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Open Broadcaster Software (common used abbreviation OBS) - is free and open source software for recording and live streaming. Add commonly used sources to the 'Global Sources' menu for easy adding to new scenes and for making sure they transition flawlessly. Go to Settings > Broadcast settings and change the mode to Live Stream, the Streaming service to TwitchTV and insert your stream key.
In the Video and Encoding tabs set up your streaming resolution (usually 1280x720) and set the resolution downscale to none and your framerate to either 25 or 30 fps.
Note: the x264 cpu preset in the advanced tab defines the amount of cpu power that is used for encoding the videostream (faster presets use less cpu but more bandwidth). Using Software Capture you can select to use either a single window (for most uses) or a screen region (useful for example when you want to add the now playing section of your music player to the corner of your stream). The next step is to configure the sources within each scene to fit nicely to the stream window. If the source is not in the same aspect ratio as your stream resolution you might want to move it around. GoPros have gained more and more ground in the past few years, giving a new feel to video recording on the move and capturing dynamism in the most personal manner. The Hero4 family consists of the three different models mentioned above, with performance and price differences between them – the Black version is the top specification model while the White version comes at the cheapest price you can get as far as GoPros go. Some changes that have arrived for all of the Hero4 products are the addition of both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity in their construction and finally, better battery life and housing.
Dimension-wise, there is no change whatsoever in the size or weight of the Hero4 models in comparison to the older Hero3. Considering the speed at which the new Hero4 can shoot at – of up to 120 frames per second on White and Silver, and 240 frames per second on the Black – slow motion recording is amazingly smooth.
Photo capturing modes also received a facelift, now including Single Shot Mode, Continuous – either as long as you hold your finger on the button or until 30 photos are taken at the frequency you want them to, Burst – shooting up to 30 photos inside a second, Time Lapse Mode, Night Photo and Night Lapse – same as regular Time Lapse except it takes on features that make lighting better in pictures shot at night. For the Black and Silver models only, the GoPro Hero4 comes with a mobile app, allowing you to control the camera through your smartphone and upload or sync your data with your handheld device. After a few initial setup steps, you’ll be ready to go, the app settings giving you full control of how you want to shoot using your GoPro. The Black model is the one that has come up with most upgrades in comparison to older models, being able to not only record 4K video at 30 frames per second, or alternatively 1080p in 120 frames per second and the intermediary option of 2.7K video at 50 frames per second. Another nifty feature that makes the video editing and revision post-recording a breeze is the highlight tag feature that allows you to mark a particular moment while shooting by the press of the WiFi button. As I mentioned earlier, the Silver model is the only of the Hero4 family that includes a touch screen. The Silver Hero4 however has this feature embedded into the camera itself, without taxing on size at all.
Between the Black and the Silver, the choice stays between truly professional video shooting and opting for the really useful touch screen which makes not only viewing possible while recording, but also gives the Hero4 easier controls via the display rather than having to operate the camera through the side buttons or the tiny LCD.

Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Wireless Audio From Your Phone, Tablet, Laptop, and MoreWith the Bose Wave Bluetooth Audio Adapter, you can connect any Bluetooth-capable device to your home stereo system. Sync With Up to Eight DevicesYou can sync up to 8 devices at once with the Bose Wave Bluetooth Adapter, and keep three active at once without having to reconnect, giving you seamless switching between up to three audio sources at one time.
Great for Musicians!The Bose Wave Bluetooth Audio Adapter is great for practicing musicians who want to use their stereo to play along at realistic volumes.
Bose Wave Bluetooth Audio AdapterThe Bose(R) Bluetooth(R) Audio adapter allows you to stream music from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or other Bluetooth enabled device through your audio system. Style of Music: Jazz and Motown but live other styles also but I must feel the music not just hear it. If you are using a capture card or want to add a webcam to your scene you need to use Add Video Capture device under sources. Open up your Twitch channel page or Dashboard to monitor your stream status and click Start Streaming.
Over the years, the GoPro series hasn’t seen much change to the general idea that the original device brought to the market.
All of the models can host microSD cards – the Black and Silver versions can hold cards of up to 64 GB of space, while the White model can only support cards that go up to 32 GB. The physical design of the cameras is a little stronger as well, having got rid of the difficult to deal with back doors now sporting a spring-based mechanism for opening them. So any cases or mounts that you previously used for your GoPro will fit the new acquisition perfectly. However, the top fps you can get will cost you on image quality, making you downgrade all the way down to 480p if amazing slow motion is what you are looking for.
This is all done through the new addition of WiFi to the Hero4, that will create a network for your phone to connect to.
This is a considerable upgrade from the Hero3 that although had the 4K video capability, it could only record in 15 frames per second, forcing you to trade quality for motion clarity. This will make it easier for you to find the marked moment easier upon importing the video using the GoPro Studio software application afterwards.
In previous GoPros, you could opt in to attach an LCD screen to the back of your device but it would definitely encumber the device and give it a clunky, burdened feel. Now, while you won’t be getting the 4k video at 30 fps feature, but at a 15 frames per second just like the Hero3, a lot of the pro features that you’d get on the Black version will be able to be found on the Silver as well. While you’ll probably be getting the most recording time done with it in comparison to the other two models, quality will not be as amazing. Connect the Wave Bluetooth receiver to your aux input, pair with your device and enjoy streaming music. Phone speakers could never get loud enough to practice along with, and using the Bose Wave Bluetooth Adapter lets you pick out anything you like, streaming online or something you've already downloaded, and control it from your phone in your pocket, or your tablet or laptop in front of you, making it easy to navigate any piece of audio you please and play along however you want, all without having to put down your instrument.

To determine the absolute maximum bitrate you can use you need to figure out your maximum upload speed to TwitchTV servers. You should set up scenes for all the games you want to stream and for a pause screen if you need one, but in this tutorial I expect you to only have one scene with a single source under it for the game you want to capture. After selecting Edit Screen the capture source should now have red lines around it, and you should be able to 1) scale the source by stretching it from the sides and 2) move it around by dragging it from one of the corners. The preview window now shows the capture source you set up earlier and the stream should be live. However, with the release of the GoPro Hero4 family – Black, Silver and White – in October 2014, this has changed quite a bit.
One last thing deemed worthy of mention on the Hero4 is the addition of touch-screen display included in the Hero4 Silver model. Your phone, tablet, laptop, or any other Bluetooth-enabled device becomes your controller for your stereo system, letting you listen to streaming or downloaded audio out loud, or even giving you great sound when you're watching a movie on your computer or tablet. The Bose Wave Adapter also lets you move the device up to 30 feet away, meaning you can push play on your phone in your pocket and move around the room without ever worrying about your connection and without ever having to be too far away to make volume adjustments, pause, or skip a track. However, it will only cost you roughly $130, while the Silver and Black jump the $399 and $499 bars respectively.
When I'm not scouring the net in search of interesting new gadgets and software I spend my time in MOBAs or drawing. After this the only thing you need to do is to right-click on the game capture source and select fit to screen.
For most games you want to select Add Game Capture (the game needs to be running when setting up the capture source), you should see a dropdown list of applications you can capture from. As long as the game is set up to the same aspect ratio as your stream (usually 16:9) the game screen should now fill the whole preview window.
You should also see some basic information about your stream on the bottom right corner of OBS. If the game does not appear on the list for Game Capture you need to switch to Software Capture.
This includes the time you have been streaming, amount of dropped frames, current capture FPS and the bandwidth used to stream. From these you should keep an eye on the Dropped Frames counter and the colored box next to the bandwidth. Dropped frames can be caused by either running low on bandwidth or CPU power, if you see the number rise constantly you need to figure out lower settings for your stream (bitrate, x264 preset and streaming resolution).
If the box next to your bandwidth value is red your connection to the TwitchTV servers is not sufficient for streaming and you need to lower your video bitrate.

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