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You should only set the start date of the activation period to be 1 March 2013 or after and set the end date of the activation period to be on or before your ATM card's or credit card's expiry date, if any. With over 1 million ATMs via various ATM networks globally, DBS helps you manage your finances wherever you go. Smartify is an easy-to-use remote control unit with a keyboard, a touchpad and a list of channels for your LG smart TV.

For example, if your ATM card's daily withdrawal limit is HKD20,000 and you have set HKD10,000 for overseas daily withdrawal limit, after you have withdrawn HKD15,000 in Hong Kong, you can only withdraw HKD5,000 or equivalent overseas on the same day. You are recommended to set the activation period to be the exact period during which you stay overseas for better security. If your bank account(s) has been added to credit card, you can withdraw cash with the card from an overseas ATM via Visa Plus networkPlease visit China UnionPay website or Visa Plus website to find out more about overseas ATM locations in your intended overseas destination. The keyboard will appear on mobile device screen automatically after you activate the input field on your TV screen.

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