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Um assunto que todo mundo curte nesse mundo estetico e moderno e tatuagem, por isso o assunto e tao frequente por aqui, hoje me encantei por alguns desenhos e tinha que dividir aqui com voces. Essa de borboletas e uma meia calca, boa para mim que morro de medo de fazer uma tatuagem mas acho lindo!!!! The parachute shelter of one of Frontier Bushcraft’s camps nestled deep in the woods. A student on one of our Elementary Wilderness Bushcraft courses took a great time-lapse sequence of the main camp coming to life one morning. Duane was kind enough to send us the time-lapse sequence and we have uploaded it as a video, including music by Ziggy Evitts.
The following video is only 3 minutes long but it contains the sequence of what Duane’s camera captured over the space of several hours. The Bloodvein River Wilderness Canoe ExpeditionPaddle a stunning river through pristine Canadian boreal wilderness known as "The Land That Gives Life". JYP sure wasted no time in debuting the winners of the Mnet survival show Sixteen, in the new girl group Twice. Three months from team finalization to debut seems awful short for some, but for many of the members of Twice, debut couldn’t come soon enough.
Though Sixteen received netizen criticism for its perceived ruthlessness, the competition certainly worked to JYP’s benefit, earning the group a solid fanbase prior to debut. The MV continues the story of the individual member teasers: the members of Twice are being followed and approached by persistent zombies. There were plenty of opportunities for the MV to go harder on the horror concept, but I guess JYP figured that ten episodes of metaphoric knives in backs was enough gore to last the group a while. Nonetheless, the members of Twice are introduced through a nearly single-take camera pan, while they safely dance their way through the building. Everything about the debut release is bouncy, from the choreography, to the camera pans, to the melody itself. I think this song and concept makes Twice one of the standout group from the girl group debuts this year. It looked a bit too much like Catch Me If You Can at certain moments, yet it did hit all the Kpop prerequisites.

Several departments and volunteers involved in planning the bonfire had decided pallets would be the cleanest wood to burn — with no chemicals or old paint to pollute the pristine stretch of coastline. Nobody thought of all the nails that held those pallets together. Of course the Fun Police are probably already assembling to discuss how they can use this to stop the bonfire next year. The sad part is that they will probably win and there most likely won’t be a bonfire next year. Traditionally, its a major participant is the Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra conducted by the Honored Artist of Ukraine Mykola Sukach. The symphony orchestra will see outstanding pianists Vadim Rudenko (Russia) and Oleg Polyansky (Germany), prominent Japanese violinist Mayu Kishima, bass from Moscow Dmitry Trapeznikov, musicians from the U.S. He set up his tripod and pointed his camera towards the parachute shelter which forms the focus of our base-camp area. He has had a lifelong passion for the great outdoors and gains great satisfaction from helping others enjoy it too.
JYP originally intended to launch a new girl group in 2014 (of which many of the members of Twice were originally slated for). Together the members of Twice make up an international bunch of talents with Momo, Sana and Mina hailing from Japan, while Tzuyu is Taiwanese. Only instead of being out in public for the MV, the members of Twice have been transported to what appears to be an abandoned school, and they each take on a different high school girl persona.
The zombies are actually quite a clever metaphor for the soulless suitors who only pursue (and drool over) the members because they’re attractive girls. Unfortunately, that means yet another K-pop MV that avoids going for the full Zombie Apocalypse; and there are no cuts of the girls dismembering each other limb by limb or of them nom-ing on brains.
The sets are nothing impressive, but the colors do wonders for setting the mood of the individual song segments. Even though the choreography and melody demand a lot of energy, I think we can expect a lot from Twice’s debut stages. They are probably picking a patsy to inject with tetanus as we speak so they can parade him around town meeting twitching like a crackhead.
But what’s even sadder than that is this lady who found the nails and called the cops.

Encantadoras e serve muito de inspiracao para quem esta pesquisando para fazer um enfeite permanente no corpo.
Paul writes the UK's leading bushcraft blog as well as for various publications including Bushcraft and Survival Skills Magazine. When debut plans fell through, JYP turned his attentions to Mnet and the chance to cash in on the survival show craze that launched groups like Winner, Monsta X and most recently, iKon. The team is rounded out with the Korean members Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Dahyun and Chaeyoung and  Jihyo — who trained for a decade before securing her spot in the final line-up. The gentle zombies are kept at bay with fences, even when the girls head up to the roof to execute the group choreography at dusk. By the end of the MV, night has arrived but harm has befallen no one. The vocals are appropriately dynamic and sweet enough for the track — so sweet, in fact, that you can actually hear the aegyo bursting from some lines.
Each of them radiates different kinds of aura (Feminine aura from Mina, quirky from Sana, fierce from Jihyo+Chaeyoung, etc) and it makes them memorable.
They were zombies and weren’t so much staring in awe as sizing up their Korean buffet plate. The sweetness borders on overwhelming; but thankfully, the bridge offers a a slightly more aggressive change of pace that breaks up the song quite well. Yes, they’re physically easy to differentiate and it definitely helps people to get into them faster, but what matters the most is the differences in the charms that each member has. Strangely, it doesn’t make Twice seem messy or individualistic, but unique and bright.
I’d love to hear the conversation the responding officers had with each other after that call.
Yeah sure lady, let us just take off all of our bullet proof armor, radios and gun belts so we can roll up our pants and get to work removing those nails with our specialized police nail removal tools. I think why that kind of comment emerges is because all members of the group radiate the same kind of charm.

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