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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it. If the file has been modified from its original state, some details may not fully reflect the modified file. This strategy uses a constant 2-2-2-2-2 Cycle, meaning that it fires 2 Cob Cannons at a time, a total of 5 times per complete Cob cycle.
This strategy generally requires 4 Twin Sunflowers, but occasionally needs more Sunflowers. Balloon Zombies will be killed most of the time before they get past your cobs; Blover is for backup. Digger Zombies get killed by the Gloom-shrooms, though the pumpkins in the back still need a bit of maintenance.
Due to the Umbrella Leaf placement, the only Bungee Zombies you have to worry about are the ones trying to steal your Tall-nuts. The Cherry Bomb is for a substitute Cob Cannon, which is occasionally required in case of rogue Pole Vaulters that you need to cob. Pole Vaulter Zombies occasionally jump over my Cob Cannons, but I use Jalapeno to take care of them. I'm planning to swap the positions of the back Gloom Shrooms and Umbrella Leaves in rows 2 and 5. If my sun falls low (generally below 8000, definitely if below 7000), if there's a round without Gigas or Pole Vaulters, I plant a row of Sunflowers in front of my Cob Cannons. Any Zombies that make noise before or while on screen, I call "Noisemaking Zombies." A few examples are Pogo Zombies, Balloon Zombies, Dolphin Rider Zombies, Zombonis, and Jack-in-the-box Zombies. Unfortunately, I do not have the software necessary to make a video of this setup, and so I can't post one. Enlightened is an unlockable achievement on iOS, PlayStation Vita, and Android versions of Plants vs. Completed Zen Garden This achievement is hard and very luck-based, as you need to collect all 39 plants in the Zen Garden (excluding the Flower Pot, Imitater, and Upgrade plants), plants dropped by zombies are rare.
Another way to get the achievement is to buy Marigolds from Crazy Dave's shop and use the Zen Garden Editor until you have all the plants. Every ten levels of Vasebreaker Endless and every three levels of I, Zombie Endless will drop a money bag, chocolate, or present.
In the iOS version, you can try to get as many coins as you can, then buy all the bonus coins in the "Get more coins" section. Turn on Cheat Engine for unlimited sun and 10.0 or higher Speedhack and overwhelm the plants in I, Zombie Endless for presents up to every 3 levels. The fact that the achievement is called "Enlightened" implies that once one has collected all of the plants for the Zen Garden, they will have achieved a form of Zen enlightenment (considered the ultimate goal in Zen teachings). In the iOS Game Center, this is the achievement that gives the player the most points, which is 40 points.
Chom Pea shooter halloween costume Completion for the "Endless Zone" Survival Mode Plants vs.
I would like to call this game number one tower defense zombie game, when PopCap Games first realized Plants VS Zombies it broke all records. Sunflower – this plant provides you with sun power, without this unit you won’t be able to build any other towers as all of them require solar energy.

