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Our Internet radio hosting packages are designed for everyone from an indie musician or a bedroom DJ to a standard broadcast station looking to offer a new format to listeners. At PlanetStream you’ll never have a limit on the maximum number of listeners you can have like on some other Internet radio hosting companies.
And if ever you go over your estimated plan, it is easy to upgrade to the next level of service. Once you’ve determined the quality you want, and the numbers of listeners you expect, our Internet Radio packages can help you estimate your cost. As convenient as it is to stream Netflix on our smartphones, tablets, and PCs, nothing beats watching on the big screen for the ultimate in movie and TV show enjoyment.
Sure, you can usually expect popular streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu to come standard, but not every device is going to allow you to remotely access your iTunes library or stream photos and video directly from your smartphone. The fourth incarnation of the Saratoga-based company’s flagship streamer is the most comprehensive to date, sporting thousands of channels, 4K content, an intuitive cross-platform search utility, and an excellent user interface. There are, of course, some drawbacks inherent to the Roku Stick’s smaller form factor.
The Amazon Fire Stick is to the Fire TV what the Roku Stick is to the Roku 4; the smaller, simpler version of the streaming box. This article was originally published on August 13, 2015, and updated on May 27, 2016, by Brendan Hesse to reflect the latest offerings from Apple, Google, and Amazon. Our infrastructure can handle thousands of concurrent listeners all experiencing the same quality you’ve selected for your streaming. Maybe you are still at work or at school, maybe you are on holiday, or in a country that does not show your team on television. To do it, we recommend a streaming set-top box or streaming stick, and there are plenty to choose from now, each with its own pros and cons, and some with quirks you’ll want to know about ahead of time.

As such, we’ve picked out the best of the bunch and laid out their essential and unique features to help you get the absolute most entertainment for your money. The compact offering is slim and subtle, and equipped with nonskid rubber and enough weight to prevent it from getting shuffled around in your entertainment center. It doesn’t have the expandable storage the Roku 4 does, nor is it capable of 4K playback.
Thankfully, the super-slim and speedy box will still appeal to anyone with subscriptions to other services, such as Netflix and Hulu. While most essential services are supported (sorry, no Amazon Prime!) Apple Airplay and apps like iOS Remote make the Apple TV’s user experience unique. Once commanded to do so, the Chromecast pulls the content down from the cloud, leaving your device’s resources alone, thus saving its battery.
Several other devices on our list provide gaming, but as you might expect, the next-gen consoles blow all mobile games out of the water in terms of graphics resolution and playability. The remote is simple, but allows snappy navigation of Roku’s extremely intuitive channel-based interface, dedicated buttons for a few streaming services, and, best of all, features a built-in headphone jack for wireless listening when turning up the TV volume is a no-go.
Fair warning, Chromecast doesn’t support Amazon Prime, but there is a Chrome browser-based workaround available.
We have covered several possibilities in the past, detailed in guides such as Watch TV Programs on PC or Watch Tv over Internet with Sopcast.The most common method is to use a software that uses P2P technologies to stream TV on the Internet. It even allows you to stream audio, via the Roku app, to an Android or iOS device connected to your network for private listening. The stick is portable and far cheaper than the Roku 4, and the 2016 version is the fastest and most reliable iteration of the device yet. The Fire Stick is an Amazon product to a fault, and at every turn, the device’s user interface will steer you toward Amazon content.

Sharing personal photos and videos from iOS devices is also easiest with the Apple TV, and the device’s speedy operation and integration with Siri render it a must-have for Apple aficionados. This does not necessarily mean that you can watch the game on a local channel that is streamed on the Internet. This means more often than not that you get commentary in a foreign language, which Chinese dominating the tv streaming world right now.Sport Player uses a slightly different angle to offer live streaming tv of sport events. Instead of being just another TV streaming application like Sopcast or TVUPlayer, it aims to combine multiple tv streaming programs in its interface. The first thing that you want to do is to click the Update button to pull the current game list from the Internet. Tournament here means tournament or league, and event lists the teams that play against each other.A click on an event opens a new window that lists the available live streaming tv applications in a right sidebar. There is no need to download one of the applications which makes Sport Player a comfortable tv streaming solution. One interesting option of Sport Player is the ability to allow multiple sport streams at once. They are spawned in different windows then so that it is possible to watch multiple games on the same screen at once. This option needs to be activated in the program settings.Sport Player is an excellent program for users who want to watch sport events on their computer. Especially the event listing makes it a breeze to find the interesting matches.Sport Player is available for download at the developer site.

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