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Living in a large city comes with several disadvantages when it comes to disaster preparedness, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t measures you can take to better your odds.
Our book, The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a major disaster in the city or suburbs. Just remember while you are out picking locks and stealing what belongs to someone else someone has learned to pick YOUR locks and steal YOUR stuff.
The One Year Urban Survival Plan, tells you exactly how to prepare for a disaster in the city.
This life style is usually voluntary in countries such as the US, Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa. As an Eagle Scout, bushcraft was a way of life for me too. When you are living off the land, there is no way to go to a store and buy the tools you need.
In a post crisis scenario, having an eye for tool design and cultural markings can be an important part of being able to communicate effectively with other groups and gain a faster understanding of their intent, outlook, and past actions towards strangers. There are five types of bushcraft tools (fixed blade knives, hatchets, axes, saws, and machetes) that you should be able to create, use, and maintain in wilderness settings. While you can buy all of the tools listed in this article, being fully prepared for any crisis means that you can also manufacture serviceable items from natural materials.
The fixed blade knife should be a well-built knife that will give you years of good service without breaking or badly rusting. These a small, highly versatile, non-precision wood cutting bushcraft tools well suited for heavier tasks such as chopping wood or down trees, splitting logs, butchering large animals, digging, or hammering in stakes and posts.
The first step in cleaning your axes or hatchets is to make sure that the head is completely dry. If you find rust on these tools while inspecting them, use sandpaper or fine steel wool (000 grid) to remove the rust. You can spray or wipe on light lubricants or oils on the blade of these tools after you use them.
If you use your axe or hatchets a lot, you can use gun oil as a cleaner and anti-rust protector. Some people use motor oil to clean and protect the axe and hatchet head from rust and to protect and lubricate these tools. The use of car or floor wax can be used to inhibit the rusting of an axe or hatchet by putting a waterproof barrier on the tools. There are some old timers that use either beeswax or linseed oil to prevent rust on axes or hatchets.
When you store your axes or hatchets be sure that you clean and apply a rust inhibitor on these tools and wipe off all excess.
Machetes are useful for clearing brush, cutting up large branches, chopping smaller logs for fires, or digging. Use WD-40 to displace the moisture to prevent rusting of the blade and other metal parts, then put a light coating of oil on the machetes to prevent rust and corrosion.
If you do not plan to use your machete for a while oil the blade and store in a cardboard sheath. Features was designed as a Bushcraft tool, the heavy blade will cut 1.5” branches in a single stroke, and with the sickle hook is excellent for cutting vines and briers. When not in use be sure that the saw is clean and oiled to protect it from rust and moisture.
No matter whether you are going to stay in a narrowly defined wilderness area or move around frequently to hunt or accommodate seasonal changes, a backpack is absolutely essential. Aside from buying a backpack, they can also be made from animal skins or woven from plant stems and leaves. Take the time now to learn how indigenous people in your prospective bug out area make backpacks or other types of carrying pouches.
It should also be noted that backpacks do require maintenance such as sewing up holes that develop and ensuring that the fabric remains dry and clean. Materials are durable enough to hold projected weight without tearing, stretching, or being ruined in some other way. Can carry all of your Bushcraft tools, clothes, and other gear for short to medium trips to the woods. When combined with successful care and management of bushcraft tools, you and future generations should be able to survive in the wilderness indefinitely. About the Author Latest PostsAbout Fred TyrellFred Tyrrell is an Eagle Scout and retired police officer that loves to hunt, fish, hike, and camp with good friends and family. My husband loves camping and survival trips, so these 5 tools would be really interesting to him. Every primitive society has as a fundamental tool, an axe but it's often overlooked by many. All comments, messages, ideas, remarks, or other information that you send to us (other than information protected according to the law) become and remain our property. As the coming collapse approaches, violence and crime will skyrocket throughout society, regardless of how affluent your community may be. Conclusion: these self defense techniques are incredibly brutal, but also incredibly effective.
Another set of lines (usually dashed) are used to illustrate a grid system on a topographic map.

