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Set among the beautiful redwoods of Santa Cruz and Marin, the 1-Day Wilderness Skills clinic is a great way to escape the hustle-and-bustle of the work week and get back to nature!
This class is 100% hands-on and appropriate for all ages, but the pace is geared towards teens and adults (children 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult). This class is about getting back to the earth, learning how our ancestors lived in harmony with our planet, and experiencing nature to its fullest. Clinics are held in two locations: the beautiful redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains (south Bay Area) and Marin (north Bay Area).
The Army Special Forces works in 12-man groups where they share specialties between the members in the areas of: weapons, engineering, medicine, communications, and operations and intelligence. Six people is said to be the ideal number that allows for the factors necessary to survive or accomplish group tasks.
When you are alone you can mobilize when and where you want to without any hesitation from a group.
Solo survivors are said to have a 20 percent chance of survival compared to individuals in a group.
At one point in any person’s life they will come across a devastating event where they need to survive. According to a documentary called the The Brain on the History channel, of the 140 recruits that enter into training only 36 make it past the training. One of the hardest test is in the pool where recruits have to stay under water for 20 minutes. The instructor will rip of their mask, mess with their air tank and use other tactics to induce panic. Imagine drowning once in a pool—then coming up for air—then all of a sudden it happens again. Seal recruits visualize themselves going through motions and taking on all possible problems.

If you’re facing some hardships, start a meditation practice or work on controlling your breathing when you facing some type of fear. Source:How the Navy Seals Increased Passing Rates  Better passing rates through simple psychology.
Robert Piper is a speaker, writer, specialist in Eastern meditation systems, and an advocate for a happier society. There is something here for everybody – come with an open mind and be ready to learn! Click one of the REGISTER links below and you will be taken to our online reservation system where you can view schedules and locations. They are able to help each other out as they are also trained to overlap each other’s skills to support the team in the event one or more men go down.
You also need fewer supplies but you will have to dedicate more time to getting the resources you need to find calories and fluids.
They happened when you lose a loved one, get a divorce, are diagnosed with a terrible health problem, break a leg, or run into situation where you think there is no hope.
Develop a plan to get out of the bad situation, start with what resources you have available. His new book is called Meditation Muscle: America's New Workout for the Mind to Increase Happiness, Build Resiliency, and Excel Under Pressure. No matter what your background, from the novice camper to the seasoned backpacker, there is something for you in this class. Learning these timeless traditions, such as native shelter building and fire-by-friction, helps to build self-esteem and awareness from knowing YOU CAN SURVIVE! Exact directions, maps, recommended packing lists, and other details will all be provided during the registration process. They are also able to break apart into two six-man teams that operate separately as well as splitting down to two three-man teams to get more accomplished.

What happens in the event you don’t have the training to accomplish great things with a group?
Soloists also have the advantage of being stealthier than a group and creating less of an impact on their surroundings.
However, when they get into water they are harassed and put under extreme amounts of pressure. If you’re alone hiking in the everglades, and you fall down and break your leg, you have to accept what just happened to you. You WILL build a shelter, you WILL make fire, you WILL learn about edible plants, see and learn about native style traps, and experience several other indigenous skills. Childcare is not available at this course – it is the responsibility of parents to monitor their children so that our instructors can focus on teaching to the group.
There is much less of a chance for an individual to be tracked than a group because they leave a smaller footprint.
The support system that can be established with a group will mean that there is more equipment available, divided work effort, companionship, greater security, and a good mix of skills that contribute to the overall group. Worrying about the situation saps your energy, and you’re going to need all the energy you have to formulate a plan to get out of the situation alive. When SHTF or TEOTWAWKI springs, will you be the loner or will you decide that the group is the best way to survive the apocalypse? In the military this is established early but with makeshift groups this could prevent the group from being efficient.
Together the group can work towards achieving this goal better than an individual could without someone to watch their back.

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