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Most of you already know that we take our farm produce to markets all around the country, selling our free range rose veal, wild game, seaweed and hand reared kid goat meat.
Three and a half hours later we arrived in Dublin feeling exhausted but excited for the day ahead!
One of the best things about markets (to greedy me, anyway) is making friends with the other stall owners and getting to taste their produce! All the other stalls had a fantastic array of delicious food such as Corleggy ,who makes raw milk cheese. We wrapped up at 4.00pm and happily made our way home for a cup of tea and an early bedtime!
Sign up for the newsletter & get your Free Seasonal Eat Sheet!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from Terriers & Tweeds & also receive the Seasonal Eat Sheet-a quick guide to seasonal eating and perfect for printing out and sticking on the fridge! Erewhon Market and Cafe - Los Angeles - They use only organic produce in the cafe, juice bar, and produce department. O'Burger - Los Angeles - West Hollywood  - Fast food burger joint, everything is organic and grass fed beef burgers.
Clean Dinners - A weekly underground pop up restaurant in LA - Organic, Non GMO, and Gluten and Soy Free. Farm Stand Restaurant - El Segundo - Los Angeles - This restaurant is doing so many things right and are mostly Non GMO and organic. Burger Lounge -Various Locations around Los Angeles- They have some really good non GMO options here. Hugo Restaurant - LA - Studio City, West Hollywood, Agoura - They do not use any GMO oils, and they have consicously made a choice to try to avoid GMOs in most of the food they serve. Bloom Cafe - Los Angeles - Someone told me they have some organic food and maybe grass fed beef, but I am skeptical because there is no mention of organics or grass fed on their website at all. Lyfe Kitchen - Culver City- I have sent numerous emails and follow up emails to Lyfe Kitchen over the last six months and they won't answer any questions about their food, so I assume they are using GMOs.
Paul Martin American Bistro - Los Angeles - El Segundo - They use regular GMO commerical Canola oil in fryers.
Lucky Devil's - LA - Hollywood - Says they are organic and local on the website, and mention 100% grass fed beef, but then on the menu, it mentions snake river farms whichs uses commercial corn as feed. La Sirena Grill - El Segundo, Laguna Beach, South Laguna, Irvine - This restaurant advertises itself as sustainable. Veggie Grill - Various locations around LA - Most of their soy veggie proteins are not organic and contain GMO soy and canola oil.
Below are some pictures of the Temple bar area, a poplular tourist area for drinking, eating and having a good time. At Cornucopia you go up to the counter and order, pay and pick up your food.  You can choose one of the hot dishes accompanies by two of their salads. I had leek, squash and potato gratin with cashew cream sauce, along with a barley salad and a carrot, celeriac salad. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
Customer Care: +372 513 3280 A well-balanced diet is one of the best ways to stay healthy. Introducing the New Medimix Transparent Green bar with natural fresh fragrance and superior lather, effective for dry skin.

