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Nine-year-old Alex Reamer, like most boys his age, loves video games, the playground and riding his bike, except he does all these things without wearing clothes.
His parents aren't worried about leering strangers or pedophiles, saying the community is completely safe. According to Florida's Department of Children and Families, there are no specific rules or policies on children at nudist camps or resorts, so children taking part in the lifestyle at nudist camps is not illegal.
According to Sandra, when completely nude, people look you in the eyes, not at your breasts.
But it is a bit awkward for one member of the family, 15-year-old Bud Reamer, who prefers to wear clothes.
Frank and Sandra say moving to Sunsport was a family decision, and it wasn't until Bud gave his blessing that they took the plunge head-first into the nude-only pool. As for Alex, he loves nudity so much inside the 10-foot walls of Sunsport that he often refuses to leave. Make no mistake, the animation and the music are gorgeous, Belle is a great character, and the dynamic between Belle and Gaston gives us some interesting scenes. Unless I missed something, Beauty and the Beast only features two named female characters: Belle and Mrs Potts.
Without this element, Gaston is a fantastic villain character, precisely because he’s so normal. But that doesn’t change the fact that Belle and her father are the only people in the village to see the problems with his behavior. The movie has a good role model in Belle, and the animation and score are so wonderful that it’s painful for me to criticize it, but once we dig under the surface of the story, it all starts to fall apart. Can you articulate for me why you find “not like other girls” to be a problematic trope specifically for feminists? Harry Potter on the contrary was still surrounded by interesting full-rounded *male* characters.
Belle really makes me torn — I loved her character so much as a little girl, because there was nothing more *I* too loved doing than going to the library and staggering home with a stack of books as tall as I was. Or 1001 Night in which the Sultan repents his sins, thanks Scheherazade for curing him of his own madness and swears that she will never have to fear for her life again. This starts to change when Belle tells him off: he learns that a woman can be as strong as he is and can challenge him and show as much power. Ultimately, he embraces a whole host of character traits that are generally associated with the feminine archetype (as seen in the Sansa Stark posts): he becomes caring, unafraid to show affection or vulnerability (even in front of another alpha male like Gaston), or to present himself curteous. I think this is a strong feminist statement in that not only underlines the importance of women empowering themselves, but also of men embracing personality traits traditionally associated with femininity without finding them degradating but, on the contrary, a source of human growth.
Also, I think Disney should show how a woman can save guys she loves platonically with her knitting needle as opposed to her sword (happens in Six Swans).
Oh, and the young King falls in love with the heroine’s character and goodness as much as he falls in love with her beauty.

Actually, the beast made the ultimate sacrifice for Belle- he let her go because he loved her.
When people are emotional (like how Beast was in the beginning) they say things they don’t mean. No way is this Stockholm Syndrome, Belle willfully stayed, but at the same time she kept her ground. True story: I used to give up on my Sims once they were married because what was the point? About 70 residents, including 10 children, live in small RVs located around the 40-acre campground, where nudity is not only embraced but expected.
The state agency did say, however, that it "has received calls regarding families living at Sunsport Gardens over the years." The details of those complaints and outcomes are not public record. Most practice nudism in hiding, not telling friends or family for fear disapproval or condemnation. As for gawking or inappropriate staring, the nudists say it doesn't happen, and anyone who did that would be immediately ejected from the camp. There are no children his age living onsite, and like his younger brother, he is home-schooled, so he spends most of his time on the computer inside his trailer. A trip to Universal Studios was "just OK." A better time is playing Nintendo DS (au natural, of course) with his two best friends, a brother and sister, who also live at the campground.
But although Belle is intelligent and ambitious and wanting adventure, she’s explicitly set up as being different because of it. The only other female characters, apart from background faces in the town, are the triplets who swoon over Gaston, the wardrobe, and the feather duster who flirts with Lumiere. All the other young women are represented by the triplets, characters who, like Gaston, only judge based on beauty, while the beautiful Belle is able to care about deeper and more important things. I just can’t because the Beast actually keeps Belle with the thought of making her love him. Stories like Jaime&Brienne that almost start out like this, but then turn into a 2 POW bonding and falling in love. It reinforces the old stereotype that there’s a heart of gold inside troubled, angry men, you just have to nurture him and seek it out and be patient and soothing.
If at first he saw her as a tool to break the curse, that’s the moment when he actually falls in love with her, when he appreciates her strength and bravery and sees her as a person.
And he does not see them as a source of shame or degradation (as mysoginist Gaston does), but as a growth, as a means to empowerment and to be able to share a mutual communication with a woman he considers his equal.
The old black-and-white alpha male archetype (Gaston) is unsuccesful, while a more balanced male is what helps the story work with a well-balanced female. The heroine in this fairy tale might look like the girl who sits in the corner knitting quietly, but she is a determinator of the highest order and won’t give up trying to save her brothers even when execution is staring her in the face.
I am pretty sure Belle and Beast would both enjoy going on adventures, exploring, and other amazing things.

Looking at it from my romance writer angle, it’s a perfect alpha male knocked to his knees by falling in love with a strong woman story. Morley Schloss, the camp's owner, said DCF investigators have never found any wrongdoing at Sunsport. She doesn’t fit in, because nobody else she knows could possibly also like reading, or dreaming, or want their life to come to something.
Their whole role in the movie is to swoon over Gaston, declaring Belle crazy for rejecting him.
Harry Potter is the ultimate boy who is unlike other boys…his cousin Dudley represents all Muggle boys and is pretty atrocious. I agree that the triplets are particularly noticeable, but is their stereotype of feminity really worse than Gaston and his crew of bar pals’ caricature of masculinity?
I find this post’s point unreasonable as they only focus on how different Belle is from all the girls in her village, rather than the actual case of her being more intelligent than practically EVERYONE in her village.
Their relationship is completely unbalanced, with him – male – holding all the power and she – female – being his hostage.
And he does so despite social expectations – because let’s face it, the whole household short of Chip kept seeing Belle as a means to an end, while the Beast learned to see past that. Once he is mature enough to embrace his feelings without perceiving them as a weakness, he goes as far as sacrificing everything letting Belle go on the very last day of his magical deadline without any guarantees she would come back in time or at all (unlike in the original fairy tale, where he has her promise she would come back – and we have no reason to assume Belle would without the treat of impending doom). When I think about it, there are so few stories about married women that aren’t about motherhood. And when he talks to her, he crowds her, leaning over her, invading her space, interrupting her when she tries to speak, and not actually listening to a word she says. Literature is filled with people who aren’t like everyone around them, or who seem to have larger dreams, bigger ambitions, greater talents, deeper sensibilities. Even as I write this, though, I realize that the movie does set up a certain set of traits that men and women have, and never really challenges this binary. They’re nameless, personality-less figures meant to show us that the normal girls swoon over Gaston, while Belle, our intelligent heroine, sees him as the jerk that he is. I suppose getting taken prisoner by a beast, falling in love with him, and fighting off Gaston count as something of an adventure, but it doesn’t feel like enough. If he hadn’t been beasted, the prince would be pretty similar to Gaston, and his character development never moves that far from the extremely manly end of the spectrum. Clearly I need to take a sick day and go home and re-watch this until I’ve fully reconciled all my conflicting feelings on this movie. Once she reaches the castle, she never goes anywhere except for a brief trip back to her village — her world is barely any less narrow than it is at the very beginning of the movie.

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