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Princeton, NJ, Oct 29 (Washington Bangla Radio): Urmila Indiran (friends call her "Mila") is attractive and photogenic, and comes from an ethnic Indian background. Urmila is a participant in the Jewel of India B4U Calendar Hunt, a platform that promotes her talent and recognition, inspires her to do even more and to inspire others to never quit or give up on their dreams, and as well as provides a foundation for women empowerment.

For more than five years, Juhi Jagiasi's Jewel of India USA has celebrated people and businesses that want to reach greater heights by offering them the platform they need to help them get there.
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Fashion is her passion and she loves the inherent inclusiveness of the American industry that has welcomed her, and is endorsing her with warm greetings. She has also worked with renowned designers including Cinda Yordan, and photographers like Will Filmore and Phil DelMazio. I love to travel, cook, garden, dance, movies, spend time with my family and friends and currently hooked on to Game Of Thrones", she adds.

The Jewel of India Calendar has been in existence since 2011, and has teamed up with B4U this year to create first-ever Reality TV show produced in USA. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is violation of international law and is strictly prohibited.

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