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If you're currently counting down the hours until Halloween, there's no better way to fill the final 72 of said hours than with a non-stop, all-out, balls-to-the-wall horror binge. Whatever your preference, from alien abduction to zombie drama to esoteric foreign horror, any one of these series should get you good and primed for Halloween. That’s why she was flabbergasted to get a letter this spring notifying her that her house is now in a flood plain.
If a house is in a flood zone, homeowners who still have a mortgage may be required by their bank to buy expensive flood insurance.
The new FEMA maps are part of a national effort to update and improve flood plain mapping, said Ceil Strauss, state flood plain coordinator for the Department of Natural Resources.
In Minnesota, she said, the effect of the update, which calculates runoff from a 100-year flood, varies by county.
In Hennepin County, updated mapping provided more detail on elevation, changing the boundaries of flood plains along Minnehaha and Nine Mile creeks, Strauss said. When new flood plain maps come out, banks that finance mortgages hire third-party “determination companies” that check maps to figure whether homeowners are living on a lot that’s part of a flood plain.
Challenges to flood plain maps are usually done by individual property owners, who hire a surveyor to prove that buildings are outside the reach of a flood. Adler said the city got involved because so many residents were affected and the technical nature of fighting the flood designation. For homeowners in Edina, a change in flood plain zones could hit particularly hard, because the city is in the midst of a teardown frenzy. Bluetooth®- - wireless connectivity - microchip technology, As a leading provider of media oriented systems transport (most ®) technology, microchip develops, markets and supports ip, silicon, network management software and.
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Business technology news commentary - informationweek, Informationweek connects the business technology community. The Norwegian star has also teased three other dates, which fans speculate to be the release dates of his forthcoming singles leading up to the LP. And thanks to a plethora of scary shows currently streaming on Netflix, there's no shortage of ways to terrify yourself from dusk til dawn, all the way to Friday.

Just beware: get sucked into your binge too late, and you might have to cancel your party plans in order to stay glued to the TV. If you haven't yet been bitten by the hottest zombie drama of the century, now is the perfect time to let "The Walking Dead" grab you. For a zombie drama with all of the creeps and none of the gore, "The Returned" is where it's at.
With two seasons of Ryan Murphy's "American Horror Story" available to stream, there's no shortage of camp, gore, and grody sex to be had up until Halloween.
If you've ever wondered what sort of childhood might lead a man to become a cross-dressing, murderous, corpse-hoarding lunatic, "Bates Motel" starring Freddie Highmore and Vera Farmiga should clear that right up for ya. It's more sci-fi than straight-up scary, but plenty of "Fringe"'s creep-of-the-week episodes pack a horrifying punch, particularly the one where a deranged ballet fan is trying to reanimate the corpse of a dead dancer. And with nine seasons of "The X-Files" to choose from, you'll have no trouble cherry-picking some seriously horrifying episodes even if you'd rather skip that boring Mulder alien abduction arc. The big-screen adaptation of Stephen King's epic apocalypse story "The Stand" probably won't be ready until Halloween 2016, but you can get a little fix of this tale of terror right now, with the 1994 Sci-Fi Channel miniseries. If you prefer something a little more fabulous than freaky, the "Witches of East End" sultry sorceresses have a season's worth of magic in the can.
Whether you watch it for the thrilling duels against evil forces or just to gaze at the dreamy Winchester brothers, a whopping nine seasons of "Supernatural" are available to stream.
And finally, the 54-minute PBS documentary "Swarms" is neither a series nor a horror show, per se, but that doesn't make it any less terrifying for those of us with a terrible fear of bees. It’s hired an engineering firm to review data used by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to issue new flood plain maps. Edina took the unusual move of hiring Barr Engineering on behalf of homeowners, at a cost not to exceed $30,500. Also, she said, some of the flood plain boundaries are different from work the city has done. About 80 homes in the area, some valued at more than $1 million, are now in a flood plain, apparently because of their proximity to Meadowbrook Lake and Minnehaha Creek. 62, where Mud Lake and Nine Mile Creek are nearby and water travels in a ditch along the Crosstown and could spill into the area.

Edina has been tightening its standards for new housing, including limiting heights and elevations. Radcliffe, president of the Nine Mile Village Townhouse Association, said her fellow residents are as surprised as she is.
An American reboot is in development for this series about a town in which the dead suddenly return -- none the worse for wear, and with no memory of what happened to them -- but there's no need to wait for it when the first season is available on Netflix en francais. Stine's The Haunting Hour": The scares aren't exactly powerful in this PG-rated series, but it'll certainly give your tween the creeps. Also, there's never a wrong time to enjoy the utter perfection of John Noble as Walter Bishop. Perhaps not technically, but if there's anything scarier than the Man from Another Place talking backwards, we don't want to know about it. This vintage series from the 1960s spawned dozens of the most compelling contemporary horror tropes, from creepy kids to demon dolls to terrifying plastic surgery. Barr Engineering is reviewing elevation data for three areas in the city that contain about 150 properties to see whether the flood plain designation should be appealed. And a flood plain designation can complicate selling property and affect remodeling or expanding a home. But in other counties, flood plains were added around lakes, affecting more property owners.
So homeowners may be notified that they are required to get flood insurance even if the house is 20 feet higher than the creek.
Among other things, this Netflix original features the most disgusting werewolf transformation ever to take place on screen.
Plus, William Shatner's infamous Season 5 episode "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," in which there's SOMETHING ON THE WING.

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