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Doctors and medical researchers define Papilledema as a medical condition that affects the eyes of a person. The sufferer also has a vomiting sensation from time to time that impairs his or her daily activities. The affected person experiences abnormal changes in vision that includes temporary blurring, flickering or graying. In Lyme Disease, specially conditions like Lyme Meningitis, there is a bacterial infection in the Central Nervous System (CNS). In many people with Papilledema Guillain Barre Syndrome is found to be a major causative agent.
In people with Papilledema high blood pressure of a severe nature can be one of the prime cases. Papilledema testing also includes brain scans like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT) scans. In the absence of any brain abnormality, the patient needs to undergo other Papilledema exams.
If there is a case of severe inflammatory condition like Multiple Sclerosis, anti-inflammatory drugs like Methylprednisolone and Prednisone can be of help.
Once the cause of the condition has been detected and treated, the symptoms normally go away in a month or two. If you are suffering from Papilledema symptoms or have someone in your family who is having this condition, it is better to go for an early treatment.
I have Papilledema also…unfortunitely the MRI and the spinal puncture came back normal, although my spinal fluid was a little elevated at the time.
Thanks for posting your stories, My sister recently has been diognised with this condition. When it gets worse, the whole foot becomes darkish and painful as the hurting becomes more severe.
When skin is dead, even a simple scratch causes dead skin to peel off, and ulcers do not heal. An Interventional injection therapy (lumbar sympathetic block) helped to improve blood circulation. Again, lumbar sympathetic block as interventional pain mangement helped to improve healing and decrease pain. A patient in the final hours of his life: He has lost both hands and legs and is only kept alive by a breathing machine (respirator). As soon as you see even these early stages, you can be sure the patient has disc deterioration and arthritis in the back and joints. To physicians: If a patient complains of pain anywhere, please examine them for this and educate them.

Increased intracranial pressure (ICP) can manifest as papilledema, swelling of the optic nerves in the back of the eye. The condition is characterized by a swelling or inflammation of the optic nerves at the rear part of the eye.
The buildup of pressure can happen if tumors arise in the optic nerve, skull, brain or spinal cord of the suffering person. In case of a Cerebellar Abscess, ear infections, lung infections or dental abscess may give rise to an accumulation of pus in the part of the brain known as the Cerebellum. Guillain Barre Syndrome is characterized by high protein concentration which is the reason for raised pressure within the cranium. High blood pressure can make the blood vessels near the optic nerves swell, leading to Papilledema.
There have been cases where people suffering from Papilledema have been diagnosed with Dengue fever.
Brain tumors increase intracranial pressure leading to an inflammation of the optic nerves. Some people have been found to suffer from Papilledema and headaches after a kidney transplant. The doctor may also carry out a vision screening test to check if the eyesight of the patient has been hugely affected or has just started to suffer an impact.
These brain scans should be carried out to ensure that the person does not have any tumor in the brain.
A Papilledema lumbar puncture is done to measure the pressure of the cerebral spinal fluid. A biopsy is normally carried out to begin treatment in the initial Papilledema stages if a brain tumor is detected. In conditions like Pseudotumor Cerebri, it takes longer treatment to restore the intracranial pressure to normal.
Eyes are an asset for any person and any condition threatening it should be cured as fast as possible. I went to the eye Dr because I was having trouble with my eyes blurring when i read and I thought it was from just getting older.
I was on 2200mg aday but after a year on this medication iam coming down slowly and the headaches are coming back.
Chronic renal failure with dialysis is more likely in individuals under age 50 than in patients over age 50 with nonischemic anterior optic neuropathy .2. Some believe that the twisting course of the 6th nerve makes it more susceptible to pressure damage. Similar infections can cause pus accumulation in the Cerebrum of the brain in Cerebral Abscess.

Papilledema arising from hypertension is a medical crisis and the patient needs to be immediately hospitalized to avoid life-threatening complications.  In case of hypertension within the skull (Intracranial Hypertension), the patient can have Papilledema in one eye only. It lowers the production of spinal fluid and brings down pressure on the Central Nervous System (CNS).
Turns out my optic nerves were swollen since I havent been to a dr in a number of years there is no telling how long this has been going on.
The headache is not as bad but I’m still unable to work due to the vision difficulties.
I was told since mine was caused by trauma to the head and spine that with medication my vision should come back 100%. Sadly since I have no idea when it started or how long I’ve actually had it I had started losing my vision the sides and top and bottom. I noticed some change in my vision while watching TV about six months ago but thought that my eyes were just tired. My optic nerves are not normal looking anymore the nerosurgeon said they will probably always look this way.
No i have not had any kind of head trauma Im healthy other than this no high blood pressure no lyme disease so this doesnt make sense.
Its scary when you are driving and your eyes blur to the point where you have to pull over and pray for the vison to clear up.
The first compared 108 cases of nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy in patients younger than 50 years (NAIONy) to a cohort of 108 cases in patients 50 years or older (NAIONo).
Predisposing risk factors, fluorescein angiographic features, and clinical course were compared. I know the vision i have lost is not going to come back I have spoken to numerous Drs about it and they all say the same thing once its gone sadly on my case its just gone. Required fields are marked *Name * Email * Website Comment Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Fluorescein angiographic features of ischemia were documented in 44 (81.5%) of 54 eyes studied. BendoMD assumes no responsibility for the consequences of not presenting yourself to the doctor has on your health. Fluorescein angiography confirmation of impaired perfusion in multiple syndromes of optic neuropathy corroborates a spectrum of optic disc ischemia ranging from perfusion delay without visual loss to severely impaired perfusion and visual loss and incorporates optic neuropathies previously considered nonischemic.In one case, FA was performed during a period of optic disc edema prior to visual field loss.

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