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Lenovo has pulled the wraps off its latest ultrabook computer promising a design that is thinner and lighter than its previous ultrabook offerings. The enhanced trackpad is an evolution of the TrackPoint and TouchPad and features a larger, smooth, responsive multi-touch glass surface. Other features include a pair of USB 3.0 ports, an integrated fingerprint reader, hardware password manager, and self-encrypting drives (SSDs or traditional HDDS are available).
As Lenovo offers more configuration options that everyone else (AFAIK) when you order on their web site, they could at least offer the IPS option for a fair price.
The problem Lenovo (and everyone else) has is that there don't seem to be any decent 14" IPS 1080p screens. Not on Lenovo laptops - The T430s still had buttons for both the trackpad and the trackpoint.I wouldn't mind a bigger touchpad, but I do like having the physical buttons separate.

Only reason i'm still with the Thinkpad is the fantastic keyboard.Losing the great keyboard to a chiclet-style keyboard is almost surely a deal breaker for me. The computer has a new innovative trackpad and an enhanced keyboard with refined aesthetics. The surface is optimized for Windows 8 gestures, click functionality, and has an integrated TrackPoint behavior.
The machine also features an always-on USB port to charge other devices such as smartphones. Years ago, on modt models, you could get a 1024x768 screen , or for $50 more, a 1280x1024 or for $100 more a 1400x1050. Pay some LCD maker to make it.The problem isnt just teh 14 inch, its Lenovo's viewpoint toward LCD in the first place.

This makes us have no feedback through touch, and makes us rely on visual feedback.The loss of the buttons above the touch pad is not a good thing. Then with teh 16x10 models you get a default 1280x800 screen , or for $50 more, a 1680x1050 or for $100 more a 1920x1200. Graphics are handled by Intel HD graphics (which powers a 1600x900 display) and the computer can be fitted up to 12 GB of RAM. Lowest failure rates in the business and other than the screens thier products are simply awesome.

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