There was also a stall selling organic seeds and nuts (I picked up almonds, pumpkin seeds, mango and chia seeds there), another stall with organic apples and juice, and a fantastic smoothie and juice stand which kindly gave me a hot ginger and lemon as it was freezing outside! They are very consciouse of the GMO issue and are working hard to replace all the items that could potentially be GMO. True Food Kitchen has recently eliminated all GMO Canola oil and have replaced it with Grapeseed Oil. Medimix for dry skin contains a unique combination of purest and finest grade vegetable Glycerine and the time tested Ayurvedic formulation of Lakshadi oil. There is a growing awareness that we are responsible for the world in which we live, and an increasing concern for our own health. Studies have repeatedly shown that whole foods contain the nutrients our bodies need, but due to our hectic lifestyles, many of us don’t get all the nutrition we should. Charlie made up take away mugs of piping hot tea and toast to bring with us while I packed my bag for the weekend.
Unfortunately, almost all restaurants are serving them, but luckily there are a few that are not.
It just means you have the best chance of avoiding most GMOs if you eat at these restaurants in comparison to other restaurants. They use soy sausage and tofu and I am trying to find out if those are certified organic, would assume they are not unless you confirm.
For those of you who dont know anything about Cornucopia, well just check out their cookbook. A range of different types of art techniques were used, casting, mosaics, ceramics, carving. I’d already moved everything around so its not as beautifully presented as the first picture. We appreciate the delicate balance of the natural world and strive to maintain this harmony by using environmentally-friendly products that are nurturing to us and as harmless as possible to the earth. Their oils are primarily organic olive oil, grape seed oil, and a little bit of rice bran oil. Right now their beef is from Five Dot Ranch, which appears to be antibiotic free, but not GMO free or 100% grass fed, looks like grass fed and grain finished. They use a lot of organic produce and adhere to the dirty dozen pesticide list put out by EWG, and produce on that list will always be organic. From looking at their menu, there are only a few organic items on the menu and the rest looks like it is not organic. The most recent time I asked, I was told that their beef is 100% grass fed from Estancia Beef, this is a great company and indeed is 100% grass fed. Always full as you’d expect being on one of the busiest streets in Dublin city centre. Concern for our physical appearance must be balanced with finding conscientious means in which to care for our skin and our health in general.
All commercial restaurants are using GMOs, so we try to find the organic ones who are serving the least amount of them. They also created their own processing plant that is done in Temple Grandin's method to make it the most humane process possible. The following items are certified organic: eggs, bread, tofu, yogurt, granola, oatmeal, cheddar cheese, sugar, flour, quinoa, beans, olive oil and mesclun.

Their salads really are so fresh and outstanding, so you could find some non GMO meals here if you need to. I especially loved the stained glass at the back of the restaurant including all the original oil paintings littered around the walls. Because we had used up all our leafy greens at this stage of the week we made a simple juice of carrot, apple, celery, courgette and cucumber.
We believe natural cosmetics should offer you, in the truest sense of the word wholesome personal care.
Some research even suggests that organic supplements can be far more biologically active than synthetic supplements, which can lead to faster and more efficient absorption of the nutrients into the body. For next week I’m making an ingredients list from Anna Jones, A Modern Way to Eat…so I can purchase some more from Denis. Most of the ingredients in the restaurant are organic as well down to the their own homemade organic ketchup. Eggs are often from Mike and Sons in Ontario California, but again these are not certified organic, so could be GMO fed eggs. They use non organic soy suace as a marinade, as well as non organic possibly GMO ingredients zucchini, sugar, papaya and corn.
Take a look at our selection of organic vitamins and supplements and find the products that will complement your healthy lifestyle. This site is designed to educate you on how to avoid GMOs while eating out as well as to celebrate the wonderful organic restaurants who are committed to serving clean, healthy, non genetically modified real food. We were staying on the South side where there were allot of beautiful shop fronts, cafes and restaurants. These seeds take several days to grow in a jar on a window, so if you don’t have outside space or you’re not green fingered you can still grow your own!
We offer great savings on popular items as well as a number of product samples so you can experience these benefits before you make a purchase. Once drained, we leave them to dry off before storing in the fridge.  We’ll use some of these later on for a salad. Please let us know if you have any restaurants that are serving mostly real food and should be on our site.
They do not use any major restaurant distributors and get everything from small artisan Purveyors. These are an incredible super-food, packed full of protein and high in vitamins, minerals and live enzymes. Please note that this list is not regularly updated, so this is a general guideline, please ask specific questions when you go to any of these restaurants and please notify us if you get information that is different than what appears on this site. Their statement to me when asking about specific ingredients is as follows "We strive to support all of these things in our sourcing and usage, but not everything we use falls into these categories. They strive to not serve GMOs and to make healthy food at an affordable price, so going organic does not fit for them to keep their prices affordable. Although this restaurant is not 100% organic, this is a great option and it is one of the places I have found that you can get true 100% grass fed and pasture raised beef, (but the corn tortillas are not organic, so get the tacos as lettuce wraps instead) I had an inspiring talk with the head chef who is an amazing guy, this company is really trying to do the right thing.

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