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And after lots of digging you will eventually get down to where the mineshaft and everything else is at. When you get past the first mob spawner and down to where there is a little pool of lava, gold ores and a zombie spawner that is also where you can find some diamond ores scattered around at different locations.
Incoming search terms:minecraft pe monster seeds, mcpe skeleton spawner seed, minecraft pe seeds zombie spawner, minecraft pocket edition mob spawner seeds, minecraft pe monster island seed, mcpe seed zombie mob spawn, minecraft pe monster spawner seed, minecraft pe seed spawner, mcpe seed spawn mob, minecraft pe spawner seed. Here is a little survival is land, maybe probably for 1-2 players to playing this seed. except this island, other island in this seed is unexplored. On a survival island map, players will have a limited amount resources and space as they will spawn in a small island surrounded by nothing but water as long as the eye can see. This gives the player a more challenging gameplay as food will be scarce and security will be tough. This is an interesting island survival map that spawns the player in an island with a hill and an area of shallow water. This is another unique survival island map that features multiple small islands at close proximity.
This seed was discovered by BearCastle on Reddit and generates a jungle biome surrounded by a tall mountain range. This is a survival island seed with a twist - there is a huge mushroom biome a short distance away from the spawn island.
This seed, discovered by PixieStix on the Minecraft forums, generates a large island with plenty of resources, mobs and cave systems. This seed generates a jungle temple suspended over a ravine very close to spawn at (x=70, z=220). With Giant Village seed you will spawn on a little island which is closely situated next to the mainland. To make sure you are on the right path you should after a while, maybe 200-250 blocks ahead, see two little ponds. Incoming search terms:minecraft pe village seed, minecraft village seed big, minecraft pe huge village seed, huge village seed minecraft pe, minecraft pe biggest village seed, minecraft pe big village seed, minecraft pe massive village seed, big village seeds for minecraft pe, minecraft biggest village seed, minecraft pe desert village seed.
Make sure to check out our  PlayStation 4 Edition Seed Collection and Xbox One Edition Seed Collection as well.
While the randomly generated worlds provided in Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition get the job done, sometimes you find yourself trotting aimlessly through the block filled world just hoping you come across few diamonds or strongholds. This can be stressful, but thankfully seeds play a big part in Minecraft and these codes allow gamers to generate worlds that they can then share with millions of other gamers worldwide. To help you on your way we’ve a nifty selection of seeds that feature every landscape on tap, from flat to mountainous, snow to sand, you want it then check it out below. A great seed for beginners, featuring villages, blacksmiths, easy and diverse biome, mines, monster spawns, shall I go on? Not much is known about this seed, only that it has one of the craziest mountains available.

While it may look basic, this comes as a very good starter seed, rich with all the materials you need to get on your way. A good seed if want a little bit of everything and fancy yourself as a bit of desert aficionado. Try the seed theforest it has a couple small islands that are in each corner and a pretty big one in the final corner this map is 80% water its great if you want a good map to make a map like legend of Zelda, but sadly there a no towns in this map so you are on your own in this one. I tried it, it spawns you in a jungle right on the edge of desert biome with skeleton spawner like half inside a desert temple. Still can’t find the seed unfortunately, could be a promo image by mojang, who knows! So in Seed – 9112652585177887426 ive found the village got a base setup there and i found the massive cave complex beneath it. Any one wants a great survival island seed then try dossler u spawn on an island with a small cave and three trees then if u go backwards from your spawn area theres a huge winter island with over 200 trees along with a whole assortment of animals also when u spawn theres a series of mushroom. Pokemon Go is becoming so big that law enforcement agencies in the United States are using the mobile game to clean up the streets. A maintenance for The Division has come and gone, bringing some interesting changes to the loot system whilst playing the recently released Underground DLC.
Naughty Dog has delivered yet another well-crafted story with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, cementing itself as the most fleshed out release of the series.
Rockstar Games bringing a casino into Grand Theft Auto Online may be something you want, but will most likely something you'll never get. The PlayStation Experience event coming this weekend has gamers hoping Titanfall 2 will be announced for the PlayStation 4 system. The Vault-Tec Workshop DLC is available now for Fallout 4 and the expansion comes with a range of new features, including the Power to the People quest. Metal Gear Solid 5 users on the PC can now download Metal Gear Online on Steam and team up with their buddies for some multiplayer carnage.
Not everyone was a fan of the trailer for the Assassin's Creed movie, mainly due to the song. Try to block off the water source before you continue on your adventure further down into the depths.
When playing with mods, these islands can be easier to deal with or a lot tougher depending on the mod you have installed.
The map features 6 short trees and a lot of grass patches making survival easier than most seed of the same category. Slightly further away at (x=-150, z=500) there is a massive NPC village with some valuable loot in the blacksmiths' chest. Close to spawn at (x=-390, z=300) you will find an NPC village with 9 diamonds in the blacksmith's chest. Turn completely around (180 degrees) and cross the water diagonally on your right and continue straight ahead over the grass landscape.

To spare you the agony of planting TNT everywhere to get a level land, this seed gives a mostly flat surface covered in snow.
Yes you’re correct, this seed has a desert temple with a skeleton spawner inside of the temple.
If you have seeds of your own you want to share then drop them in the comments below or post them over on our Facebook page for everyone to see.
We have found alot of on surface goodies, beautiful diverse biomes and jaw dropping mountain formations. I started a game tonight to play with my gf to get her into it and show her how everything works and this seed is perfect for that, very balanced, and right away I found two villages and a few caves with iron and coal.
I haven’t tried them yet, but I’ll find out what they are and what is inside that map! This map features a unique hill with a hollow in the middle that goes straight through the other side (like a pirate hideout).
There is only one tree a midst all islands and most islands is so small you can’t even build a bathroom in it.
All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site. There’s also a giant cave filled with rails, which can come in handy to complete one particular PlayStation 3 trophy with wasting your iron ore. Inside the castle there is another castle, a really big garden with a library and there is also a really really detailed barracks.
My user is MonkeyPie666 I’m a male but my sister plays often as well as her other sister. There is also a small lava fall in the side of the hill allowing for possibilities of obsidian and cobblestone generator. Most islands are also filled with sand with small patches of dirt so grass are hard to come by, but the main island has a big patch of dirt and a surprising ravine in the middle.
On top of the hill is a very flat area to which you can build your house, fortress, outpost, or anything that strikes you fancy. Overall, this seed is very interesting to play with and is probably one of the hardest island survival I know. Building23 Oct, 2015 Jungle Citadel23 Oct, 2015 Allootria Survival23 Oct, 2015 Harry Potter Minecraft Skins16 Oct, 2015 School Virtual Tour5 May, 2015 Tangled’s Rapunzel Tower26 Oct, 2015 Harry Potter Minecraft Skins16 Oct, 2015 School Virtual Tour5 May, 2015 Allootria Survival23 Oct, 2015 Jungle Citadel23 Oct, 2015 The White Co.

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