searching based on titles, actors, directors, creators, etc. However, both of these features will work in 4K TVs with Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos sound or an Atmos-capable sound system. BT subscribers with 4K ultra HD TVs and the right level of broadband connectivity can enjoy several hundred new hours of some very popular shows and other content. Movie titles in the service come from the very massive and growing Sony Pictures catalog of 4K ultra HD titles and include many of the same movies and other content found in the Sony FMP X10 media player we covered below, as well as many of the same 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray movie titles being released by Sony Studios.
The titles listed below from the major studios currently releasing movies in this new UHD format are only a partial rundown of what will soon be available during this year and afterwards. After thousands of complaints and a strong social media campaign by fans, the show was picked up by Netflix. All four seasons can be streamed on Netflix, and plans are in the works at Netflix for a new fifth season, as well as a movie, with all the original actors expected to reprise their roles.
The show features flashbacks between the trial and the past, and follows Bosch as he attempts to solve the crime. Brooks is also working on a series of novels in the science fiction genre with an expected publication date in 2014. Currently, the 4K TVs that have at least Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range consist of Vizio’s expensive and rather stunning Reference Series models from late 2015 and LG’s 2016 OLED 4K TV, the G6 in its different sizes. These include extremely popular series like “House of Cards”, “Breaking Bad” and “Marco Polo” among many others which are being produced constantly.
Thus, you’ll get your hands on movies like Ghostbusters, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Concussion.
The first two seasons can be streamed on Netflix now, and a new fourth season is currently filming with an expected release of summer 2015 on Netflix. Who fights to save humanity, jump into the Tardis now by surfing over to Netflix where you can stream episodes from the original series in the 60s and 70s or watch all 9 seasons of the newer version of the show that were filmed from 2005-2013. Netflix even has many of the various movie spin offs that resulted from the original program as well.

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