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One of the things that most people say that you ought to take with you when you hit the trail for a day or several days of hiking, is a first aid kit.
Designed primarily for hunting dogs, the Ready Dog Gun Dog K-9 First Aid Kit provides the tools to handle most canine emergencies. All words & pictures are copyright © 1997-2016, Gun Dog Supply or their respective owners. As a pet owner, you hope that you never need to use a first-aid kit but it’s important to always have one handy!
We’ve partnered with Q-tips to offer you a chance to win a package to create a DIY Pet First Aid Kit of your own!
One lucky Irresistible Pets reader will win everything they need to get started with creating a DIY Pet First Aid Kit. Enter by telling us how Q-tips come in handy for taking care of your Irresistible Pet and liking Irresistible Pets on Facebook. In addition, to sharing your creative tip, there are several ways to score some “bonus” entries. Right now, we’re using Q-tips for cleaning the ears of our foster kittens that came with ear mites, but I also use them for applying topical meds, cleaning between toes, etc.
I use Q-tips for cleaning their ears, getting eye boogies out and cleaning their toys inside their kongs and etc. Q-tips are great for cleaning the crusties around the girls eyes and great for cleaning the ears. This evolution in medical care has a downside though and that is a society that views medicine as a right and not a privilege we have. If we are faced with a grid down scenario, the medical care we have come to think of as a right may be non-existent.
In my quest to cover as many of the First aid bases as I reasonably can, I have tried to acquire basic medical supplies that we would need as part of normal life. I bought large blood stopper bandages, and clotting solutions like Celox to stop massive bleeding quickly and further backups of bandages and sterile dressings. Elite First Aid Military IFAK Individual First Aid Kit – Already stocked with several items you need. I bought Emergency War Surgery and The Survival Medicine Handbook as resource guides along with some additional books on natural remedies and herbs for treating various ailments. If we encountered a situation where I was forced to leave home for any length of time, I would want to carry something like an IFAK with me. A simple google search will show you a lot of options, but not all IFAK’s are created equal and it pays to shop around. Each of these vendors offer slightly different contents with a couple throwing in a bag of quick clot and lip balm to sweeten the pot. Just looking at some of the contents in the main list and comparing prices, I wanted to try to see if I could save some money by building my own. So, looking at just the cost of the items individually my cost would be $55.31 and that obviously doesn’t count shipping. In summary, you should plan on having first aid gear even if the grid never goes down or the zombies invade.
One other point I usually tell people, in a SHTF scenario, many times you are better off using Duct tape instead of the useless medical tape that comes in most kits. Well Don as an RN you should know that ibuprofen also is a platelet inhibitor (although not as pronounced as ASA).

