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The Rio Olympic Games are getting underway on Friday, August 5th, with the Opening Ceremony broadcast to billions of homes. NBC will once again be providing coverage, with nearly 300 hours of Olympic events being shown. Olympic Swimming schedule begins on Day 1: Saturday, August 6th, and runs for 8 straight days until the final Relays are held on Saturday, August 13th.
Day 1: Watch Maya DiRado make her Olympic debut in the 400m Individual Medley, and will Katie Ledecky anchor the 4x100m Relay?
Day 2: All eyes will be on Olivia Smoliga during the 100m Butterfly, but she could be edged out for the finals by Dana Vollmer or Kelsi Worrell. Day 3: Watch David Plummer and Ryan Murphy battle it out for Gold in the 100m Backstroke and Lily King and Katie Meili compete in the 100m Breaststroke.
Day 4 – Can a new team of Haas, Conger, Dwyer and Lochte keep the 10 year US dominance in the 4x200m Freestyle Relay? Day 8: Last day for medals and only finals including the two final 4x100m medley relays, which are always very fun to watch.
Bob Costas will again anchor NBC’s prime time Olympic games coverage, and Ryan Seacrest will host the late night programming. So in case you didn't know, Taylor Swift briefly dated Twilight actor Taylor Lautner in 2009. This became the topic of conversation in a Facebook Live stream promoting season 2 of Scream Queens overnight, when Lautner's co-star Lea started grilling him about whether or not Swift wrote a song about him.
The former Glee star showed us her inner detective, by eventually coming to the song that was supposedly written about Lautner, despite Lautner's attempts to brush it off. Spin Choice allows you to build a playlist of your 10 favourite tracks and listen back to them whenever you want. A bromance doesn’t have to exist between two burly men who like to chug beer, watch sports and hit leg day at the gym together a few times a week. Perhaps, it’s this kind of witty banter that first sealed their life long friendship.

TV couples who are together in real life: How does it reflect on your favorite characters? TV personality Jenny McCarthy has no plans to add more children to her life after marrying New Kids On The Block star Donnie Wahlberg – but she loves having sex with her new husband. The former Playboy model has one child from her marriage to John Mallory Asher, while Wahlberg has two kids from his relationship with ex-wife Kim Fey, and she admits they have agreed not to try for more.
Appearing on “Watch What Happens Live,” she explains, “It (sex) gets better every single time I make love to him. Jacqueline Laurita revealed during her interview on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on May 19 that she underwent two cosmetic surgical procedures in between the taping of the fourth season and fifth season of TRHONJ. The fifth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres on June 2 and there is one cast member fans can expect to see with dramatic changes, thanks to plastic surgery. Jacqueline Laurita revealed during her interview on Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on May 19 that she underwent two cosmetic surgical procedures in between taping the fourth season and fifth season of TRHONJ. Laurita told the show's host, Andy Cohen, that she had a tummy tuck and neck lift done by Dr. The 41-year-old, who previously admitted to getting breast implants and receiving Botox injections, revealed on Twitter in February that she was considering getting additional plastic surgery. According to the reconstructive surgeon's website, his "hybrid tummy tuck" is less invasive than the traditional hip-to-hip incision because the surgery is performed through a C-Section type incision. We’ve worked so hard for everything we have and we want them to know how important it is that they always do the same. Whether I’m recording my podcast Just Sayin' or just being a mom and taking care of the house, I always know where my kids are and who they’re with.
As you can see, I’m a little bit over the top, and yes it is for REAL -– just ask anyone who grew up with me! Daytime events run from 10-5pm EST, while semi-final and final events are shown prime time from 8pm-1am, until the games end on Sunday August 21.
During the day, Swim Heats are televised from 12-2pm, and at night, from 9-11pm EST, NBC broadcasts the Semi-Final and Final races for each swim event.

A bromance can be two incredibly smart men, who enjoy drinking whiskey neat while discussing the day’s headlines.
People are jumping at the chance to merely be a part of an in-depth and intimate discussion between Cooper and Cohen. In an interview with the San Fransisco Chronicle Cohen said, “We were set up by friends 20 years ago, and had a phone conversation. Wahlberg on August 31, says, “My uterus is closed for business… My doctor said I’m very fertile … but I just can’t do it! Brent Moelleken, a plastic surgeon who practices in Beverly Hills and Santa Barbara, Calif. This is why I find my kids -– despite creating an amazing spot for them and their friends to hang out -- don’t want to be at my house all the time.
Who wouldn’t want to sit down and have a drink while listening to these two gentleman talk? In life you need to work hard and be disciplined in all that you do, and that is why I expect nothing less than hard-working, respectful kids who have their priorities in the right order. I believe in open, honest relationships -– what better way to start a relationship than with an open and honest question?
Teresa is a very intelligent and intuitive woman; she knew that I meant no harm asking her that question. I hope all of my girlfriends know that they can come to me anytime with anything they need, whether it’s a relationship related issue or not.

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