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The American Red Cross just released a new smartphone app that promises to prepare you for dangerous or life-threatening situations. Perhaps the best part of the Red Cross First-Aid app is that it’s completely free, and available right now for both Apple and Android devices.
After you successfully answer all of the test questions you’ll receive an Achievement badge that is displayed proudly under the Test tab.
The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers and guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.  The Galveston County Branch serves residents and individuals located in Galveston County and was established in 1916. The American Red Cross Disaster Services provides material assistance that may include feeding, shelter,clean-up kits, comfort kits and financial assistance. In addition, The American Red Cross Disaster Services also minimizes immediate disaster-caused suffering through listening, guidance, advocacy, and counseling. Through Charity Tracker, United Way Galveston County Mainland leads the way in encouraging better accountability and efficiency.
Raise Funds for the Red Cross also supports Military families prepare for, cope with and respond to the challenges of military service through Emergency communications and training to wounded warriors and veterans. Along with that Health and Safety service classes like CPR and First Aid are offered through the agency. The skills and knowledge in this program have been selected to prepare students to participate safely in aquatic activities.

This program is designed from the Red Cross Swim program, which is recognized by educators for its swimming and water safety education for youth. By focusing on fitness and developing life skills, students are exposed to a safe water environment where they are encouraged to participate and increase their swimming endurance. While campers are not evaluated, the Water Safety Instructor can track campers’ abilities and make a recommendation on which level the camper should enroll in for Red Cross Swim Kids. Interested in taking a Red Cross First Aid or CPR course?  Find a course in your community.
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The Learn tab includes 19 different injury categories like bleeding, diabetic emergency and meningitis.
Many of the categories in the Prepare tab include interactive checklists that can be used to ensure you’ve covered all of your bases.
This tab incudes many of the same injury categories found under the Learn tab, but gives you step-by-step directions for making the most appropriate first-aid decision.
The program is designed to allow groups of children or youth to participate at various levels of ability and encourages everyone to achieve his or her own personal best. All of the content is installed on your device, which means all of the safety information is available to you as long as your smartphone has battery life… even if you have absolutely no cellular connectivity.

Under each category you’ll get the most common signs and symptoms for that injury as well as treatment options.
Most of the categories explain when an injury is too serious for simple first aid and includes a button that will automatically dial 911 if the situation warrants it.
The Red Cross app also includes a really well done testing module that ensures you’ll be fully prepared when things go wrong. You might need it if your uncle collapses at a family barbecue, or if your friend sprains their ankle in the woods, or if your community is experiencing an extreme drought.
In some cases you’ll even get a short video clip that demonstrates proper treatment or symptom identification techniques.
For example, did you know that during a power outage a full freezer will keep temperature for about 48 hours if the door is kept closed? The information is laid out well, and because the information is coming from the Red Cross, you know you can trust its validity. Care for a Person: The participants learn to care for and comfort an injured person in many situations.

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