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Diplo‘s fictional Major Lazer character has been anxious to fight his way into household television sets ever since Adult Swim teased at giving him a 15 minute TV show back in 2011. The TV show will correspond with the release of the third Major Lazer (band) album, which is due out in 2015. With so much on his plate from DJ, Music Producer, Promoter, Label Head, and now TV Producer, it is safe to call Diplo EDM’s true renaissance man. Thousands of music fans are raving about the upcoming Electric Zoo festival on social media; however the feedback and attention are far from positive.
CamelBaks, as well as reusable bottles, are vital for the safety and hydration of festival attendees who use them, as well as for the environment. Rather than building up the hype for a festival two weeks away, Electric Zoo caused social media outrage with thousands of negative feedback, anger and disappointment (Over 200 comments on Reddit, 1000 comments with too-many-to-count replies on Facebook, and more on Twitter). By checking that box and purchasing your ticket, you agree to these terms and agree that Electric Zoo has the right to change any of its policies. For festival goers, purchasing decisions affect how they experience the festival especially if they are limited in monetary resources. According to Steven Born’s What You Need to Know About Hydration , “you lose on average about one liter (about 34 ounces) of fluid per hour of exercise. CamelBaks, misters, canteens, and other reusable water bottles are lifesavers-both for the attendees and the festival- and they should be reconsidered.
Billboard CODE caught up with Kygo this week to discuss the 22-year-old artista€™s emergence, as well as provide a peek into the music hea€™s currently listening to. The online extension of Billboard Magazine, billboard.biz is the essential online destination for the music business.
Jahan is the older sister, born in 1989, and met “Rain Man” at a frat party when she was only 16.
Krewella began playing their brand of electro house and dubstep with influences of other EDM qualities in 2007. The sister duo of Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf in collaboration with their producer Kris “Rain Man” Trindle, agreed in 2010, to give up their careers, schooling and future intentions. Krewella presented at EDM festivals around the world including Spring Awakening, Electric Daisy Carnival, Stereosonic, and Ultra Music Festival. Krewella would love to perform with Knife Party, System of a Dow, Linkin’ Park and Kanye West.
Elvis, wife Priscilla and their 4-day-old daughter Lisa Marie Presley on February 5, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. The Major refused to be silenced and it appears as though the Rastafarian crime fighting commando has been given an opportunity by FOX to entertain the masses in his own feature TV program. In addition to the show, a soundtrack will accompany the cartoon and feature collaborations with Riff Raff and Cat Power.
In lieu of last year’s casualties, Electric Zoo has initiated a full-fledged public safety campaign Come to Life.
Aside from defending the organizers on this matter, it is in bad taste that Made Event made this policy change 17 days prior to the event; even more is the organizers lack of consideration for easily accessible water when they heavily advocate for safe partying.

