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Use the form below to delete this Mansion Floor Plans Model Modern Home Designs image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Every Comic Characer Had A Jacket In The 90s image from our index. Use the form below to delete this Map Of Greece And The Greek Islands image from our index. Survival island imdb Kelly brook juan pablo di pace todd survival island track your watchlist and rate your favorite movies and tv shows on your Survival island imdb. Do you know dish soap without methylisothiazolinone is most likely the most popular topics in this category? Did you know that richard rawlings married eliza newberry is most likely the most popular topics on this category? Billy Zane (a graduate of the Central School of Overacting) portrays an overly jealous, rich husband who has no respect for peons such as Manuel and becomes progressively crazier and deranged as the time passes. I’m not even going to mention that his jealousy really seems out of place considering the situation (shipwrecked on a deserted island). Btw, this infidelity happens around the day 5 or 6 on the island – give or take a few days.
Btw, I mention the goggles a lot in this review because this is exactly what the movie does. Funny thing about this movie is that Jack – the dude that goes crazy, and we are supposed to hate is the only character that seems to exhibit some vestigial remains of common sense.
Did I mention absolutely hilarious random shit that makes no sense is in just about every scene of this movie?
The bitch fucks the other dude almost the first chance she gets and then actually does stuff to try and abandon her husband on the island…and she is one of the good guys…whatever! But, yeah, Billy Zane was just chilling on the beach with his BluBlockers on with the added effect of CRAZY. He also wants to fuck Jennifer (Kelly Brook) and he doesn’t care that the only other surviver on the island happens to be her husband. You keep hearing about these fucking things as if they were the greatest thing under the sun. He is the only person who decides to scavenge useful items (like a pocket knife, a hat and some shoes) from the dead ship Capitan’s body. I mean, the guy gets stuck on an island with his servant who is a major tool, who won’t share his +3 Ultimate Pocket Knife of Cutting, +5 Magical Swimming Goggles, treats him as enemy to be stomped out and makes obvious advances toward his wife (who turns out to be a bit of a slut). For example there is a scene where Jack observes his wife and Manuel from afar and he is wearing glasses made out of… leaves with eye holes cut into them.
It was one of those things when you sit flipping channels and then you see something that looks good so you keep it on.
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Granted, it is somewhat successful at delivery the sexy part (via many, many gratuitous shots of Kelly Brook’s bewbs and butt) it completely and utterly fails at the thriller part. A rich couple (played by Billy Zane and Kelly Brook) gets shipwrecked on a deserted island with their servant (played by some random Spanish dude named Juan Pablo Di Pace), who, turns out to be better at dealing with the survival scenario and becomes the de-facto leader of the group. At random times you will see clips of a woman doing a very silly looking chicken dance, doing silly faces, and humping Voodoo dolls. And while titanic had an actual director who would whip the actors into shape, Survival Island seems to conform to the George Lucas school of movie direction. Even if he is eying your wife (the only woman on the fucking island btw) – there is just no reason to try every trick in the book to provoke and antagonize him.
If I found myself on an island, I would be fucking rubbing sticks together as if my life depended on it – because it fucking would. Then it turns out to be so hilariously bad, you decide to watch the whole thing just to see what else they can fuck up. I’m guessing this is partially due to horrible dialog which makes Star Wars prequels seem like romance masterpieces. It’s not like he is going to jump and fuck your wife as soon as you are out of sight. Since her husband does not have magical goggles she decides to fuck the guy who does in less than a week.
So if you want to watch something so hilariously bad it’s ripe for parody, this might be something you might want to watch.
The only thing that the movie is not rudely indicating or shoving down your throat is humor. Apparently, in this parallel universe where the movie takes place it is impossible to catch fish without using the +5 Magical Goggles of Swimming. No matter that he gleefully impregnated the Voodoo chick, then slapped her around and told her to fuck off. They decide to live without it and eat raw fish until Jack shows up with his odd, waterproof Magical Cigarette Lighter of Infinite Lighter Fluid. He actually makes himself a pair of +5 Magical Swimming Goggles from some rubber, and a plastic bottle. The guy is made into a monster because he is a rich white guy, who is not happy that his wife habitually goes skinny dipping with the manservant. Highly Recommended Visit!Cardiac Arrest Registry to Enhance Survival (CARES) - cdc.govTABLE 1.

Of course he reminds you about this precious artifacts like 50 thousand times in the movie. Sorry, but if you portray a dude this way, and give him no redeeming qualities whatsoever (other than the goggles of course) I will have very hard time liking him.
Unfortunately the tension is indicated but not show, and both Kelly and Juan suffer from fairly fatal necrosis of their acting muscle.
He also finds a sunken life boat in the same fucking place Manuel was fishing in for many days, and repairs it himself. Apparently someone from the costume department decided it would be a good idea to have him wear these silly ass improvised glasses in this scene.
But because the whole thing is filmed in an overly serious manner, the laughs are subtle and sublime.
As soon as Jack (Billy Zane’s character) borrows the goggles he gains supernatural diving and harpoon fishing skills as well.
Which in a weird way works out, because Billy suffers from the opposite syndrome – kinda like the restless leg thing, but for acting. There are also tons of production glitches where pieces of wardrobe magically appear or disappear between camera cuts.
You laugh at the absurdity of situational drama, at the painfully forced dilemmas, the horribly botched attempt at love triangle, the over the top acting and crazy, out of place randomness of it all. There is no real connection between these scenes and the events on the island other than some vague notion that the crazy chicken dance lady is somehow making shit happen for the protagonists. For example when he finds out that his wife fucked the butler, he actually starts hopping in place, whimpering, does a few frustrated back flips, a classy pirouette and then crosses his legs and frowns like a kid who needs to pee real bad.
If you do decide to brave this movie, you should definitely see it with some friends, so that you can provide live commentary. Well, seeing how Barrie was actually a weird asexual midget from space (yes, he was – look it up), you may start by putting as many nakid boobers and buttoxen on the screen as possible.
In fact, the film would probably benefit from cutting out these scenes making it more balanced and less random. The sheer amount of ridiculous moments makes this movie a good candidate for a MST3K night. So you add some healthy sexual tension between the wife and the servant (the de-facto alpha male of the island), and tons of jealousy on both sides to fuel the conflict .

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