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Desempenho e eficiencia, tecnologia e design: o novo Focus ST e a nova experiencia Focus… com um nivel superior. Encontro de um estilo ultra-moderno com tecnologias de ponta num carro familiar sem transigências.
Situado no topo da nossa gama de utilitarios, o novo Ford Edge e o paradigma do requinte moderno. The industrial skyline of Denver, CO, served as a backdrop to Ford’s All-New 2017 Super Duty event here this week. Ford released its all-new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty pickup with class-exclusive driver-assist technologies.
The 2016 Ford Ranger should come smaller and lighter, with big focus on high fuel efficiency results.
Speaking of the efficiency, we expect to see a wide range of engine options under the hood of 2016 Ford Ranger.
In any case, the 2016 Ford Ranger will make an outstanding comeback, and will become the most desirable and most efficient compact pickup truck for sure. 2015 Ford Mondeo is one of the latest Ford family cars that have been awaited for a long time. Regarding its similarity, many have said that the 2015 Ford Mondeo is identical with the Vignale model. Introduce tu correo electronico para suscribirte a las excelentes noticias que publicamos en Auto-Blog. A Ford do Brasil vai aplicar a reformulacao estetica pela qual passou o Focus europeu e o norte-americano no modelo brasileiro no ano que vem (2015), sendo oferecido como linha 2016. Dessa forma, o Focus vendido no Brasil contara com a mesma frente do modelo europeu e americano - os quais se assemelham a dianteira do Fusion. A traseira tambem sera alterada, com novas lanternas de desenho mais delgado, e uma nova tampa traseira. O interior, por sua vez, ficou mais sofisticado, com o uso de materiais de melhor qualidade. Nos EUA e Europa o carro tambem sera oferecido com uma serie de tecnologias assistivas, como ACC (Piloto Automatico Adaptativo), Park Assist 2.0 (auxilio ao estacionamento de segunda geracao), alerta de mudanca de faixa, entre outros itens.

Alem da alteracao estetica, a Ford estuda equipar o Focus brasileiro com uma versao turbinada do novo motor 1.0 3C que equipara o seu novo carro de entrada, o Novo Ford Ka. Desde a tecnologia EcoBoost® de 3,5 litros ate a aerodinamica ultra-eficiente, o Ford GT e o paradigma de tudo o que fazemos bem na Ford.
The traffic light turned green as Ford’s 2017 F-450 Super Duty approached an 8% downhill grade on one of Colorado’s canyon roads.
At this moment, we are not quite sure how it will be named this returnee, but according to some rumors, it could be Ranger or F-100. Of course, its towing and payload capacity will be smaller than for F-150, but this is expected, because the Ranger is a compact pickup.
First of all, the 2016 Ranger will almost certainly ride on the same platform as the F-150, and more importantly, will get its best features. The prototype of this compact pickup truck was spotted in the mountains of Colorado while it was checking out its new abilities. The Ford Mondeo has a new face for the Ford models and soon will become popular for its looks. Both Ford Mondeo Energy and Mondeo Hybrid have 2L 4 cyl petrol engine in which the Energy model has a larger battery pack. As for the towing and payload, we have nothing official, but some rumors say that will tow about 3,000 pounds, and will have a payload capacity of around 1,000 pounds. Ford presented the Atlas concept as a full-size pickup concept only, but we don’t see any problem of application on the 2016 Ford Ranger.
It makes 240 horsepower 270 lb-ft of torque, and has a EPA ratings 21 mpg in the city and 30 on the highway on regular gas with the Edge.
Judging by the spy photos, the new Ranger will get a completely redesigned front fascia and the brand new interior.
It is also equipped with a high quality of the steering wheel, Centre console and control board.
Estamos a falar de um carro que nasceu de uma obsessao com a engenharia de precisao e tecnologia de conducao e de uma paixao pelo automobilismo. However, the Ford Ranger was worldwide brand, so we belive that, we will see a new 2016 Ford Ranger very soon.

So like the F-150, we expect to see some parts made out of military-grade aluminum and ultralight, but more rigid steel.
There are even Bluetooth and Internet and for the safety, it is added with an advanced security such as parking sensor, blind spot warning, and seat belts.
Contrary to these results, the 2016 Ford Ranger will have something better than the Ford F-150. It will be a new twin-turbo 2.7 liter EcoBoost V6, which is capable to produce 325 horsepower and 375 lb-ft of torque. Therefore, you only have to wait for the official release announcement at the end of this year.
You do not need to worry about the design because the new Ford Mondeo has a great design both the interior and the exterior.
However, these two engines are our favorites, but that does not mean that will be available with the redesigned Ranger.
Another hint refers to a 3.2 liter diesel engine, but we think it won’t be available in North American version of 2016 Ford Ranger.
Furthermore, it is rumored that the 2015 Ford Mondeo model has the same engine as the Vignale model. It is because the new Ford Mondeo has added several changes from the Ford Mondeo 2014 model. So, it is very clear that the redesign of the next-gen Ranger will bring some big differences. This compact pickup will have its unique features, which will be substantially different from the F-150.

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