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Today youtube on its blog had announced that it has provided the oppurtunity to stream live for the non profit program members irrespective of the size of the Non Profit Organization. Related ReadingsWater crisis AnimatedAlmost a billion people live without clean drinking water. I have been using YouTube since it started in 2005, I don’t think I ever imagined it would be as it is today.
I have found this great article and also video online that I wanted to bring to you all today. Not only can you partner with the biggest video network in the world, but you can also broadcast, through them, to every screen that can take a live Internet video feed. Spend some time to find the right live-streaming strategy to suit your personality and needs. In addition to live streaming while you are directly in front of the camera, you can also share your desktop content. For example, you can use a PowerPoint presentation or a Keynote slide deck to share content on your desktop during your live-streaming broadcast. Embedded below is a quick video that shows the live broadcasting process using the free Google Docs Presentation app.
The reality today is that the majority of your social media audience is more likely to follow a link to a YouTube page than anything else. Use the YouTube Embed links mentioned in Step 5 above and share it throughout your social networks. The choice of which platform to share with your audience, Google+ or YouTube, isn’t about which social network is considered best.

The brand recognition of YouTube surpasses Google+ many times over and the bigger the platform you are associated with, the bigger the impact that association is going to make. YouTube does the first step of putting your live broadcast video automatically in your YouTube archive for you. The eton Corporation YouTube channel has 15 playlists, 42 videos, 5,282 subscribers and 379,952 video views. Paul Colligan helps busy people leverage new media to get their message out to more people, with less effort, and for greater profit. I am sure you will agree an excellent article and video to help you all become famous on YouTube by running your own live streaming shows. First thing I thought of “Will I be able to monetize it?” Especially the live broadcast part? Wanting to do an Ask Kate type show and monetizing the live feed may pay off if the question topic doesn’t interest them. Can already see someone with the needed resources setting up one of those shop from home deals. We offer the complete wide range of web media promotion, distribution, branding, information and business opportunities for small, medium and big clients. We are the pioneers in offering broad range of web information channels, online value added services, interactive mobile media promotional solutions, web oriented promotion and marketing support, state-of-the-art webcasting and live streaming applications.DigiitalTag strengthens your services and solutions, and transforms them into total business initiatives to reach wider clientele globally and increase returns of investment. Now Non profit can connect with their audience in realtime and educate them, Create Awareness and even can conduct special events to collect donation from their charity members.
Since then it allows onlyonly selected partners to live stream their content and now todays it extends the access tp non profits.
Most modern smartphones can take a YouTube live stream and more and more smart television sets are coming with that capacity as well.
But it’s now much easier and allows all of us including businesses the opportunity to reach a wider audience by integrating live streaming into their marketing plan. You are about to share your video content on a social media platform that could potentially bring lots of exposure to you and your business. At the time of this writing, that button is in the upper right-hand side of the screen; but as Google is always updating Google+, the position might change. This simple checkbox tells Google that you want to simultaneously broadcast your Hangout on YouTube.
If it is your first time with Hangouts On Air, you’ll need to link your account with the appropriate YouTube channel and promise Google you won’t abuse the system.

Anyone who has circled you or the page you are broadcasting from on Google+ will automatically see your Hangout in their streams. But you’ll still want to retitle the video and add a good description and tags to optimize your video for search. But I recommend you don’t, because the more videos you or your brand has on YouTube, the better.
They’ve spent considerable time and effort creating great content (they do very well from search engine traffic).
Does the ability to broadcast to the world on YouTube change your streaming video strategies? I’ve just forwarded this onto a co-worker who had been conducting a little homework on this.
This could motivate more non profit organisation to conduct & participate in live youtube streaming events. It's a crisis because it only starts with water -- but water affects everything in life.Health. As an added bonus, you’ll have a link and an embed code that you can share through all of the other social networks. This is great because over time, you’ll build up a library of content and this archive is there forever. Over time, you’re sure to appreciate the SEO value of building your video archive on this powerful social media platform. However, I am quite shy, so the idea of showing my face on YouTube really doesn’t appeal.
It’s therefore good to know I can still take advantage of the live stream despite that. Besides, there’s nothing inherently wrong with making a mistake if you learn from it.
I guess when I try it, and the more that I do, the less I’ll be worried about that side of things.

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