According to Nielsen Entertainment’s Audience Insights: Electronic Music Report , 33% of all electronic music listeners are 18-24 years old, 28% of whom are currently in college, and 19% have either Associates of Bachelor’s degrees. Extreme heat and humidity can raise this amount to three liters in one hour.” The festival occurs from 1 PM to 11 PM each day, and one will dance an average of six hours per day.
Placing at least one water refill station at each stage and charging bottled water each at $1 (they will still make profit) are positive solutions to this matter; the need to replenish your bodies after hours of dancing will be met and attendees will be able to spend their money on other items, such as souvenirs, that will benefit the brand and its financials.
NY Times, however, recently published an article featuring an exclusive interview with Mike Bindra and Laura de Palma, co-founders and husband-wife duo of Made Event. Kris Trindl or “Rain Man’ is an American electronic dance music producer and is now a former member of Krewella. Their music is contagious and with restless bass and treble and they find themselves in high demand. Forced to assume a new identity for her own protection, Johansen says she struggled to reclaim her name and heritage.
Although the campaign is a thoughtful approach to improve safety, the festival organizers’ last-minute ban of CamelBaks is counterintuitive and contradicts every message the campaign expresses. Festival goers are reluctant to spend $50 each day for bottled water, miss out on their favorite DJ sets, and wait in long lines for refill stations on site. Ticket holders, including those who have planned on bringing their CamelBaks, feel as if they were cheated because the terms initially included CamelBaks on the list of permitted items. This information should have been made at least 180 days in advance, which would give its attendees the opportunity to refund their tickets if they wished. 15% of the sampled audience has an income between $0-24,999 annually and 27% has an income of $25,000-$49,000.
Factoring in New York’s summer heat and humidity, which is forecasted to be 80-90 degrees  from the afternoon to evening, will dehydrate you much sooner than what Born has suggested. Made Event, please listen to your fans and consider alternate solutions for harm reduction. Read full article  *UPDATE: Electric Zoo Festival posted on Facebook today, provide an update and response to the CamelBak ban. To show she's the rightful heir of the huge Presley estate, Johansen also reportedly pointed to some evidence, such as a skull and face analysis of Lisa Marie Presley.At the time of the book's publishing, the odd story gained some press attention, but it quickly lost its luster after Johansen reportedly refused to take a DNA test.
Additionally, water will not be easily accessible because there will only be two water refill stations where free cups will be provided.
Rather than prohibiting CamelBaks or reusable bottles, heightening security measure to thoroughly examine these items is more responsible and safe.
It is understandable that corporations want to make profit, but where do you draw the line between making money and retaining customer loyalty? Festivals are widely popular amongst the Millennials and host 80-90% of the fans within this age range (this is an educated guest based on first-person perspective when attending festivals). For every hour you dance at Electric Zoo, you will need to consume 3 liters of water, which an average CamelBak holds, to maintain hydration.
Kygo Talks Mixing for Diplo, Coldplay and Upcoming TourAvicii, "Dear Boy (Avicii By Avicii)"No surprises here.

Trindl alleges his decision to enter alcohol rehab and stop parting was the key that forced him out of the group.
In 2000, the Texas-based publisher of "I, Lisa Marie," which had given her a $200,000 advance to write the book, sued her for $50 million for damaging sales of the book.Johansen became mostly forgotten, subject to occasional Internet rumors, but she hasn't backed off of her claims. Now that they have backed out aren’t we technically allowed to be issued a fully refunded ticket?” (Facebook user on August 12). And with this analysis, most are either in college (strapped by financial restrictions) or recently graduated (struggling to pay of student loans) barely able to afford the entire experience. Guessing that Electric Zoo will provide 16 oz cups to its patrons, you will need to consume six cups of water each hour.
Avicii was the artist who inspired Kygo to enter dance music production in the first place, and the Swedish mega-stara€™s remix of his own infectious single a€?Dear Boya€? showcases the layered leads and crisp production that originally caught the young Norwegiana€™s ear.Chromeo, "Jealous (I Ain't With It)" The Canadian duo turns in a smooth electrofunk tune that pairs throwback '80s synthesizers with falsetto vocal harmonies. Of course, the “zoo animal” will not carry six cups of water into the crowd (frankly that’s impossible), nor will he or she drink all six cups at the time.
And with this campaign comes a list of prohibited items, of which the promoters deem as harmful for the festival, its venue, and its attendees.
And forcing these attendees out of the crowd to make countless water trips can tire them out and is a waste of their money. In the letter, Singer advised that the "malicious false claims and offensive wrongful conduct" of Johansen would no longer be tolerated and that it would lead to action if the woman didn't restrain herself.So Johansen reacted by filing her own lawsuit a week ago in Tennessee federal court against the Presley estate. Couldn’t organizers and security experts train its security staff to properly inspect the CamelBaks, canteens, and misters upon entering?
It’s pertinent for organizers of Electric Zoo, or any festival for that matter, to make water easily accessible.
The woman says that the family has been attempting to intimidate her and has been spreading lies about her. Shouldn’t there be a standard of procedures to increase security while maintaining the safety of the festival patrons? Of course, they will without a doubt end up paying for a few but making water inaccessible can be detrimental to their health.
She says that she went to Graceland by invitation and that the defendants are attempting to harass her away from her claims.Meanwhile, the whole bizarre mystery might be put to rest soon enough.
According to one of documents she submitted in this case, Johansen consented to a DNA test from London authorities in 2010. With the removal of these highly-used items, free cups will be provided at two water refill stations inside the venue.

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