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Solid growth for the US organic food market is expected to continue until 2018, according to a new report that puts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14% on the sector.
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With a 30 kV photovoltaic system and unique lighting to maximize the retail offerings, the store also featured fire alarm and security systems that were coordinated and installed by Cupertino Electric.

The project was completed in a few months and the store opened for business in the summer of 2007.
The number of Czech organic farms at the end of 2009 grew to 2,700 - a 50 percent jump on 2008. According to the London-based Organic Monitor industry monitoring group, in 2007, while organic food and beverage sales in the whole of Europe stood at 20 billion euros, Eastern Europe accounted for just 60 million euros of that.Experts say the relative cost of organic foods is stifling consumption in a region with some of the lowest wages in the entire EU. In Slovakia, for instance, where the average monthly wage is 800 euros, organic chicken meat costs as much as 10 euros per kilo in shops.
In Poland it is up to almost 300 percent for organic dairy products, and in Romania, where the average monthly wage is just over 350 euros, organic produce can cost consumers almost twice as much as industrially produced similar products, according to local media.Industry experts say high prices are partly down to a lack of facilities to process finished products, meaning that many Eastern European producers end up exporting large amounts of raw materials to Western Europe for processing.

Much of that is then sold in Western Europe as finished products such as packs of biscuits or dairy products, but some is sent back again to Eastern Europe for sale - a costly and, some argue, relatively environmentally unfriendly process.The rate of growth in consumption of organic products has fallen during the global recession.
In the Czech Republic, growth in organic food consumption had been 70 percent year on year in 2007, but dropped to 40 percent in 2008, and experts have estimated it will be as little as five percent in 2009.But environmental groups maintain the tail-off is relatively small and only temporary.

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