Peashooters – this plants can provide pretty good direct damage, it can also shoot in long distances. Wall-nut – this plant can hold zombies for a long time, while wall-nuts hold your enemies, peashooters and other towers with attack abilities can shoot them and destroy. Now we know that in PvZ you can find forty different towers, with upgrades and other features, but what about enemy units? First stage (day time mode) is pretty easy, all you have to do is to protect your lawn and in this case you will have to deal only with ground enemy units. However when it comes to night mode, it will be harder for you to get solar energy, this is why you must collect sun power using cheap plants like Sun-shroom, this unit gives small amount of solar energy at the beginning, but later it will upgrade automatically and start to provide same amount of sun power as a sunflower.
Last stage is on the roof, in this mode you will have to buy Flower Pots, they will allow you to place more plants if needed, this stage comes up with new zombies which can attack you from the sky, they can jump on your plants from above and steal them.
As you can see each stage has different modes, which require from you different strategies and ideas. In this game you can find many different achievements, for example crush many zombies using single Squash, burn whole line of zombies using single Jalapeno or finish roof mode without using even one catapulting plants. Later in the game you will get key, this key will allow you to visit store where you can buy brand new plants or upgrades. I think that’s all what I wanted to tell you about Plants vs Zombies, this is one of my favorite zombie games, I play it very often on my android and I really enjoy it. Almost all Zombies other than Digger Zombies can be destroyed with only Cob Cannons and Winter Melons in this strategy.
This is easier to time and has a larger margin of error than using Cob Cannons to destroy them before they take a single bite.
It also explodes more quickly than a Cob Cannon launches, and so it's better for taking out Bungees trying to steal your Tall-nuts at short notice. This is because Pole Vaulters are faster when vaulting, and so make it to my Cob faster (and actually nibble on them occasionally) if there's a plant in front of my Cob Cannons. Make sure to have at least three GameCenter accounts, then restore all the bonus coins and buy them again.
Sunflowers can’t defend themselves this is why you must plant it behind peashooters, Melon-pult, Wall-nut, etc. This tower doesn’t have any upgrades, but low cost and good attack power makes it irreplaceable. This is pretty important unit in the game; you will find it very useful when you will deal with quickly moving zombies (Pole Vaulting Zombie, Football Zombie, Dolphin Rider Zombie).
This tower can destroy Screen Door Zombies very quickly as it will deal damage directly to zombies head, Melon-pult doesn’t have to destroy screen first and after that zombie. We know in order to defend lawn from zombies you will have to place plants in the right place, but when it comes to pool you can’t build towers on the water.
When I first started to play on the roof I wasn’t able to win even single stage as my plants were getting stolen over and over again. Once again this game is pretty complicated, it has different towers, most towers can be upgraded, it has different enemies with unique attack abilities and they can come up in many varieties of self defense (shield, armor, bucket, Etc.). There are many different funny achievements, completing those tasks can be very interesting and funny as well.
This is very important feature, this way you will be able to get towers with massive damage or other important things (like upgrades, slots for plants and many more).

Sure you may find many different strategies online and I can tell you about it right here, but trust me it is far more interesting if you will come up with your own unique strategy and stick to it. I find it very entertaining to play different games and to share my experience with other people online.
You may then have enough coins to buy a lot of Gold Mystery Sprouts, and you can get this achievement easily. You see in the game you can find many different structures (or in this case we can say plants) each of them have different functions and attack abilities.
Usually when I start to play I build two sunflowers as soon as possible and only after that I plant damager plants. While playing PvZ you will meet different zombies, some of them just walk directly to you house, others can fly, run, jump and even dig through the ground and appear behind your defense line. This is perfect solution for night time mode; it will help you to collect sun power for better towers which will be very important later in the game, when powerful zombies appear. I mean imagine zombies running out of the fog and you can’t even see where you should place your defense. For example if you place Spikeweed in front of Tall-nut or wall-nut it will attack all zombies which will be blocked by those two towers.
Winter Melon can not only provide you with huge attack power it can also freeze zombies in surrounding area and slow their movement speed + attack speed. You will also find zombies which have pretty good self defense abilities, they can wear bucket on the head or traffic cones, some zombies can hold shields as well.
I tested many different towers in the pool, in order to succeed in the game and I came across this amazing plant Cattail.
Perfect solution for this is Plantern, it uncovers fog on huge area, very important plant for this mode.
This tower can protect you from air strikes; it can also defend your plants against Catapult Zombie.
If you have full line of these upgraded plants they can freeze entire army of evil zombies.
This is why Plants vs Zombies became so popular and successful; people like to see different options and possibilities in the game. In order to survive you will have to come up with different strategies, key to succeed in the game lays in the correct tower placement. Cattail is universal tower, it can shoot to different direction, this tower has pretty good damage and attack rate, it can also shoot balloons and destroy Balloon Zombies in no time. Once again think outside of the box while playing PvZ and I guarantee you that this game will bring you a lot of fun and entertainment. Well there is still so much to tell about enemy units in this game, but we can both agree that it will be far more interesting if you will discover them yourself. One bad thing about Giant Marigold is that it takes long time to recharge and drop another coin.

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