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Zooey Deschanel makes the jump from movies to TV in the new half-hour comedy New Girl, which premieres tonight on Fox.
What it's about: Deschanel plays Jess, a girl who moves in with a group of guys after she finds her boyfriend cheating on her. Where it works: Deschanel and the men have instant chemistry in the pilot, and there are lots of funny moments, thanks to funny writing and a cast with great timing (especially Johnson and Greenfield).
Where it doesn't: Deschanel is mostly charming as Jess, but she goes over the top when she tries to make her too much of a nerdy goofball.
When Cece and Schmidt ask Jess and Nick to be their Maid of Honor and Best Man, respectively, their first task is to plan the engagement party. With Jess sequestered at jury duty, Nick turns the loft into an airbnb in order to help pay for Schmidt's upcoming bachelor party. Nick's cousin and his wife visit with a very special request, which prompts Schmidt to offer Nick a glimpse into the future. Things heat up between Nick and Reagan over who can provide the loft with the best air conditioning unit.
Jess applies for a job at a progressive new school, but things take a turn when she finds out the principal is dating her ex-boyfriend, Sam. When Jess is served a restraining order by her ex-boyfriend, Sam, she sets out to clear her name with Winstons help. Broken romance puts Jessica Day into a tailspin and she finds herself without a place to live until she decides to move in with three male friends.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: I feel as though if, like me, you enjoy the show Game of Thrones, you might like this period drama based in 14th-century England. WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: I found this series after the terrible conclusion of Downton Abbey Season 3.
WHY YOU SHOULD WATCH: Arrested Development is a fast-paced, quick-witted sort of show that can (at times) be a bit hard to keep up with, considering the large number of colorful characters. There are a lot of great shows on Netflix, just sometimes they can be harder to find than others.
I would like to see more shows like CSI Miami, CSI NY, Bones, Fire Fly,Eurika, Longmire ect.

If you were wondering whether is going to show new episodes of «New Girl season 5» – join us! If you love the quirky actress and are thinking about checking out her new series, I've got the details on the first episode, which might help you figure out if you'll want to watch. But when Jess invites Cece's mom to join in the celebration, Cece is forced to make a surprising announcement to Schmidt. She learns a lot while staying with the “boys” and it mostly involves learning about herself, life, and even love.
Ron Swanson is my favorite character (played by Nick Offerman), hands down, and I could probably do an entire blog post based on Ron Swanson quotes. It’s set at the beginning of the Hundred Years War, and when the Black Plague starts to break out across Europe.
This show’s pretty funny, if you like watching a show about a guy who is just completely clueless in basically every form of the word. I want to see more of this cast, and see which of the roommates Jess will inevitably hook up with. So we will then see Winston (played by Lamorne Morris from Second City fame) as the lease holder that Coach was subletting from. Bryan Cranston is an epic actor as Walter White, aka Heisenberg, and Aaron Paul as Jesse does not disappoint. The show stars Steve Carrell, Jenna Fischer, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson & sooo many more great actors. Amy Poehler is great as well and this cast really just makes the show amazing, including Aubrey Plaza, Rob Lowe, and my favorite (of course), Adam Scott. Tara is a mother of blah-blah number of kids and she also happens to have multiple personality disorder. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed the show- albeit cheesy at times, it really is pretty interested. I wanted to find a similar show, and after searching through Netflix I came across Land Girls. Check out my Twilight Zone obsession and blog post about Rod Serling as a true television pioneer.

To their dismay, the heartbroken girl spends all her time moping, until the guys resolve to help her get back in the dating world — and friendship among them blossoms.
Jess appreciates the help from her new roommates including “Coach”, a personal trainer played by Damon Wayans, Jr.(The Other Guys, Happy Endings), “Nick” a wiseass bartender who is played by Jake M. New Girl recently was voted one of the “Most Exciting New Series” at Critic Choice TV Awards. Abrams really hit it out of the park with this one- it was all the rage when it originally aired. It takes all those shitty little things about boring office type jobs and underlines the comedy in it all, in our day-to-day sort of BS lives. This is a pretty awesome historical mini-series, despite being quite unknown, from what I can tell. The show follows four girls working at an estate for the Women’s Land Army during World War II. Johnson (Curb Your Enthusiasm, FlashForward), and “Schmidt” who is a dedicated womanizer and played by Max Greenfield (Undercovers, No Ordinary Family).
This is decided based on a group of journalists who watch pilots for some of the new programs scheduled for television. Strange to me, because that’s the city I live in- and I have no idea why anyone would base a TV show here. But there’s a few select people who are going back in time 85 Million Years to Terra Nova.
And the fact that you can watch it- the best netflix tv show series in my opinion hands down- on netflix instant is just awesome.
Side note: Debra Morgan is my favorite character, played by the wonderful Jennifer Carpenter.

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