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To make my system usable I have created a bouquet named XBMC which is a list of favourites from SkyUK which always has a 7 day guide. June 2, 2016Synology launches the DS416play, an Intel Celeron powered NASMay 13, 2016Chromecast 2015 vs. Because the boxes have very  similar functionality, but slightly different hardware specs,  this review will apply to both boxes, differences in their operation when relevant will be pointed out.
Arguably the main reason these boxes are popular is because it comes with XBMC (upgradable to Kodi.TV) installed. These boxes run a fairly recent version of the Android OS , so if you have an Android phone, you’ll be immediately familiar with the Android apps and interface.
Additionally another nice feature of these units is they support Play store soft remote apps.
Additionally the Android marketplace is available, so you can sign up and begin downloading your favorite apps. One area where these boxes differ a bit is in the launcher , the initial home screen, while both use the MBOX app for settings and configuration, the 4kSmartBox has a different launcher which just has a six  basic icons, and the ability to change its background, the The MXIII box features the traditional MBOX launcher with the ability t o add App tiles. Because both these devices support the Android Play store ,you can download most (but not all) content from the play store, this includes, apps, games, video, music, music, books, etc.
Because this is a recent version of Android 4.4 , it has support for miraCast (similar to Chrome cast) that allows you to stream live the screen of a supporting device. One of the newer capabilities of these units is to support 4k (UHD) video using the new H.265 standard, while I was not able to verify that 4k video functioned, as I do not have a 4K television, I did download and play small video clips in 4K and while only able to  see a quarter of the screen on my televisions, it did render and play the video as expected. Before the availability of boxes like these , an enthusiast wanting XBMC for a HTPC (home theater PC)  would typically  install it on a rooted Apple TV because of its small footprint and no noise nature of the device. Its no surprise a lot of the Video add-ons are for underground (illicit ) sources of content, such as 1channel, SportsDevil  (live sports), icefilms, adult channels etc, basically anything people may be interested is there.
In addition to the video Add-ons there are also a host of Music add-ons to listen to live streaming radio stations throughout the world, and program add-ons that offer all sorts of extra features live live TV Guides, Rom managers etc.
Overall both units performed pretty much as expected out of the box, but there were a few minor quibbles.. Basic remote: I wish they included an air-mouse remote, with the device, while it would increase the cost, it would improve the user experience.

If you have a HDTV and its not a SmartTV( not internet ready) or perhaps is an older smartTV  , definitely go out and get this box, it will open a whole new world to you in terms of content and Internet functionality for your big screen.
If you would like to get a good deal from this paragraph then you have to apply these methods to your won blog.
Both boxes are feature packed and for the cost really bring a modern smartTV experience to any TV in the house. About a year ago I reviewed an older dual-core Android TV Box , you can read it there to see how it compares.
Use the supplied remote to follow a brief on-screen setup (such as connecting to your home network via WIFI or Ethernet cable), and then you’ll be greeted with an a launcher that provides access to the various capabilities of the box. The remote control (included), does less than a favorable job of navigating the Android programs, but it is adequate for navigating within XBMC.
If you have an android (or Ios) smartphone, you can install  them to  control the box via your WiFi connection. It uses most of the same Apps as your phone or tablet, very few apps are customized for the TV. In either case ou can default Kodi.TV to be your startup Application, bypassing the launcher. In order to use the Google Play marketplace you need to sign in with an existing Google account or create a new one. Be aware that not all Apps will work with these boxes, and  most Games are notorious for playing in portrait mode as most games are not designed for the TV  layout.For an ideal experience with apps that take advantage of a TV interface your best bet is to search for specific Google TV apps, check out this list of specific to Google TV Apps.
There’s also a web browser available that will allow you to surf the web from your couch, I have found that reading or surfing the web from your couch is a lot less effective.
4K UHD video because of it’s enormous bandwidth requirements and limited content  offerings, will likely be relegated to download and store on external USB or flash media before live streaming becomes practical. But one had to deal with the technical details of rooting particular versions of Apple TV’s and getting XBMC to work on it , which was no simple process and required a fair bit of technical knowledge and time. There are also available USB TV tuner’s that allow you to watch and record Live OTA television. But by and large most are for legitimate and popular online content, some of the more mainstream sources include PBS, TED Talks, Discovery , VEVO (music videos), ESPN video, Bloomberg TV, Engadget TV, TwiT network TV, Revison 3 etc. And proceeded  upscale all content to 4k and caused the displayed picture to show only quarter of the screen on a 1080p display.

The supplied remote does an adequate job, but it only controls the box (not your TV or other devices) , and frankly  once you use an air-mouse+keyboard there’s no going back.
The best part is because this is a true Android device the entire Android App eco-system is available to you, and this is fantastic because you can now run virtually any android App on your TV from the comfort of your couch.
It would be good to also emphasize or just plain repeat that people need to enable a PVR add-on before this step.
If you've set up a PVR backend and related add-on correctly in the previous steps, then you should be able to go to the next step, The basics of Live TV and recording.
If you are expecting to make heavy use of this for your media viewing i recommend, getting an Air-mouse remote.An air-mouse (sometimes clled a fly mouse) has a small usb dongle that plugs into one of the USB ports and then offer gyroscopic mouse control on-screen, similar to the (Wii Remote). Both XBMC remote  and GoogleTV software remote which you can install on your phone will provide all the basic remote capabilities of physical remote, plus the Goolge TV soft remote supports air-mouse like functionality via your smartphone., while not as fluid an experience as a true physical airmouse , because the request needs to go over your WiFi network, they make entering text and navigating much easier than the stock remote. This is useful for situations where you haven’t had a change to off-load photos or videos or just want to broadcast your mobile devices screen contents to your TV. Really this is a very limited description of what it can do, want to find out more visit there site Kodi.tv.
After fiddling with the HDMI settings I was able to correct this but it was a bit frustrating. Some offer additional service (movies etc.) for additional subscriptions, I woudl stay away from them. Also great for presentations as you can hook up the Android TV box to most hdmi projectors and run a presentation via your smartphone, very neat.
There’s no official store, but the Get Add-ons menu options allow you to install a large number of pre-installed add-on content sources.

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