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Nickelodeon is ready to team up with Paramount TV to release the TV series adaptation of the hit movie School of Rock, which was released in 2003.
The project is known to have started as Nickelodeon has already ordered 13-episode season for the School of Rock TV series to be released on its cable network next year. The story will focus on a rocker named Dewey Finn who has a job as a substitute teacher in a prep school. The TV series is planned to start airing on Nickelodeon cable TV network in the spring of 2015. As it is noted, it is the first time for Paramount to be involved in the making of the kids programming.
Moreover, it is positive that School of Rock TV series will match the style and character of the core Nickelodeon kids programming, which will bring a more positive image for the cable network among its viewers.
NEWSLETTERSign up for our newsletter and get latest movie news and updates delivered to your inbox. As The Real Housewives of New Jersey moved towards Dina Manzo’s charity function named Project Ladybug, Teresa Giudice became the center of attraction. If your kid loves superheroes and is in that tween stage where primetime shows like Gotham and CW’s The Flash and Arrow are too overwhelming, never fear! Superhero live-action TV shows are incorporating special effects and witty writing to reach out to the comic-loving tween audience.
Origin story: Mighty Med is a Disney XD show about two friends who become doctors at a superhero hospital. Origin story: The Nickelodeon series The Thundermans revolves around a family of superheroes who get fed up with the rat race of superhero life and decide to move to the suburbs. Secret Identities: Teen stars Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo (yep, check instagram), play 15 year-old twins Phoebe and Max.
Secret Identities: Adam, Bree, and Chase are played by Spencer Boldman, Kelli Berglund and Billy Unger, are all Disney Channel veterans.
Look, up in the sky: Lab Rats is in season 4, which is basically unheard of for a Disney XD show, proving its popularity. Origin story: 13 year-old Henry answers an ad and lands a part-time job as a sidekick to the town’s superhero. Look, up in the sky: Henry Danger is definitely the new kid on the block as the series just premiered on Nickelodeon in September. Nicky, Ricky, Dicky, e Dawn Harper sono quattro gemelli con due sole cose in comune: il loro compleanno e i loro genitori.

Ti anticipiamo che Benji&Fede e i Gemeliers dopo essere stati ricoperti dallo Slime… si sono tolti la maglietta!
La prima volta che Nickelodeon ha “sporcato” gli schermi della tv con lo slime verde e stato nel 1981, da allora il “verde liquido appiccicoso” e diventato il simbolo dell’evento annuale dei Kids’ Choice Awards, che si tengono ogni anno a Los Angeles. La lista dei volti famosi bagnati dallo slime e lunga: Will Smith, Justin Bieber, Taylor Lautner, Hugh Jackman, Jonas Brothers, Johnny Depp, Mark Wahlberg, Heidi Klum, Pitbull, Sandra Bullock, Neil Patrick Harris, Kristen Stewart, Pharrell Williams, Austin Mahone e Cody Simpson. Nel 2004, dopo anni di gavetta radiofonica, si avvicina al mondo dello spettacolo diventando ospite fisso e testimonial di The Club, programma di All Music. Niccolo e stato in questi anni volto di Archimede e di numerose trasmissioni televisive come La posta del cuore, Superclassifica2, Le Iene. The series is planned to be a good show for the whole family, featuring good storyline as it was portrayed in the original movie release. With his philosophy, he is teaching his students to deal with life through the spirit of rock ‘n roll. It is also noted that this series will be the second live-action project that Nickelodeon has taken in a week, with 100 Things to Do being the first one. Tween superhero comedies abound on cable and there are a bunch of options for younger children to jump into the superhero universe. Using a lighthearted approach, these shows are basically the the gateway to the world of Comic Con and beyond, and are a great way to introduce the comic book world to young kids. The wardrobe stylists on this show have their work cut out for them as new costumed superheroes are always being introduced.
The Thunderman older twin siblings live normal teenage lives except for their goals: the sister wants to hone her superpowers to become a hero someday while her twin brother can’t wait to become the ultimate super villain. Nerdist fans may recognize the dad played by Chris Tallman, from Reno 911!  where he obviously played a very different role. No “hiding powers from parents” or “adults just don’t understand” tropes, this family works as a team and is an actual team because they all have powers. Tyrel Jackson Williams plays the main protagonist Leo, with dad Donald Davenport played by Hal Sparks also known for being one of the early hosts of Talk Soup and his run on Showtime’s Queer As Folk. This show is from Dan Scheider who has a long resume of kid’s shows he’s produced, dating all the way back to All That.
L’anno dopo viene scelto per il programma Stranick che segna i suoi esordi come primo volto del canale Nickelodeon.
With his irresistible personality, it is hoped that this series will give a fun entertainment as well as valuable lessons for those who watched it.

In the meantime, the production house is preparing for the cast of the characters for the stoy, so there is no word about the stars who will participate in the production as of yet.
Funny and entertaining, they all tend to star teen heartthrobs that I’m sure your kids will recognize from Instagram or YouTube. Well, sick in the sense that they lose their powers, get injuries, and now these two normal kids have their dreams come true by working with superheroes straight out of their favorite comic books.
The show is a good watch for kids of all ages because it definitely feels like a comic book come to life. Also of note, The Thundermans was created by the same team who made the popular Disney show Pair of Kings. Plus, let’s give it up for the fact that they have three (!) strong female superhero lead characters. Well, as dark as you can go for a Disney program, but the show’s story lines play well for the older tween crowd. Going back even further you’ll remember Dan Schneider from back in the day and his role on the TV series Head of the Class and in the iconic John Cusack movie, Better Off Dead. Dovendo condividere tutto: una camera da letto, un cucciolo, i loro amici, Nicky Ricky Dicky e Dawn danno vita a continue ed esilaranti battaglie in famiglia e in classe! The bionic teens and Leo go on crazy adventures all while trying to live normal teenage lives. Alla fine tutti e quattro sanno che quando mettono insieme le loro teste, i tre fratelli e la loro sorellina diventano davvero imbattibili! Newcartoontv presents amatuer GhostBuster based on the 1984 movie starring bill murray, Harold Ramis, Dan aykroyd, Rick Moranis, and sigourney weaver. The character is named Harold and he has just joined the GhostBuster team and meets danny phantom.
We hope to create all kinds of videos: such as How To Videoes, Live Action shorts, and tons of other fun stuff.

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