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When someone comes in my office for a tick bite, their main concern is usually, what’s their risk for Lyme disease.
Immediately they start searching for a piece of flesh to attach to and eventually begin to painlessly suck our blood. Right now I think there are 12 diseases ticks can give us and more will likely be discovered. The chances of getting Lyme disease from an infected tick are 0 percent if you remove it within 24 hours of it biting you, 12 percent at 48 hours, 79 percent at 72 hours and 94 percent at 96 hours. The signs and symptoms of Lyme disease can be as vague as some aches and pains and a little fever. Current Lyme disease tests may not become positive for a couple of weeks after the symptoms. If untreated, these symptoms will usually subside, but sometimes, debilitating heart, joint, or nerve problems can crop up, even years later. So, if you live in a high-risk region and come down with flu-like symptoms in the summer, when no one around you seems to have the same symptoms, you probably need treatment. Also, if you live in a high-risk area and find a tick on you, and it could have been on you for more than 36 hours, get treatment.
Even without symptoms, tick or no tick, low-risk or high, a diagnostic target lesion, such as the one seen here, warrants treatment. If you can’t take these, azithromycin 500 mg daily for 14 days is an option but it may not be as effective.
But, like other illnesses, just because many are exposed to Lyme disease doesn’t mean all are infected. You can prevent Lyme disease in times when expert help is impossible by doing some of the same things you should do when it is. If no expert is going to be available soon and you have symptoms, consider playing the odds for treatment with antibiotics as I’ve suggested in the post. BONUS: Right now, you'll also receive "The Survival Doctor's Ultimate Emergency Medical Supplies" report—FREE! So you quoted the cdc throughout the article when the cdc has changed their facts recently due to pressure.
Oh, and as far as the 30 thousand reported who get it, I’ve seen as many a 40 thousand. Doctor Hubbard, I appreciate your blog information and your ofttimes willingness to think outside the conventional medicine box. If those references are a bit farther afield than you find compelling, may I direct you to a local collegue, Dr. I have heard from friends and family that in Michigan this spring there were Public Service Announcements on TV that warned of the probable high prevalence of Lyme this year due to the wet, late, spring.
One more time, I would please urge you to take a deeper look at this issue and should you change your mind, please report back. We always joked that my husband should just take doxy every couple of months as a precaution due to the large number of ticks he finds on himself. I watched a show on pbs about lyme and it said that the corkscrew like parasite stays in the blood stream for a short time then settles in joints and nerves.
One doctor having success treating it was being investigated by fda and his license reviewed by medical board.
I think we can have differences of opinion, discussing things in an adult manner without being insulting. I have read that only about 60% of those with Lyme get the typical indicative rash, but that for those who have the sbullseye and symptoms, there is no doubt as to diagnosis. Lyme disease from tick bite warnings are all over the media (one reason probably is New York is a high-risk state), and since the disease has only been recognized in the U.S.

