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Vous etes deja a l?heure de la musique dematerialisee et les CD et la radio FM c?est d?un autre temps pour vous ? La chaine HiFi Marantz CR511 se connecte a internet via le WiFi integre ou a partir du port RJ45.
Vous pouvez utiliser votre smartphone ou tablette iOS ou Android pour la telecommander via la nouvelle application Marantz Remote.
La puissance developpee est de 2 x 60 W RMS (sous 6 ohms), vous pouvez ainsi alimenter la majorite des enceintes bibliotheques ainsi qu?un grand nombre d?enceintes colonnes. La chaine HiFi Marantz CR511 est equipee de deux ports USB (un en facade et un a l?arriere), d?une entree numerique optique, une entree analogique RCA stereo, une sortie Subwoofer pour ajouter un caisson de basse si vous le souhaitez et une entree RJ45.

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In the new day of smart phones, smart TVs, and tablets that are able to grab multimedia from all over the internet, Western Digital allows you to do the same with any Television in your possession making it one of the smartest devices in your home or office. When you put the WD TV play up against some of the more popular set-top boxes on the market today, it looks very impressive – especially when you consider the suggested retail price. UITStor the company that gave us the S400 Connected Storage has added a media streamer (UEBO M200 Media Player) to its range of connected home products.
You can also integrate the M200 Media Player other Network Attached Storage (NAS) server on the market.
With interface for Ethernet, USB and SD card you can attach an external storage device, camera or camcorder to view your photos, watch videos, play music and many more.
La chaine HiFi Marantz CR511 repond a vos attentes et vous offre le meilleur du streaming musical avec un design compact et elegant.

This player is continues Western Digital’s established tradition of providing quality set-top boxes to those looking to get the best out of their home theater.
It is compatible with NetGear’s ReadyNAS, Buffalo Technologies’ Linkstation and Terastation and software such as Windows media player. Priced at $69.99 shipped, the WD TV Play is designed to be a very versatile box that streams tons of internet channels, but can also play your personal multimedia that is housed on your network. Also, it offers all the usual in connectivity and has the flexibility to act as a storage device.

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