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Stage 1 Breast Cancer is still within the breast area and measuring less than 2 centimeters all around.
To further advance breast cancer survival rates through prompt diagnosis the woman needs to do frequent self check-ups as well as have regular medical check-ups and analysis. People may be interested in which cancers have the best and worst survival rates, so I have charted them below. More grim looking five years out, but still a 63% survival rate after five years for all adult cancers. Seven cancers have a survival rate of over 80% after five years – testis, thyroid, prostate, melanoma, breast, Hodgkin Lymphoma and Childhood. This entry was posted on Thursday, April 16th, 2015 at 3:00 pm and is filed under New Zealand. Certainly so called natural remedies have not shown to provide a significantly improved survival outcome as Steve Jobs testifies . I wonder how many people have died from what would otherwise be survivable cancers because the abandoned conventional therapies and turned to “natural” ones? Griff will be along in a moment to extol the benefits of laetrile, which is extracted from apricot kernels.

Some interesting bits; Pancreatic cancer is so lethal because it is very rarely spotted until highly metastasized as there are few symptoms. I follow the various science news releases in this area and a lot of research progress is being made, but the body is immensely complex and there’s a way to go. I was diagnosed in December with non hodgkins lymphoma which started in one of my testicles. Stage 1 so got to it very early-recommend everybody kepp alert for any signs as chemo is brutal shit!!
It gets trickier the further you get out because the cancer rate for most cancers is higher in older people. Actually those median ages are probably a little high – more like 70 for the prostate cancer. The test should include mammogram when the woman reaches 40 years old to be able to spot breast cancer at its initial stage.
They show survival rates are increasing over time (which is good), and have a huge amount of data on survival rates for different cancers, including demographic breakdowns.
The other interesting one from my experience is Melanoma, I think they include all cases and most are caught before they spread, and in which cases surgical removal is usually 100% effective.

Immunotherapy has been touted for, well, decades with little real progress but they may finally be beginning to understand why what works in a lab has not worked in the body. Also of interest is they have data on the rate by year – in other words what your chances are if you get to say five years. For example the use of IL2 to stimulate the immune system appears to fail outside of the lab because the IL2 is very efficiently cleared by the body and so doesn’t hand around long enough to have a measurable effect, and a way to get around this may be available.
The histology and staging are still the main determinants of prognosis at diagnosis, but also the precise location (e.g.
Overall, not surprisingly, the survival rates of most cancers are improving as diagnosis and treatments improve.

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