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Satellite gives you more choice of channels over Freeview and has greater network coverage for the UK with approximately 98% of all UK Households being able to receive a digital satellite signal. We have many years experience installing satellite systems and can offer recommendations on the best location of dish and cable run. Freesat has three main options all subscription free, once fitted there is no monthly charge.
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have through our contact page or by calling us on 01473 217 333. Over the past year or so, my kids have really enjoyed learning new things and trying new activities by watching YouTube channels. My seven year old daughter makes awesome creation with her Rainbow Loom, and now is able to even make up bracelets and charms all on her own.
My almost six year old son gets on kicks where he’s obsessed with one channel pretty exclusively for several weeks to several months. Tutorials by A – My daughter says this is her most favorite channel for Rainbow Loom tutorials. SoCraftastic – She has some great Rainbow Loom tutorial and a lot of other fun crafts too. Art for Kids Hub – Another mom recently recommended this channel and I’m excited to introduce it to my kids this summer! WhizKidScience – This is another fun channel I’m looking forward to watching with my kids this summer and trying out some of the experiments!

BoardShortsTV – You and your kids will be cracking up watching these videos where adults act like kids, and kids act like adults!
Hevesh5 Domino Artist – My son loves to watch the domino runs on this channel and then get inspired to make his own!
Good Mythical Morning – My friends Megan and Rebekah recommended this channel on the Sorta Awesome podcast. Dude Perfect – Hilarious videos that boys (and girls) will love, but may need some parental guidance. Obviously, I hope, as parents we realize that YouTube can be a fun and educational tool for our kids, but there are some steps we should take to make it safe and appropriate for them. Unfortunately, Safety mode does not filter out everything that you may not want your child to view, so another rule we have in our house is that you have to be in the living room, or around a parent, while watching YouTube. Finally, and this is just wise parenting in general I think, be aware of what your kids are doing when they are browsing and watching things online.
Have fun with your kids this summer by learning some new hobbies, trying out some fun activities and just laughing together with these entertaining and educational YouTube Channels for kids! Get your FREE Guide to 5 Non-Toxic Cleaners and get started with green and natural cleaning today!
Quite often the most obvious location may not be ideal and a more discreet location tucked behind a chimney, low down on a flat roof or even installed in the garden between shrubs may have less of a visual impact. She also enjoys learning how to take care of and style her American Girl dolls’ hair.

This list is obviously not exhaustive, I’m sure there are so many more great channels we’ve never even heard of! I am really terrible at drawing, so I think this could be a fun way for them to learn how to draw. I haven’t had a chance to show the videos to my kids yet, but I think they may be best for a little bit older kid crowd. YouTube did recently come out with a YouTube Kids app, and I do have that on my phone now, but the same rules apply that they can’t watch it unless they are around a parent.
We look, listen, and check-in often while our kids are on the computer, phones, or tablets to make sure what they are watching or playing is appropriate. I can’t wait to check some of these out, and I had no idea about the YouTube for Kids app. I have to say, this channel is pretty awesome! Some of the projects are not realistic for doing with kids, but Bren still likes to watch them. We’ve made the blow gun, ninja balls, soda slushies, and slow-burning fuses for backyard rockets. So, I wanted to offer a few fun ways for your kids explore some new hobbies or activities this summer, while also helping to keep them occupied for a bit!

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