If the Red Cross doesn’t offer what you need you may want to check out the Wilderness First Aid courses. You need to have a small kit with you so that you are prepared for those odd accidents that occur on the trail while you are hiking.
I use them to swab out Mimi’s little ears to make sure her hearing is sharp as can be.
Our society has become overly dependent on medicine and the easy availability of Emergency rooms, family practice doctors and 24 primary care facilities.
It doesn’t matter what you think you are due, if there is no one to treat your illness or injury you are SOL. I started with the assumption that we would not be able to get to the store, or that the stores would not have anything left after some crisis so I got the basics of Alcohol, band aids, bandages, Neosporin, Hydrogen peroxide, Aspirin, Advil and children’s aspirin.
I also bought Epsom salts and vitamins for both us and our children to handle vitamin deficiencies. I have one for camping, one for each vehicle that are also stocked with blood stoppers, a large family kit and a combat medic kit I bought at a gun show that is slap full of excellent gear like sutures and a stapler and lots of bandages and antibiotic creams. Eventually, my plan is to take some classes on first aid at the local Red Cross, but our local chapter seems to be lacking in that area, at least from my most recent search on their website. It gives you just the essentials to treat yourself or your buddy if you aren’t near or can’t make it to medical facilities.
I shopped around for all of the main nomenclature items on Ebay, Amazon and other sites to see what the best price I could find was. I think its safe to say that you can buy your IFAK cheaper or certainly more simply than you can make one yourself.
If you can foresee going out on patrol or being mobile away from your home base, an IFAK would be a necessity I think. As for the gloves, rather than buying a box of 50 or 100, you can get small bags of 12 or so in the home cleaning section of most stores, or ask for a couple of pairs next time you go to your Dr. The ideas expressed on this site are solely the opinions of the author(s) and do not necessarily represent the opinions of anyone else. No matter how big or small your inventory is, you can download Free Printable Inventory Count Sheets to monitor your inventory and track your cycle counts.
Take a look at what else we recommend for a basic kit that you can keep at home and create on a budget! We will be sharing your tips and creative ideas on our Facebook page as well as with Q-Tips!
Well, maybe we aren’t as dependent as I am making out, but we certainly don’t suffer from not having medical options. They can talk to the insurance company if they want anyone to pay them for their time, material and services we demand. Moving out from there, I purchased face masks to reduce infection, latex gloves for instances where you might come in contact with fluids and larger bandages. I wouldn’t take the traditional hiking first aid kit either because if I am armed to the teeth and leaving home, I probably won’t need to put a band aid on a scratch.
They are NOT sterile so they are usually OK with giving their patients a few for their own first aid kits. I also do NOT use aspirin, in a SHTF scenario, you need to remember that aspirin is a blood thinner, and will make stopping bleeding more difficult. The author may or may not have a financial interest in any company or advertiser referenced.

I think advances in medicine and treatment are a good thing as it has led to longer lives for most of us and solutions to some problems that would have killed millions in earlier times. No, I am not trying to get on a soap box to shout about the unconstitutionality of recently enacted laws, just pointing out a phenomenon that will catch a lot of people off guard if the grid goes down. The IFAK or “Individual First Aid Kit” as it is normally called (some branches say Improved instead of individual) is given to every soldier going into combat.
Probably, but if you are only going to buy a few, I wouldn’t go through the trouble myself. Any action taken as a result of information, analysis, or advertisement on this site is ultimately the responsibility of the reader.
This sheet makes it easy to count and track inventory levels to ensure accurate and efficient ordering and stocking of goods. You won’t be using the airway tube on yourself, and without training probably won’t use that on anyone else either. The inventory sheets are just one of the hundreds of sheets, spreadsheets, templates and calculators designed to make the life of working folks everywhere just a little easier, one day at a time.Using the Free Printable Inventory Count SheetsSo why are inventory count sheets so important?
The airway tube is designed to clear the airway in an unconscious person so that their tongue doesn’t cause them to suffocate. Well, inventory is an important part of many businesses and this blank inventory sheet is a great tool to help ensure an accurate count.
Good inventory tracking will help business owners and managers know what items are in stock, what is on order and when new products will arrive.What are the advantages that come with these free printable inventory count sheets? This free inventory spreadsheet will help users formulate their own tracking system to make the process easier and more accurate. When calculating inventory, it’s important to know the amount of goods or products are on hand at any time.
If you enjoy using this inventory sheet template or any of the other templates and spreadsheets that are available across the site, please feel free to share with your coworkers and friends. This page can be shared on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus!Download: free printable inventory count calculatorNot what you were looking for?
Triple-Antibiotic Ointment – First line of defense for any cut or scrap whether you are on the trail or at home.
A little tube of this in your first aid kit does not take up much room and is perfect for easy the pain on that cut, keeping it clean and making it feel better. Tweezers – Splinters, bits of wood, glass, whatever may have found its way into your body, a simple pair of tweezers can remove that object quickly and easily. Water-Proof Matches – A good rule of thumb is to pack for your day hike as if you might end up spending the night.
Magnesium Based Firestarter – If you have to start a small fire, you will not be able to depend on finding enough tender to make a fire or that the tender you find will be dry enough to light. Signal Mirror – A small highly polished mirror that an allow you to signal passing aircraft or people that you see on other trails. Reflective Emergency Blanket – This reflective blanket harnesses the light and your own body heat to form a temperature barrier between you and the cold.

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