The tiny specks sit silently on leaves of bushes and trees, patiently waiting for whatever warm-blooded creature (they’re attracted to the carbon dioxide we emit) might pass by. To make it worse, many ticks carry viruses and bacteria they’ve picked up from other animals. Actually, the current thinking is one dose of doxycycline given within 72 hours of finding the tick will prevent you from getting the disease. They think the problem is that all the bacteria haven’t been completely killed and point to people with prolonged symptoms reporting they feel much better while taking more antibiotics. True, it can be a hard disease to diagnose and can be often missed, and may (but nearly always) cause serious complications and long-term problems if untreated. James Hubbard is the best-selling author of five books, including his latest, The Survival Doctor's Complete Handbook. They used to say 30k get lyme (reported) annually and wouldn’t change jt until they received significant pressure and finally changed it to 300k. Horowitz is only 50% right, even 25%, the problem is far greater than your current thinking allows. Yes, it’s sounds like you were a prime candidate for treatment since the testing be falsely negative, especially at the beginning and because lack of treatment can be, sometimes, so devastating.
He was giving continuous antibiotics for like a few years but since the insurance companies don’t want to pay for that course of treatment, they had the doctor persecuted by the powers that be. She died last fall with what I thought was Alzheimer’s from a long list of complications including cancer.
I had symptoms of severe fatigue, pain in all of my joints, daily afternoon fevers, irregular heart beat, difficulty concentrating, among other more vague symptoms for seven years in the late 1980s in Texas.
Insects (ticks are arachnids), such as mosquitoes, have been known to carry the Lyme disease bacteria, but none have ever been shown to transmit it to humans. True, it’s seen throughout the United States, but 95 percent of reported cases come from 13 Northeastern and north Midwestern states.
But, even if they bite, you can prevent getting Lyme disease by removing the tick promptly, and properly.
Some call it chronic Lyme disease, but as you’ll see further in the post, that name has different meanings to different people.
For the 20 percent of people whose symptoms linger, all of the best-quality studies have so far surprisingly shown that continued antibiotic treatment doesn’t help.
The CDC calls this post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome since chronic Lyme disease can mean different things to different people.
And many people suffer chronically from the symptoms similar to some of the symptoms attributed to Lyme disease. It’s going to take excruciating time to completely sort this disease out, to make an always proper diagnosis, and to determine who can be helped by what treatment.
His expertise and down-to-earth style have made him one of the foremost survival medicine experts in the country. As a doctor, I try to keep up with the latest facts but try not to get swayed by people who write accusing comments. All of them have made complete or nearly complete recoveries, save one young man whose doctor refused to treat him because his Lyme’s screen came back negative. I wondered if it all stemmed from lyme, but she could not remember ever having a bullseye red mark. I went to many physician’s over those seven years trying to figure out what the cause was. And yes, animals can have Lyme disease, but the only way they’re known to transmit it to us is via a tick.
Tips on keeping ticks off and removing them properly can be found in another post I’ve written by clicking here.

It’s thought the persistent symptoms are from some sort of antibody reaction and inflammation in your body.
And there’s also no doubt that Lyme disease, if untreated, can often lead to arthritis, serious heart problems, memory problems, etc. Meantime, be careful spending your money and time on unproven diagnostic tests and treatments that could actually harm you.
And if you live in a high-risk area, have you been advised in other ways not covered in my post? How exactly Lyme is spread, proper treatment, who should get treated, what exactly is the chronic disease, etc.
By the time they got a positive test (six weeks after his symptoms started), the antibiotics didn’t seem to do him a whole lot of good. And that continued antibiotics will only increase your risk for all sorts of ill effects, like diarrhea, and creating antibiotic resistant bacteria.
Be especially wary of those who speak the loudest and tout they know things that the regular scientists and doctors who study this disease full-time and have their findings peer-reviewed don’t know.
This last step should be with the advice of your health care expert, during the 72-hour window, if possible. Hubbard shares information about how to deal with medical problems when getting expert care is impossible. I read headlines that it’s being seen more in northern California and southern Oregon. When we left that duty station a year later, he was still dealing with neurological symptoms and Bell’s palsy.
The only issue I’ve had since then is back pain and sometimes carpal tunnel like symptoms (which could be pregnancy related). One of the main controversies is which other long-term symptoms can actually be attributed to Lyme disease, and what’s the most effective way to treat these symptoms. If it’s not and Lyme disease is not treated, not everyone gets long-term serious complications by any means.
His evidence-based tips are a combination of modern medicine, makeshift treatments and Grandma’s home remedies. Even after treatment (late though it was), she continued to and still does have very serious lingering symptoms- memory problems, neuropathy, joint pains (two years later). When I asked what was causing the joint pain, he said that was something different and blew me off. Another possibility, other than placebo effect, could be the benefit coming from the anti-inflammatory quality that antibiotics can have. To tell the truth, my interest is in teaching people basics about how to handle medical problems at those rare times when they can’t get to a doctor. And some of the facts about Lyme disease will hopefully better come into focus in the future.
After this article showing that you are in fact an ignorant dr spreading lies, you ha e lost a follower. At the very least, grab some popcorn and pull up Under Our Skin on netflix, Hulu or youtube. She sees a physician who has a protocol in which he treats with an antibiotic until the symptoms stop improving, then switches to a new antibiotic.

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