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Paros Bay is a gorgeous hotel, built in the purest traditional Cycladic architecture, tastefully decorated, combined with all the comfort and services you can ask for your perfect holidays. Take your time and relax by our large swimming pool with an amazing panoramic view to the bay of Parikia, enjoy the healing of a massage in our wellness centre. The hotel is located in a very quiet area, with direct access to a gorgeous sandy beach, at only 2,5 Km from Parikia main city and harbour, and 10 Km from the famous town of Naoussa. Paros Bay hotel is the perfect combination between a relaxing environment and an ideal base to discover Paros Island and other Cyclades. The charming Paros Bay hotel offers 63 rooms decorated in a pure traditional Cycladic style, fully equipped for the greatest comfort and divided in 1 main building and 5 bungalows.
We like to consider Paros Kite Pro Center as a meeting-point for those that share the same passion with us.
Rarely in the history of the world does a ground–breaking travel narrative come along that absolutely challenges and revolutionizes the travel writing industry to its very core. Hippocrates in Olympia focuses on the fascination of Hippocrates and his advanced holistic medical beliefs, while investigating a closely related subject, namely the medical care of the revered athletes during the ancient Olympic Games.
This archaeological documentary short artfully covers the bronze age origins of the Greek island of SANTORINI.
The Muslim Ottoman Turks committed the first case of modern day genocide and ethnic cleansing of the Greeks and Armenians of the Pontos and Micra Asia (Asia Minor).Survivors share their memories and stories of unspeakable pain while helping the world remember this grotesque crime.

Chronicles the Muslim Ottoman Turks commiting the first case of modern day genocide and ethnic cleansing. This film is a memorial to the thousands of Greek men and women who worked in the shoe shops and cotton mills of New England.
Greece helped the Allies win World War I and II, yet their promise to return Northern Epirus to Greece has never been fulfilled.This documentary features the Northern Epirotic struggle for freedom for their 400,000 compatriots trapped in what has been called Albania. Stay connected with your friends with our free internet access, try the delicious Greek dishes of our restaurant and discover our great selection of Greek wines. Such an incredibly powerful and life-altering work has the potential ability to change the way that people see the world around them and challenge their long-held perceptions regarding the human spirit. It was of vital importance in that era that the sportsmen of the day were kept in perfect health in order to provide the much loved entertainment to the leading dignitaries, artists and philosophers in attendance at the ultimate sports festival. As we approach the 100th year anniversary of the horror of the Greek holocaust, we offer this film as a memorial to the Christian victims of Asia Minor.
When it was finally over one million Armenian Christians were gone.Survivors share their memories and stories of unspeakable pain while helping the world remember this grotesque crime. Parades, Floats, Interviews and more in New York City, Chicago, Boston, Tarpon Springs, Florida and Toronto, Canada. Since 1920 they have been fighting to restore their civil liberties and to return Northern Epirus to Greece.

They speak to Americans about how Greece suffered and sacrificed in the 20th century while being only one of four allies of Britain and the U.S. Our rooms, fully equipped for your greatest comfort, have a balcony or terrace with beautiful views to the garden or to the sea. The island's original name of KALLISTI, meaning "most beautiful", was given to it by the Minoans of Crete. We honor the 100th year anniversary of the horror of the Armenian genocide and offer this film as a memorial to the victims. Rocco eloquently explains the tactics of the owners in trying to break the strike and how it is that the united workers won their demands. Rather, it is a humble and heart-felt journey into the ancient Greek world in which the author literally ventures back through time and places himself into several historical and mythological events, all while traveling throughout modern day Greece and Turkey. Befitting the name Kallisti, this documentary conveys the awesome beauty that was, and is, Santorini. Liberally and lavishly illustrated by the the modest author and written in a humorous and often irreverent manner, Into the Pagan Past is a personal journal of what happens when an out-of-the-closet Hellenophile makes his very first trip to Europe to connect with the ancient Greek past, which he loves so much.

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