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The MHL adapter allows you to view videos and other media, that you have on your phone, on a compatible HD TV.

MHL Cable can be use for HTC, Samsung, Nokia mobile phone and so on to see HD TVS, Video and Games. By transporting the digital content in digital form, the full impact of the picture (whether still images or video) can be seen on HDTVs.
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With the 3 RCA composite interface, can connect your Samsung Galaxy Tab P1000 with TV or HDTV. The MHL standard features a single-cable with a low pin-count interface able to support up to 1080p high-definition (HD) video and digital audio while simultaneously charging the connected device. Connect the USB cable to a USB Travel charger that came with your phone or the USB Port on your computer or laptop.

Select the appropriate HDMI Port on your TV (consult your TV owner's manual).The TV screen will display what is on your phone.
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We are the provider of Service Support Solutions Repair Maintenance of Computers Networking & Component Level. The first implementations combine the most popular mobile connection (micro USB) and the most popular HDTV connection (HDMI).

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