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Zombie Boot Camp Zombie Boot Camp (5) Location Worcestershire Gift for 1 Season Any time of year Valid for 12 months A?99 BUY NOW The original zombie fighting adventure! Important[Updated: February 2016]You choose your dates after you've ordered a ticket, when you'll receive your voucher by email or post.
Current Availability[Updated: Feb 2016]Please book ASAP - this experience gets booked up fast! Please be aware that this video contains elements of gore and is a heightened version of the actual Zombie Boot Camp experience. Groaning, shuffling, a horrible stench emanating from somewhere – visits to Grandma are never fun are they?
Pistols, rifles and grenades will become your new friends as you master these tools of survival. Outerwear and protective clothing is provided but you are advised to wear comfortable clothes that you don't mind getting dirty. There is a cafe on-site at the Zombie Boot Camp that serves a variety of hot and cold refreshments. The Zombie Boot Camp involves elements of army and military training, so it is recommended that your fitness and hatred of zombies is of a reasonable level.
Be sure to checkout our other zombie experiences including our new London zombie experience.
I urge everyone who is of good health who loves action to partake as it will make you grin for a long time. The instructors are very good and understanding of your individual ability and support and praise you all the way through, pushing you to have more fun and succeed with your mission to take down the ZOMBIES! I booked it as a suprise Christmas present for my sons and husband who are all Walking Dead fans. Totally amazing, great training and great missions, scared the pants off me but totally worth it.
The event organisers require 6 weeks notice prior to the event if you would like to amend or cancel your booking.

With all the recent publicity in the National Press and the media, we’ve found that these titanic battles with hordes of the rotting masses are selling out almost as fast as they can be put on sale.
Ranging from the Bootcamp, where you undergo basic training in ghoul warfare and set about wiping out your very own nest of them, to the Apocalypse, or the Battle for the Abandoned Manor House, new and ever-more fascinating and gory variants of this horror experience are being added to the mix all the time – and being taken off offer as they sell out. So keep a watch on the complete list of current Zombie battles below, which we keep updated in real time for you so you know which ones are available. On your Day of the Undead, you’ll get kitted out in your ghoul-proof armour, goggles and z-proof helmet, before being inducted into essential life-preservation training by your instructor (Order of the Zombie-Cross First Class) and shown how to use your essential weapons which include simulated hand-grenades, blood bombs and gas-powered gun.
And remember, if you can’t cope with this premium level action, just let us know and we’ll recommend some knitting patterns to keep you busy instead lol !!!!!! An added bonus of this brilliant experience is that it will give you insider tips for dealing with the real ghoulish hordes if you’re ever taking a short cut home through the graveyard on your way home from the pub, and the Midnight hour should strike and the moon should be at just the right phase for the living dead to flee from the safety of their coffins in search of human blood!! And in case you’re not persuaded, just check out the ghoulish action in this sampler video to get an idea of what goes on when you set about fighting the living dead on this adrenalin experience to end all adrenalin experiences. If being forced to the ground and punched to stop you getting back up by several stinking scabby zombies in a dark smoke filled warehouse with bombs going off, marshals screaming at you to save your mate who’s just shit his pants cause paint guns are going off around your heads, is what your after, than this is definately for you! I don’t think any of us had any idea that we would actually be involved in fighting infected zombies with our bare hands! I was luCky enough to get the gold plated zombie bootcamp as as an xmas gift and booked my day really soon after. The one I went on was in Droitwich and they told me they were booked up for ages, but I see you’ve found some are other zombie days too. SO it was great fun, a good laugh, and genuinly a bit scary when the zombies finally came out!
Ultimately, your investigation should help you get the best price on these Men's Footwear products. Zombie Boot Camp is an Live-Action Role Play (LARP) experience that puts you in a alternative universe where a super virus broke out and put your existence under a question. This experience is available every weekend on Saturday and Sunday and only available for groups of 10 people and over. There will be a briefing as you try to work out the best strategic way to dispatch your undead enemy.
It's normally on a Saturday and Sunday (or, as ita€™s better known, the day Antiques Roadshow is on) but more days will be added as necessary. You must be reasonably fit as this experience requires a lot of movement and involves a lot of action. If you arrive under the influence of alcohol you will not be allowed to take part in the event and no refund will be issued. It certainly will give you plenty to talk about afterwards too – cos this experience will in no uncertain terms sort out the men from the boys, the hard-women from the girls (yes, women love to fight them too) and show you what your mates are really like under pressure.

And remember, if you’ve time, just keep an eye on how your mates are coping with being dragged down to the depths by the most terrifying creatures on earth. You’ll have seen it all before, been there, done that and got the T shirt, and be fully equipped to save your soul from eternal damnation. When you see, hear and smell the real ghouls baying after your blood, then that’s something else entirely.
We’re talking zombies who have overtaken vampires recently as the go to horror icon of choice. Then it’s the main event as you and your life-loving, monster-hating comrades enter a deserted spooky warehouse with the intention of clearing it of the zombie hordes.
Any extras (like video recordings) are completely optional and won't affect the experience itself. The zombies may jump on you, murmur a€?brainsa€™ and hold you down, but not in a manner whereby you will get hurt.
They didn't stop talking about it for days and said it was brilliant, better than they expected and that they would love to go again.
Imagine being chased by a mad axeman, then double it, and that even doesn’t come close! A team of highly skilled military instructors will teach you some basic zombie survival techniques. The photos were also fantastic and on time, you guys really know how to organise and set up!! And bungee-jumping is for pussycats once you’ve fought the gentlemen of the putrefying flesh in the supreme battle for life and death.
These guys are not just threatening you with death, but it’s a living death which is far, far worse than that.
The event combines two training packages: Public Order (using riot shields and batons) and Close Quarter Battle training (using Paintball rifles). Under the expert guidance of military instructors trained specifically to battle fictional, imaginary characters, you’ll be given a full weapons training. Cos if they catch you before you exterminate them, they’ll turn you into one of their own and you’ll have to fight alongside the walking dead themselves against the normal people, just like you used to be before they got you! The second involves 2 missions where you will put your training to use in defeating the zombies. It really is great fun and although physical at times it is well organised and the staff ( who were excellent ) are always on hand.

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