Colors on the topographic map are used to indicate other features.  Woodlands, forested areas, or areas with significant vegetation are tinted green. Buildings may be shown as black squares, outlines, or unique symbols indicating the type of building. Recent changes in an area may be shown by a purple overprint while roads are printed in red (major roads) or black (minor roads) solid or dashed lines, depending on the road’s size and surface construction.  White can have various meanings on a topographic map such as permanent snowfields or areas without significant forest or water features. The margins of the topographic map will typically include a scale, which provides information about the ratio between measurements on the map and the landscape’s actual measurements (e.g. Below is a sample table of symbols used on topographic maps.  United States topographic maps can be downloaded from the USGS. Here is another sample table (more compressed) of symbols commonly used on topographic maps. Visit Geek Slop for bite-sized chunks of science and technology news and interesting articles catered to geeks and other superhero types.
Check out Bible Blender for bible study blended with science, history, technology, and your analysis. Interesting science news, crazy science fair experiments, fun brain games and more cool science stuff for kids, parents, teachers at Reeko's Mad Scientist Lab. These hobbies are not only enjoyable and easily accessible to city-dwellers, they also provide skills and knowledge that will be incredibly valuable after the end of the world as we know it. Sometimes it is hard to explain the joy and the sense of pride you feel when you know how to build your home, grow your own food, thrive, and prosper where many others cannot.
Through the long journey from Tenderfoot to Eagle Scout you develop a love and understanding for this way of life. Therefore, bushcraft also encompasses making the tools you need in order to achieve all of your objectives and making purchased ones last as long as possible.
These knives are best suited for light to medium field duty as carving or whittling, skinning game, making snares and traps, preparing food, or cutting down branches smaller than your wrist. Do not store the knife in a nylon or leather sheath that came with the knife because it traps moisture and cause the knife to rust.
Keep in mind that all the prices that you will see below are the manufacturer’s suggested retail price for each item. A build up of sap or debris can dull the cutting surface, which results in more work and less effective cuts. You can use the backpack to carry tools, supplies, navigational aides, and anything else that may need to be gathered up quickly or used in remote locations. This can help you blend in the local area and also ensure that you know how to avoid mildew and other problems that will ruin most fabrics and other materials. Here a person or a group can build long term shelters, build fires without matches, forage for food by hunting, fishing, trapping, knowledge of edible plants, gather, and purify water. He believes a man's word is his bond, and looks forward to teaching others what he has learned over the years. As people become more and more desperate they’ll go to further lengths to acquire what they need to survive, even if that means hurting others. Biting: Using biting as a self defense technique is incredibly brutal and will strike immediate fear and shock into the opponent. Understand that when survival is on the line that anything goes, not just your own survival but also the survival of your families.
This grid system represents the globe’s east-west measurements, or longitude, and its north-south measurements, or latitude. For side-splitting humor, check out Funny Grins' huge cache of funny jokes, zany videos, and outrageous pictures.. At mortal journey, check out the footprints of our past - interesting stories and news about past and current trends and fads.
Instead use a mild solution of soap and water on a clean rag or paper towels should remove any dirt and debris that may have accumulated during use.
Use WD-40 on the blade only to displace any moisture to prevent water spots and oxidation from forming. A cardboard sheath will wick the moisture away from the blade’s surface and prevent dust from accumulating. To remove any stubborn dirt or wood sap from the hatchet or axe, use turpentine on the head and handle. Instead use soap and water solution on a clean rag to remove any dirt or debris that accumulated during use. I like the sound of the saws with a folding saw blade, or the machete with the built in blade. Instead of punching with your fist closed, keep your fingers out, spread apart (to increase your chances of hitting the eyes) and jab as fast as you can at the enemies face. These lines will be less important than contour lines in helping you navigate your terrain, but if you need to report your position to a search and rescue team, they will help you correctly report your location.
Strength and Fitness Training No matter what may come, from an earthquake to a terrorist attack, few things increase your chances of survival as much as being in peak physical condition. Using a damaged blade is dangerous due to chance that it might break during use, since it requires more pressure to saw though wood. They used 11 metrics to figure this out: Active Military Personnel Military Veterans Physically Active Martial Arts Enthusiasts People with Survival Skills People with Knowledge of Zombies Laser Tag Enthusiasts People With Guns Obesity Paintball Enthusiasts Triathletes Some of these metrics are pretty questionable.

