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The cheetah is the most ancient species of big cat in Africa, and now it’s the most endangered, too. International Cheetah Day 2013 is an effort to raise awareness about the cheetahs race against extinction.
Nat Geo WILD follows a rare and courageous ghost bear and her young cubs as they fight for survival on Canada’s remote rain forest islands.

With only 10,000 animals left in the wild, we need to act fast if we want to ensure that the cheetah survives as a species.
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Now most of these don't exist as jewelry any more, but if they did, this jewelry box could hold the Firestone, the Great Seal of Diplos, River's earring with the Callisto Pulse inside, your bracelet that protects you from the Dalek Asylum's nanocloud, any bio-damper pieces you might own, and your free-with-purchase Adipose Industries pendant (what a deal!).

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