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TBS has developed a brand-new Sat TV Streaming Box MOI recently, with the MOI Sat TV Streaming Box, streaming the world is not a dream now!
Once connected to your home router via your Ethernet or home Wi-Fi network, you can access the MOI Sat TV Streaming Box from terminal devices, anywhere in your home: living room, bedroom, even in your kitchen and backyard. The MOI supports all streaming from satellite TV, and with the dual CI interface, encrypted channels are easily accessible. Steam the remarkable picture and sound quality of DVB-S2 to your computera€™s high-resolution display for a complete HDTV experience. You are missing the time when you use a TBS dual tuner card for multi-tasks watching and recording? MOI Satellite TV Streaming Box is a brand-new  developed by TBS  recently, with the MOI Box, streaming satellite TV to your portable devices  is not a dream! MOI enables you to watch Satellite TV wirelessly on terminal devices: PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac book, Notebook, Sony Playstation 3, Smartphone etc. Steam the remarkable picture and sound quality of DVB-S2 to your computer’s high-resolution display for a complete HDTV experience.
Tags: moi, streaming box, tbs moi, tv streaming boxPosted by Tbsdtvon Nov 30th, 2012and is filed under TV Streaming Box. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The ITB174B is cleverly designed to enhance your home theater sound while hiding under your TV's stand. The ITB174B can be connected to a television using an optical digital cable or a standard stereo RCA connection. Samsung's ES9000 LED HDTVs were overshadowed by the company's 55-inch OLED announcements, but the flagship LCDs are taking their turn in the spotlight now with the vast 75-inch model leading the way. Even if you have a sizable LCD or plasma strung up on your living room wall, it's hard not to be impressed by the scale of the 75ES9000.
The ES9000 series has the same Smart TV functionality as we played with on the D8000, with the latest apps for the UK market including Netflix, BBC Sport - just in time for Wimbledon and the 2012 Olympics - and BBC iPlayer.
With WiFi onboard, among other things, the 75ES9000 can hook up wirelessly to speaker systems and your home network, and stream video, photos and music from your phone - that's a Galaxy S III looking dwarfed in the photo below - and picture quality is incredible. So how much will this slab of 75-inch visual goodness set you back when it launches in time for the holiday 2012 shopping season?

One of the items I have had on my Christmas list for a couple of years now is an Apple TV, and this year a kindly elf fulfilled this Christmas wish. Between a Blu-Ray player, Playstation 3, DirecTV receivers, and HTPC (home theater PC), we already have a number of ways to stream video throughout the house. Another reason I have placed and kept the Apple TV on my Christmas list is because of its ability to be used as a portable music server, even where a TV is not available. Probably the best alternative to Apple TV, Roku devices come in different versions, ranging in price from roughly $50 to $99 (obviously differing feature sets for the different versions). A key feature of WDTV Live HD that Apple TV or Roku do not have is the ability to stream your personal media files in a wide array of formats (files must be in iTunes for Apple TV and you generally cannot stream your personal media files directly to Roku without the use of third-party apps). Nokia has announced three new multimedia handsets including the world's first mobile device with a built-in DVB-H receiver. The Nokia N92, the Nokia N71 and the Nokia N80 will allow users to wirelessly watch mobile TV, stream music, share photos and send emails with attachments, using technologies such as 3G, WLAN and Universal Plug and Play (UPnP).
The Nokia N92 is the world's first mobile device with a built-in DVB-H receiver, making it possible for users to watch and record live TV at any time. The Nokia N92 features applications and functionalities that make it easy for users to watch and search for TV programs, create personal channel lists, subscribe to TV-channel packages, set program reminders and access interactive TV services.
The Nokia N71 is the latest member of the Nokia XpressMusic family and will feature a FM radio and support for digital music and videos. Nokia N80 will come equipped with WLAN and 3G, the Nokia N80 is the world's first handset to feature UPnP technology. You just need to connect a CAM (Conditional Access Module) with a compatible Pay -TV Smartcard.
Anywhere in your house, no need to connect a satellite dish and TV tuner dongle to each device! Easily connect to your TV with the included RCA cables or with the optical input for superior sound. SlashGear caught up with Samsung in London today, along with a hastily-freighted-in first 75ES9000 unit that had been brought specially from Korea this week.
75-inches of 1080p Full HD resolution makes for a set that's bigger than some peoples' actual windows - then again, who needs natural daylight and a view when you can call upon live, on-demand and internet content through Samsung's Smart TV system.
There's also a pop-up webcam that appears from above the top edge of the bezel, used for video calls, gesture control and face-recognition.

Viewing angles are practically 180-degrees, and the color saturation rivals some OLEDs we've seen.
Unfortunately Samsung isn't saying, though it's not a hard guess to predict this won't be anywhere near a cheap TV. Based on open standards, DVB-H is the leading mobile-TV broadcasting technology, enabling low-cost delivery of high-quality broadcast programs to mass audiences. The ergonomic form factor includes media keys, a view mode and a large (2.8") anti-glare QVGA screen supporting 16 million colors. This allows it to be used as a remote control for wirelessly swapping content between compatible PCs, audio equipment and TVs. Based on the dual tuner design, it can receive at the same time from two different transponders, which means there are a bunch of channels from two different transponders to choose from. Simply place the MOI near your existing satellite connection and connect it to your router to stream watch live TV.
Wirelessly stream music from your Bluetooth device and connect non-wireless devices to the audio input.
This particular unit was running Korean software, though, as its literally just dropped in from Samsung HQ. This allows a semi-transparent, zoomed-out view of a web page, so that users can quickly orientate themselves on a handset screen. Images and video stored on the Nokia N80 or on a compatible PC can be viewed on a TV, for instance, while music stored on the device can be played through an audio system.
You can make all terminal devices in your home network to receive satellite TV in full HD anywhere.
In addition, the Nokia N80 supports most commonly used email solutions and office-application formats.

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