One thing we can do though to better survive in the coming violent world is too become proficient in combat which includes: knife fighting, firearms proficiency, unarmed combat, primitive weapon use and basic squad tactics. If you even graze their eye, it will be their automatic reaction to move back which will give you the opportunity to either go for their ears (to rip them off), grab their fingers (to break them), or to run away (if it’s safe to do so). Slapping the ears is extremely uncomfortable and will knock any enemy off his focus and balance (which will allow you to follow up with another attack).
If you do actually hit someone in the neck with enough force, you can potentially (and likely) crush his windpipe which will cause him to die unless he gets immediate help. If you manage to get a hold of their fingers, focus all your effort on bending their fingers as far back as possible, and do it fast!
Fortunately, living in the city offers access to well-equipped gyms and personal trainers if you can afford them. While these tools will take this type of “storage” for some time, they will still wear out and be ruined faster than if they are cared for properly. After inspecting the saw blade and making sure it is in useable condition, oil it to prevent the blade from rusting. For example, I doubt being a martial arts enthusiast would be much of an advantage when dealing with zombies. Unlike a punch to someones face, an eye gouge can permanently disable them for the rest of their lives with very little effort. If you bite someone with full force, you can easily rip out their flesh, take of a finger, ear (think Mike Tyson) and strike absolute panic and fear into the enemy, allowing you to survive for another day.
Breaking an enemies fingers will effectively prevent them from using their hand for anything, you’ll only have one hand to worry about after that.
When survival is on the line you have to revert to your animal instincts and fight with the FEROCITY OF A CORNERED BEAST! Once you break a finger, you can follow up with eye gouging, ear tearing or any other violent action you feel will be most efficient.
Push-ups, sit-ups, and running require no equipment and are very effective for building muscle and improving cardio.
Also keep in mind that you don’t only have to punch the throat, you can: step on it, kick it, choke it, sit on it, lean on it with your knee, or bite it! Also keep in mind that your saliva is extremely effective at killing many types of bacteria and the enemy is more likely to get an infection then you are if you’re the one biting. Start with your hands down or above your head (in a non aggressive manner) and as fast as you can, jab at the reflection of your eyes in the mirror.
Shooting There are ways to defend yourself without a firearm, but none of them are as effective.
With that said, you still have to be a skilled marksman to be effective at defending yourself with a firearm. Spending time at the gun range is not only a fun hobby, it also familiarizes you with the weapon that could one day save your life. Many people choose to reload their own ammunition in order to save money, but in the case of a disaster scenario, buying ammunition may not even be an option.
For a few hundred bucks and some practice, you can set yourself up to reload as much ammunition as you could possibly need. If you do purchase a lock picking kit, make sure to limit your practice to locks that you own. Breaking and entering may not be as big of a concern in an emergency situation, but in current climates it could land you in a lot of trouble, and prison is certainly not a good place to be if you are trying to prepare for a disaster. Martial Arts You may not always have a weapon available, but being proficient in one or more martial arts will allow you to defend yourself in spite of being unarmed. A good martial arts course will teach you how to fight back against attackers in any number of scenarios. You will learn to disarm a gunman, defend yourself against bladed weapons, and fend off multiple attackers. Not only does taking up martial arts as a hobby teach you skills such as these, it also improves your physical fitness, making you better prepared to deal with any number of emergency situations.
Like canning, dehydrating allows you to take food items that would otherwise have a very short shelf life and store them for indefinite periods of time. Dehydrating food also compacts it, making dehydrated food such as beef jerky and dried fruits great for taking with you on the go. Mechanics Being a garage tinkerer is not only a great way to pass the time, it can also teach you the skills to fix most anything when it breaks down, and even build devices of your own. Whether you are working on something as big as a vehicle motor or something as small as a fan motor, having the mechanical know-how to fix things when they break down could be a valuable skill if the day comes where taking your car (or your generator, or your firearm, or most anything else that could break down) to the local repairman is no longer an option. Check out these similar articles: 17 Lost Survival Skills Your Ancestors Had 9 Urban Survival Skills That Could Save Your Life 20 Skills You Can Trade After The End Of The World 8 Wilderness Survival Skills You Can Use For Urban Survival Don’t forget to like us on Facebook (button below) to get new posts in your feed every single day!

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