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If you are a Charter TV subscriber then you have a plethora of choice when it comes to watching your favorite shows with the Charter TV app. As long as you have a Wi-Fi connection and a subscription to Showtime, you can watch any Showtime channels; that can make the waiting room a lot more appealing. If you have a Motorola Digital Receiver you can access all of your DVR functions including guide and recording.
The first time you access the app when you are in your house you might find that you have bypassed the login screen and was automatically logged in as a guest, which gives you limited access.
If you have forgotten your password it is easy to reset by tapping the Reset Password and entering the required information. There are many ways to find your way around the easiest is to use the content titles on the home panel by simply swiping left or right to view additional titles.
You can customize the home page to give you instant access to your favorite content by scrolling down and tapping the (+) icon. You can also add your favorite channels to the My Favorites panel be tapping the Edit icon then scrolling through the channel list and tapping on the Heart icon next to the name.
Search:A lets you find programs based on various search criteria factors such as title, genre, or actor name. Guide:A This can be accessed by tapping the guide icon on the home page and gives you the ability to filter by categories, sort channels, view by network, or to see future listings. Live TV:A To access all the viewable content currently available tap the Live TV button and select the program you wish to watch. On Demand:A You can use the app to browse and select On Demand content to play on your TV either now, or in the future.
Kid Zone:A This feature allows you to lock your Charter TV app for child friendly programming.
Sport Zone:A Access sports by tapping the Sport Zone icon and you can view current games, completed games, scores, and future game times. Digital Landing is the trusted destination for simplifying and empowering your connected life. Charter Communications has been quietly operating a streaming-TV subscription service for at least the past couple of weeks, as first reported by HomeMedia Magazine.

Called Spectrum TV Stream, the service offers up to 35 broadcast networks (the a€?big four,a€? plus local channels) in combination with either HBO or Showtime as part of its basic $13-per-month subscription tier. For a limited time, the company is even throwing in a free Roku 3 media streamer with each subscription.
Charter is not alone in trying to reach out to cord cutters and cord nevers through a skinny combination of basic TV and a premium TV network. There are a couple of important things you must consider before you begin to think about subscribing to the service (assuming ita€™s available in your area).
A freelance writer, law grad, terrible entrepreneur, closet satirist and a man of a few other incongruous talents, Pulkit has been writing on technology since 2007, and plans to do so until a few days before his ultimate fate: cryogenic preservation. The Piano Guys celebrate a monumental landmark, reaching 1 Billion views on YouTube for their innovative music videos. Ideea Factory has become a leading producer of online original content and a central force in connecting people internationally through the utilization of social media marketing and cutting edge technology.
Home Media Magazine first caught wind of it earlier this month, noting that the new offering features the Big 4 broadcasters, plus either the Showtime or HBO multiplex. DSL Reports has a few more details, including the Spectrum TV Stream lineup that’s being offered in Madison, Wis.
The emergence of the new Spectrum TV Stream offering comes about the same time that Charter launched a TV Everywhere app for the Roku platform. Other MVPDs have introduced skinny bundles or new offerings that are designed for broadband-only customers.
Charter Communications went over-the-top today, launching the Spectrum TV app on Roku, enabling subscribers to stream content included in its Spectrum TV service via the set-top device.
The Spectrum TV app was previously only available for Android and iOS devices, where it has been downloaded 1.4 million times.
According to a statement by Charter Communications president and CEO Tom Rutledge, the company plans to make Spectrum TV available on additional consumer electronic set-top boxes and screens. It lets you watch live TV, view your On Demand Content or schedule recordings with your personal mobile device.
You don’t need a TV in every room, the Charter TV App lets you watch live TV directly on your mobile device from anywhere in your home.

To find out what your current status is select the Menu icon on the top left corner of the App. We provide relevant and reliable information for consumers shopping for digital home services, like TV, Internet, Phone and Home Security.
For those who find this offering too thin, therea€™s also a $20-per-month plan that adds more than a dozen cable channels to the mix, including A&E, ABC Family (or Freedom), AMC, Discovery, ESPN, HallMark, History, H2, HGTV, Food Network, FX, Lifetime, National Geographic, TBS and TLC. A $5 credit is applied to your monthly broadband bill to offset the upfront unit cost, a Charter rep told HomeMediaA earlier this month. They seem convinced that the way to cord cuttersa€™ hearts is through their Internet connections. The Spectrum TV app for iOS and Android provides Charter TV customers with access to approximately 160 Spectrum TV television channels and over 9,000 on demand titles. Daily Ovation, a division of Ideea Factory, also provides an informative and highly interactive website to connect people to the hottest topics of the day and provide a forum for people of like minds to network.
There, the base lineup includes C-SPAN, HSN, INSP, QVC, W43BR (My Family TV), WBUW (The CW), WHA, PBS, Wisconsin Channel, CBS, ABC, WKOW (METV), WKOW (This TV), Fox, WMSM (Get TV), WMSN (Grit TV), AccuWeather, WMTV (Antenna TV), and NBC. Spectrum TV will now be available on Roku streaming players, the Roku Streaming Stick and Roku TV models. The app will also let you browse and select On Demand or regular content for viewing on the TV.
You can also reorganize the panels so you see what you want first, by tapping the reorder icon. April is a gear head and a geek that loves tinkering with cars and computers; but strangely the two never meet as she likes to keep her 1940 Oldsmobile in its all original state and her computer updated and running sweet.
Unfortunately if you live in Colorado, Montana, Utah or Wyoming you won’t be able to use it.
Then you need to accept the licensing agreement and acknowledge that that the application may contain adult content.

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