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Military vehicles tracked & wheeled manuals -- military, Military trucks and vehicles military vehicles manuals hummer manual army trucks jeep manuals hmmwv, humvee, m35, reo, m37, m42, m43, m201, m39, 6x6 truck, m792. Equipped to survive - outdoors gear, survival equipment, Equipped to survive® is the most comprehensive online resource for independent reviews of survival equipment and outdoors gear, as well as survival and search and. This zombie apocalypse survival article strays from our usual brand of emergency management and preparation articles, but usCrow has Operational Scenarios (available to all usCrow enlistments) for any situation. Administrator Ryan has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Administration and Management from the University of Kentucky, and has been the primary handler for since it's founding. Professional background includes over a decade's experience in survival and preparedness, graphic design, computer programming, website coding, and asset management.
After reading How to disable MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Light Armored Vehicles, written by CMF Contributor Runik.
Now before we go into thermite details and development, lets address your PERSEC (personal security). Thermite can not be used over recently ignited piles of thermite slag (waste matter separated from metals during the melting of ore), this will cause an accidental ignition and will cause severe burns and eye-damage. Now you need rust or iron oxide, you can buy this on Amazon or at any hardware store in the paint department. Once mixed you have a little less than ten minutes to pour your liquid thermite into the  canister. Thermite TH3 development is not for the faint of heart and should be made by those well versed in improvised munitions and incendiary devices. Thermite TH3 has a much lower ignition temperature and produces a large flame, while producing an incendiary reaction capable to destroying enemy artillery. The magnesium strips will ignite the mixture but must be buried at least 2 inches into the mix to ensure ignition. I worked in an exotic metals pant where we used a thermitic reaction to fuse the various powdered metal. Just to throw this out there but if not carefully mixed pure thermite powder can ignite itself. I was wondering if anyone was familiar with the exhaust collection system of a plasma cutter isn’t that iron oxide?
You are NOT going to ignite thermite or any properly formulated and effective thermitic compound using gunpowder. Mold the plaster mix with a void in the center at one end (think of a fuse assy in a smoke grenade). Based on a rather unique, details classified, experience I had while working at the Nevada Test Site, I can attest that igniting (not exploding) 2-3 lbs of C-4 (or its equivalent) will produce temperatures of approximately 3600 degrees F, and it will slag most cast or milled metals into amorphous objects. No matter how unlikely, even though the biggest boon to this theory has been the discovery of scientific tests currently being performed on primates to reactivate dead brain cells, in order to cure Alzheimer’s.

If this is really a threat that you feel could be a reality, then at the very least you can prepare for it. When ever occupying a building for shelter or scavenging, always clear every room, compartment and anywhere else large enough to stow away a hidden walker. LAVs with fewer protective measures than the MRAP can be disabled with the proper use of M67s (frags) and thermite grenades by targeting operators, windows, tires, engine-block and etc.. It can be used to destroy buildings, and light-armored personnel equipment such as HMMWVs (high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicles not equipped with high-grade FK armor plates). You can make aluminum powder by grinding up soda cans and other aluminum items, but that could cause impurities in your mixture. You can make iron oxide post-disaster by putting steel wool in a jar in water and covering it with more wool. TH3 can be effectively used in most post-disaster situations that result in civil unrest and martial law.
Still relatively young I left the service of the federal government due to increasing concerns. The metals were tamped into a Sonotube (concrete form made of cardboard) then we used a very simple ignition source: an incandescent lightbulb. Our system at work has 2-55 gal drums that fill 1 drum with light powdery red dust and the second collects heavy red powdery dust. If you just put it in a container loose and dry and throw it and the container splits or breaks then the thermite will spread all over and little or none will actually ignite. They have small bits of, I think it;s phosphorus, and as they burn down, they give off brilliant flashes of light. Easy to light in any weather, and gives you a bit of time to throw, or place it, before it burns into, and ignites the thermite.
But if you have any trouble, spike the thermite with a little sulfur powder to lower its ignition temperature. No, usCrow is not saying grandma and grandpa will become brain eating zombies, we’re simply highlighting the correlation between the two. The beauty of preparing for this situation is that it can be applied to another doomsday scenario, biological outbreak. The theory is being advanced by some crack pot that when the zombies come on doomsday you should stay in the city or else you’ll get caught in the middle of the panic. The primary asset the living dead have is their numbers, so try to even the odds as much as possible. Whenever times are down these people go straight to their beliefs to exploit and incite fear, which will quickly degrade the moral of your group.
Otherwise, if you do you open your group up to the possibility of being overrun, you and your group will be in a world of hurt.

In addition, thermite should be handled with care to prevent accidental abrasion-caused ignition.
Carefully strike the bulb at a shearing angle to break the glass without damaging the tungsten filament.
You are in most cases attempting to ignite iron and aluminum, which requires heat well above and more sustained than what is produced by simple propellant powder. Poke a whole in the middle with a pencil, put your long cannon fuse in the whole and poor the gun powder in the whole with the cannon fuse.
So here are just a few simple steps you can take to ensure the survival of yourself and your family.
Other than weapons and a bio-hazard suit the preparations are similar, two birds with one stone and such.
Defend and care for each other, the last thing in the apocalypse you want to lose is your soul. However, you need to gauge the situation, obviously if their numbers substantially outweigh yours, lock and load, run like hell to safety. According to CMF Contributor Runik, Thermite Grenades were not included because they are not entirely effective against MRAP LAVs. Post-disaster a homemade thermite grenade can be used for the same, which includes vehicles that are not frag or incendiary resistant. If you can light it with propellant powder, then for sure your thermite composition is not one that is going to reach sufficient temperatures to defeat armor. Then take the pence and scrape from the outside in all around the fuse making a small mound with the fuse coming out the top then kneed with your fingers closing the whole with the gun powder and the fuse end in and around the fuse making a cavity with gun powder and the fuse, so that the fuse lights the gunpowder and I turn lights the thurmite.
Fill the void with flashpowder (potassium perchlorate and aluminum powder) mixed with a piece of steel wool.
If something like this does ever happen there will be ample warning if you’re not in ground zero. Effective thermite use on an MRAP relies on breaches in MRAP FK6 armor, which are few to say the least.
Get informed on DOD CYBERCOM (Department of Defense Cyber Command), now understand privacy is a dream. Insert two lengths of copper rod or wire on opposite sides of the void making sure the wire or rod is firmly in contact with the wool.

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