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Al-Wa?a will be sounding very different this summer as it embarks on the inaugural run of its Arabic music program. Music has long been a staple of the immersion experience at Concordia Language Villages.  Through music, villagers are able to learn about the culture from which the songs originated, not to mention allowing them to expand their language pool in directions that may have otherwise been ignored. The world of Arabic music has a long and rich tradition, dating back thousands of years to pre-Islamic times. Conservative author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza believes the Democratic Party cannot escape from its historical support for slavery and Jim Crow, and that the party continues that dark legacy in its current policies. In a video interview with The Daily Caller at the Republican National Convention Tuesday, D’Sousa explained that the purpose of his latest documentary and book, “Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party,” was to expose the Democratic Party’s “crimes” throughout history. The filmmaker told TheDC that these points are not known among the general population, especially by those who typically vote Democratic.
My arrival in the United States when I was 15 was not the first time I had been away from the safety and security of home.

This was because my framing narrative as a child was one that repeatedly affirmed the colour of my skin.
Around the same time, I also began to note the frequency of gun violence in America, particularly in communities of colour. It is this crippling 'single story' of black men (and increasingly, black women) that has resulted in a heightened sense of fear by whites and resentment from blacks who feel trapped in a system that they tell me has no interest in leveling the playing field. Headed by Russell Packard, a former music specialist for the Villages, the program aims to connect villagers from all musical backgrounds together to perform traditional Arabic songs. Originating in the Saudi Arabian peninsula, the music spread outwards, influencing and being influenced by numerous cultures. But he thinks that communicating those points to a larger audience — as he hopes to do with his new movie — will convince average people to think twice about their political affiliation. News Best Colleges guidebook offers comprehensive advice for high school students and their families on researching their college choices, drawing up a smart shortlist, putting together a slam-dunk application and finding the money to pay the bills.

But in a kind of ingenious scheme, what the left has done is taken the crimes of the Democratic Party and blamed them on the South, blamed them on the Republican Party, blamed them on America. Find out what programs to look for that will raise your chances of thriving at college, the many ways to wow the admissions office, what you need to know about the new SAT and how to negotiate the best possible financial aid package. Discover the country's best universities, liberal arts colleges, regional colleges and universities, historically black colleges and universities, and undergraduate engineering and business programs.

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