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Blaze Audio's bestselling Power Record is the #1 internet radio recording program for recording streaming audio.
With Power Record's exclusive Song Grabber, you can even record part of a program that you might have otherwise missed. Here's how it works: Keep Song Grabber running in the background while you work at your computer. Whether it's instant recording of streaming audio in MP3 or scheduled streaming audio recording as a high-quality Wave file, Power Record does it all.
We offer a free 14-day trial of Power Record below, and you can purchase the full version for US $29.95. The best feature of this Stream writer is that it can record as many online radio streams as you want all at the same time in the formats of MP3 and AAC. With this Radio recording software, you can listen to live streams radio, can adjust volume and bass of streaming radio sound and can adjust equaliser as well. Moreover, you can also add your favourites songs to your own whitelist and when any song, which you added in a whitelist plays on radio, this software will automatically starts recording that song for you! Stream writer's installation process is in German but you can translate it installation wizard in English as weel as it provides several language options.
This radio player free downlaod searches for songs and stations like other radio players do.

Highly CustomisableChange skins, icons, interface sounds, integration to various types of sites, multiple settings and permissions. Easy IntegrationIntegrate with custom scripts or start from popular editions like Plain PHP, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Elgg, Moodle.
At this time, you might want to store the videos for local backups, later viewing, sharing or other purposes.
More than a way to record streaming audio; think of it as an in-line VCR for your favorite internet radio shows. Then, if you happen to tune into that special news program and realize that you missed the first 15 minutes of an interview, turn on Power Record, enable Song Grabber, and you automatically record the portion of the streaming audio you might have otherwise missed. But in addition, this software also has an additional option of recording the radio stations streams, so that the listener can record its favourite sound tracks very easily.
However, it is also provided with a complete help guide for those who are finding it dificult to use this software. Whatever the reasons, it could be a pain to do a survey about the solutions to download video from Livestream.There are plenty of video downloader out here such as Realplayer, Orbit downloader, Keepvid, Vixy, some of them are professional software programs while others are great web services. Bad news for users, neither of them proves to be workable for downloading Livestream video.
Yep, it can be a little tricky to execute though, the appropriate tools are always possible.

Now we are going to introduce Video Download Capture to clear away all those puzzles.Hassle-free way to download Livestream videosWhat sets Video Download Capture apart from other apps is its compatibility and ease of use. Once the video is grabbed, you don’t have to keep browsing the video, just close the webpage or let it be.
Download video from LiveStream with screen recorderAs mentioned above, Livestream also contains a part of realtime live broadcast, that’s to say, it is impossible to download videos directly for those live events cannot give its specific video URL. And in this case, the best bet is to record realtime video through some screen recording tools.
Besides being as a media player for all common audio video formats, it can be a free recorder to capture live internet stream.
Complete instructions as follows.After running VLC on your system, you just click Open Network Stream under Media menu.
Next to do is to paste the Livestream URL into the address box, then you need to do some settings such as specifying destination directory and selecting the output format from Stream Output. You’d better figure out the right output format for your downloaded live video stream, or it will cause playback issues after recording.

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