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With the growth and development of interactive services, end user makes more and more demands to the media set-top boxes.
MAG-250 Micro media console allows operators to provide all of the above services, as well as many others, effectively and efficiently. Want to note one important feature of the console - the ability to convert image format for the television screen whether it's DTV and HDTV 1080p60 or SD. USB slots provide an opportunity to use additional services - to connect the camcorder, Wi-Fi adapter or external storage device. MAG-250 Micro software is designed specifically to ensure connectivity of all relevant interactive services, including PiP, SIP, DLNA.

Only modern tools are used in MAG-250 Micro console for safety insurance to restrict access to system settings. ICTV онлайн в списке самых популярных общенациональных информационно-развлекательных каналов занимает одну из самых лидирующих позиций. It is used for providing the wide range of multimedia services on the subscribers’ TV screens, targeted for IPTV deployments on consumer and hotel markets. Not all time, you have free time to have a seat in front of your TV Screen, so please spend time to listen Radio Online.
For example, availability of PAS - services such as YouTube, Picassa - is already the norm and not the additional advantage, not to mention LAN connection, writing to external storage and a user friendly interface.

Also present is a fast HTML - browser and extended API (you can embed applications of other companies into your device).
MAG-250 Micro uses only modern tools to provide protection that restricts the ability to access system settings. Additionally, there are remote control, monitoring and configuring options for media players.

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