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As the BBC struggle with huge budget cuts, they are decreasing the budget for BBC Online services by a quarter and losing close to three hundred sixty staff within the next two years.
The move sees the BBC’s online department reorganise in to five main product groupings and ten unique products of which iPlayer and Television will be one. Each product will share common technological capabilities for example consistent design, improved navigation, and also the ability for licence fee payers to personalise and access these across a variety of devices, from computers and mobiles to tablets and TVs. The iPlayer will be restructured into a tv unit that offers the usual tv channels and guides along with live and video-on-demand content.
However, the BBC has made it clear that it’ll not turn into a video-on-demand (VOD) aggregator in BBC iPlayer, even though it will link to other on-demand providers.

What a shame, I think they will get this turned around when the internet tv market explodes in the next year. More info about Fashion TV, program guide and shows can be found on the Fashion TV website.
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They may also be adding archived streaming, which would be unusual for a catch up service which generally shows content for a short period of time. The BBC trust have decreed that BBC content can only be playable using iPlayer which means that other on-demand services have to show BBC streams in the standard format and not a custom player.

As digital technologies advance, internet delivery of content becomes more important and more profound in our lives…our vast portfolio of websites means we sometimes fall short of expectation. Not all time, you have free time to have a seat in front of your TV Screen, so please spend time to listen Radio Online.
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