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WhatsApp Messenger for Android is surely the best application to keep in touch with friends and family.
WhatsApp is the most widely used messenger app for many services like, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone. Hindi film industry may have taken a backseat but Hindi entertainment channels are not discouraged by IPL that will hit the small screen on March 12. Shailja Kejriwal, executive vice president (content), Imagine TV, said that IPL will have an effect on the viewership of entertainment channels only when they have large numbers of new shows or if the majority of watchers have single TV homes. In the meantime, leading TV channel Colors has protected its Television Rating Points (TRPs) by joining forces with IPL to roll out a series of new entertainment plans around IPL and its players. In contrast, VPN solution requires you to use them as the middle-man which results in significant speed loss.

Trusted by over 99.3% of current Internet users, Comodo SSL Certificates eliminate any risk because they carry a $50,000 warranty. Anooj Kapoor, the business head of Sab TV, is relaxed about the effect that IPL could have on his channel.
Not on a show that a viewer has been watching for over a year or so because once the event is over, viewers will bounce back for old shows. It will see 12 singers contending to be IPL Rockstar 2010 and will be judged by ace playback signers Sukhwinder Singh and Kailash Kher. The best feature, it works on all devices like, Computer, Smartphone, TV, Xbox 360, PS3, Roku, and etc. In contrast, VPN solution typically imposes a monthly cap which might not be sufficient if you intend to stream 1080P Netflix HD movies.

In contrast, VPN solution only works on computer so you can't watch Netflix USA or Hulu on your TV.
The other interesting feature is FamilyShare, which provides multiple logins across multiple devices, ensuring that no one misses their favourite channel. People will still come and watch our channel as much during IPL as they do at any other time.

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