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The 1 month-year-old store plans on growing, and having even more supplies to offer, that is, if a potential zombie apocalyse doesn’t get the best of Mike the owner. Anyone in the Las Vegas, Nevada area will be happy to know that a one-stop zombie supply shop has everything you need to survive a potential army of the undead.
The 'Zombie Apocalypse Store' carries a wide selection of supplies ranging from weapons like 'brain saws,' 'zombie hammers,' 'killer machetes' and stun guns. This zombie supply shop also carries more light-hearted items like stickers, t-shirts, books and signs celebrating the rise of undead masses.

This exciting new change allows us more flexibility in hosting classes, fulfilling orders worldwide and focusing on the quality of information you find right here at our online store! Cool people work there and they actually do have items that you could use if a disaster like a zombie apocalypse did in fact happen. Moreover, the shop is also home to general survival gear like outdoor camp stoves, LED flashlights, emergency food rations and even trusty can openers.
As an added bonus, many of these specialty survival gear items should still come in handy in the unlikely event that the undead don't actually begin feasting upon the living.
Well if you’re ever in Las Vegas you can get your zombie preparedness fill at the Zombie Apocalypse Store. A majority of the products we review are purchased by ourselves, however a few items are provided free of charge.

Survival food and supplies, self defense products, stun guns are the major highlights of the store, but they also offer exploding targets, weapons, jerky, long-term food storage, knowledge and zombie art. While I think the whole zombie gimmick is getting old, it gives you a good reason to buy guns and preps!

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