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Colorful, showy flowers appear in summer in shades of white, red, pink and purple on the rose of Sharon bush. Also known as shrub Althea, this 9- to 12-foot specimen is a native of eastern Asia that is well adapted to growing in most USDA plant hardiness zones. Shrub Althea is best planted into rich well-draining, slightly acidic soil in a full sun to part shade location. A deciduous shrub, learning how to grow a rose of Sharon and keep it under control is best done with experimentation on your cultivar.
Island and pond style gardens are gardens with a centralized pond that is large enough to either have a boat go across or one in which you can stroll around the edge of the pond.
A Japanese tea garden is good choice for a garden that is either incorporated within a larger Japanese garden style or in average sized yards and it is a popular one to create.
A stroll garden is made of various paths that lead the visitor through interesting turns and new sights. The most important thing to consider when planning a Japanese style garden is to determine what you wish to achieve with it. Visit Garden Style Decor for more tips and resources for adding that special element to your backyard garden.
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To care for thornless blackberries, start by giving the plants what they need to grow happily in the garden. Traditional blackberry bushes, whether cultivated or wild, sport long, sharp thorns on their canes.
Plant thornless blackberry plants approximately three to four feet apart in a sunny location.
During the summer, you can prune off the tips of new canes to keep the plants between three to four feet tall. Some types of thornless blackberries such as Cherokee and Cheyenne require pruning off the root suckers that emerge near the base of the plant. Anytime the larger central branches of the blackberry plants grow beyond three feet, it's time to prune them.
Generally, care for thornless blackberries is easy, with most of the effort focused on pruning.

Growing rose of Sharon is an easy and effective way to add long lasting summer color with little fuss. The rose of Sharon bush prefers moist, well-draining soil, although it will tolerate most soil conditions except those that are soggy or extremely dry. This may be caused in part when the rose of Sharon bush is under stressful conditions, so try to keep the shrub as happy as possible.
Even though there are different types, you have the freedom to meld two or more different types together to make your own unique combination. This type of garden is designed to where all plant life, as well as rocks and other features, can be seen from the pond area.
Landscapes that are found in nature are usually the focus of these gardens and are often recreated in miniature form within the garden itself.
Be sure to do some research on the subject and decide what you want to do with it before you start. Full sun, well drained soil and attention during the proper times of the year ensures a bountiful harvest from these pretty and useful plants. Thornless blackberries have been available for decades, but recent innovations have made them available to almost all gardening zones. Purchase them at your local garden center or if shopping from a catalog, look for ones marked as hardy for your particular zone. Thankfully, because they lack thorns, pruning is an easier task than pruning conventional blackberry plants which practically require a suit of armor to prune without a scratch!
You can let them grow taller but it won't enhance berry production and may make it more difficult to trellis and care for the plants.
Just imagine those delicious berries you'll get to harvest when all your efforts come to fruition! Too little water or too much fertilization may contribute to bud drop, which seems inherent to the rose of Sharon bush. When designing a Japanese style garden, it is important that the plants and rocks meld together in the landscape; and the design of the garden itself must be well thought out.
The elements as well as the plants are blended into the landscape beyond the garden itself.
The rocks of a dry landscape Zen garden are very carefully positioned and consists of unique shapes and sizes; often representing islands. The outer garden consists of the entry gate and is less formal in planting with a stone path leading to the inner garden.

Large yards of at least an acre are required to create these gardens with interesting views. These gardens work especially well in yards that are very limited in space and are enclosed by a brick or stone wall or wooden fence. If you're not sure, don't hesitate to call the catalog or online nursery and ask for advice.
You can grow them against an existing fence or create your own support using wooden poles, metal stakes or PVC pipes. Monitor conditions on growing rose of Sharon to be rewarded with a long season of large showy single or double blooms.
Here are the different styles for you to choose from if you are going to plan a Japanese style garden. Small islands are also created within the pond with a small bush or tree to serve as a focal point and small bridges can also be built from the shore, to the island and back again.
Visitors to the tea garden go through a second gate where a water basin, called a tsukubai, is located and used in the tea ceremony itself.
It is simple in design and can be observed from inside your house or enjoyed outside if it.
Most thornless blackberry plants produce abundant berries no matter which variety you choose.
The Zen garden’s goal is to help clear the mind of the viewer as well as aid in contemplation and meditation without distractions. The inner garden consists of a stone path that flows through it and formally placed non flowering plants. Courtyard gardens consists of few plants, perhaps a tree, small water feature, often times a dry stream, or other simple elements. The garden is to be viewed from a single focal point and is not entered into other than to rake the gravel.
This makes the berries easily accessible by rodents and other creatures and reduces the harvest.
To train the canes along the wires and posts, use garden twine and tie them to the trellis.

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